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Top Unusual Things to do in Historic Hanover City of Germany


Mostly the cities of Germany are renowned worldwide for their historical districts and ancient architecture. One city which is hidden from the eyes of many travellers and history buffs is Hannover or Hanover. This city offers tourists a blend of historic buildings, charming streets and natural panoramas with modern architectural structures. But what differentiates this city from the rest of German cities like Munich, Dresden, Frankfurt etc?

Without diverting our readers let’s uncovers every aspect of Hanover in brief. 

Quick Insights of Hanover City

Hanover is the capital city of the land of Lower Saxon situated on the River Leine. Numerous historic attractions drew the notice of thousands of visitors every year towards Hanover, especially the history buffs and museum lovers. Its Old Town whose walkways are lined up with striking cathedrals, Gothic style redbrick Market Church, Old Town Hall and sculptures dating back to the 14th century fascinates everyone.

Hanover City Lower Saxony
Hanover City Lower Saxony / Image Credit:

Hanover is also an important cultural hub and boasts numerous world-class museums, galleries and theatres offering a diverse collection of fossils and artefacts. The city’s landscape, gardens, charming Lake Maschsee, its trade fairs like CeBIT, Hanover Schützenfest and the Hanover Messe are the prominent highlights of this German city.

Learn more about the best places to visit and amazing things to do in the city.

Unusual Things to do at Hanover City

Begin Your Trip by Visiting Marktplatz

Marktplatz is placed in the midst of Hanover’s Old Town which is a great sightseeing spot if you want to start your journey of Hanover. The square houses some of the most imposing Gothic buildings of the city dating back to the 14th & 15th centuries that includes the Old City Hall, Marktkirche and Aegidienkirche.

Marktplatz Hanover
Marktplatz Hanover / Image Credit:

Visitors can see the Neo-Gothic Market Fountain, which was built in 1881, as well as a range of small shops and galleries for shopping in the city.

See Panoramic Views From Marktkirche

The Market Church, also known as the Marktkirche, is another popular tourist attraction in the region. It is renowned for its 97m high brick tower. From the top of Marktkirche’s bell tower, visitors can admire the whole panoramic views of Hannover as well as of Old Town.

Marktkirchev Hanover / Image Credit:

It was built in the 14th century and still contains some lovely 15th-century bronze artwork as well as a carved altar. The Kramerstrasse is also accessible from this area of town, which retains the atmosphere of old Hannover and features charming half-timbered buildings.

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Explore the New Town Hall

The majestic New Town Hall is also known as Neues Rathaus is the most iconic landmark of Hanover. Constructed between 1901-13, this grand palace-like structure in Trammplatz showcase the architectural style of the Wilhelmine period. It’s one of Hanover’s most interesting buildings, as it’s made entirely of 6,026 beech layers and topped with a 98m high domed tower that dominates the city skyline.

New Town Hall Hanover / Image Credit:

Inside you can see miniature versions of Hanover and many of the building’s halls which have been turned into museums. Throughout the year, these museums feature a range of exhibitions. So, when you visit the observation deck, take in the panoramic views of Hanover and Maschpark park which is surrounding the Town Hall.

Visit Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen

The magnificent Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen give you plenty of sightseeing moments that are surrounded by beautiful flowers, fountains and unique sculptures. It is home to 4 baroque and Renaissance gardens namely Welfengarten, Georgengarten and two other beautiful English-style parks and the Berggarten, a botanic garden featuring orchid, palm and cactus houses.

Herrenhausen Gradens
Herrenhausen Gradens / Image Credit:

The open-air Gartentheater in the Großer Garten (Great Garden) hosts many activities, festivals and concerts. It has many interesting displays of original artefacts and documents related to the city’s rich Baroque period, as well as a book shop and cafe. You can also attend the glowing gardens’ events held at Herrenhausen Gardens. Watch the international firework exhibition in which the garden is illuminated in the night sky with dazzling displays.

Explore the Lower Saxony State Museum

Lower Saxony State Museum located opposite the New Town Hall is the perfect destination for kids. It houses a vast array of illustrations, artefacts, fossils, and wildlife from throughout the world, all of which fascinate children. It also has a large vivarium of over 2,000 different tropical fish, amphibians, and reptiles in its natural history department.

Lower Saxony State Museum
Lower Saxony State Museum / Image Credit:

This museum is a superb example of a neo-Renaissance building established in the 19th century. It features a large collection from the medieval period till the 20th century. The ethnology exhibition has more than 20,000 artefacts from cultures and religions all around the world. After visiting your ids will be surprised by seeing the massive collection.

Relish the Best Cocktails in Hannover at Oststadt

Oststadt is known for its diverse range of restaurants, bars and nightclubs. It’s close to Eilenriede Park, and it’s full of picturesque Art Deco buildings that will provide you with plenty of amazing shots during your visit for social media feed.

Oststadt Hanover
Oststadt Hanover / Image Credit:

Along the northern end of Passerelle Street, there are many funky bars and pubs where you can lounge on outdoor terraces while enjoying tasty sushi, drinks, wines and beers till evening.

Watch Classical Opera at Staatsoper Hanover

The Staatsoper Hanover is a 19th-century opera house that hosts theatre, dance, symphony and melodious opera performances. The Neoclassical Hanover Opera House is situated along the dignified Georgstrasse.

Staatsoper Hanover
Staatsoper Hanover / Image Credit:

This magnificent building, which was built in 1852, now houses the city’s professional opera company. Even if you don’t want to attend a show, the neo-classical interior is worth seeing. On the terrace, there are sculptures of popular composers, writers and musicians.

Stroll With Bae on Walkways of Lake Maschsee

Lake Maschsee is a beautiful artificial lake in the heart of Hanover that serves as a popular gathering place for a variety of leisure and recreational activities. It’s the city’s largest and most bustling location and recreation area due to its calm ambience and natural appeal. It is quite popular among boaters as well as swimmers, couples seeking privacy and those who want to enjoy sunbathing on Maschsee Beach.

Lake Maschsee Hanover
Lake Maschsee Hanover / Image Credit:

The lake is surrounded by several incredible routes, making it an ideal spot for a stroll or outing. During the summer, be sure to check out the Maschseefes, a massive music and fireworks festival that draws millions of visitors every year.

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Savour Traditional Dish & Beers at Hanover

In Hanover, drinking an ice-cold beer during the day is a popular pastime. For beer lovers, Hanover has a plethora of beer gardens. One of Hanover’s most famous beer gardens is Lister Turm Biergarten. You can order a wide range of beers, wines and spirits, as well as Bavarian and Greek cuisine like Pretzels, Bratwurst and Gyros.

Savour Rouladen at Hanover / Image Credit:

Don’t Forget to taste Rouladen which consists of a meaty filling rolled within thin slices of beef. It is a traditional dish of Hanover. Some restaurants in Hannover serve Rouladen with pork slices. A portion of popular comfort food in Germany, it’s usually served with gravy, dumplings, mashed potatoes and red cabbage.

Lastly Shop at Ernst August Galerie

Ernst-August-Galerie is a 3-storey shopping mall located near Hanover Hauptbahnhof Station. It’s a common alternative for high-end and high-street brands. Its main auditorium, which has a sleek design, hosts a variety of activities, events, and concerts throughout the year, especially on public holidays. Over 100 discount stores offer high-street and luxury brands such as H&M, Tommy Hilfiger, and Adidas. Ernst-August-Galerie also has a store, a range of cafés and restaurants and a playground for kids.

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In the end, I just want to say that, those travellers who are looking for a nice city escape in Germany, then consider Hanover definitely worth your visit. Till we come up with the next German destination keep reading and stay connected with indiaimagine.

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