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Visit Cologne for Culture, History and Beautiful Romanesque Churches


The beautiful city Cologne is nestled on the western edges of Germany. This charming city is known as the cultural capital of Germany thus differs from the rest cities due to its incredibly diverse mixture of attractions that no travellers want to miss during its itinerary. Explore its world-renowned cathedrals, museums, the vibrant Belgian Quarter. Its trendy atmosphere, traditional Old Town, its narrow cobbled streets, which are lined up with the coolest pubs, boutique shopping streets and historical buildings makes this city special.

Its great Romanesque churches reflect the diverse cultural elements from the various era. Be it its food, its alluring scenery besides Rhine valley or its old town with vibrant night scenes all make Cologne a worthy destination of Germany.

So for discovering more go through our list of the best things, you can do at Cologne to make the most of your vacation-worthy.

Things to do in Cologne

1. Walk Around the Old Town of Cologne

The Old Town is the heart of Cologne and wandering this town is the most interesting thing to do. Its proximity area – Agnesviertel is also a noteworthy destination for travellers. This Old Town is a perfect blend of trendy and traditional aura as you will witness historical monuments enticing travellers with a bohemian atmosphere.

Old Town of Cologne
Old Town of Cologne / Image Credit:

Many bars, art galleries bookshops alongside the North City Gate, Fort X are striking elements here. Here you see colourful classical buildings and cobbled streets which make the Old Town a great place to explore. You’ll find ample opportunity to enjoy great views as you plan your route through this ancient city.

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2. Must Visit the Iconic Landmark – Cologne Cathedral

The Cologne Cathedral is the towering landmark of the city, situated on the left bank of the Rhine. The stunning structure is an archaeological masterpiece of High Gothic architecture and UNESCO World Heritage Site and was officially recognised as the Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Mary. This Cathedral is the most-visited landmark of Germany as well as of Europe. It popular worldwide and especially among Christian pilgrims.

Cologne Cathedral
Cologne Cathedral / Image Credit:

Travellers can look for exquisite glass windows, artworks from the 10th century and a black marble shrine throughout the Cathedral, dating from the 16th century. Its 157m tall twin towers are the highlight of the cathedral’s incredible interior, and this cathedral is a must-see when you are visiting this bustling city of Germany.

3. Lock Your Heart at Hohenzollern Bridge

The Hohenzollern Bridge is quite an attractive edifice and quite renowned among couples. If you have read our previous german blog regarding Frankfurt then you will know the importance. This arch bridge carries pedestrians and trains across the Rhine for nearly 400m between the cathedral of Cologne and the modern complex of Koln Triangle.

Hohenzollern Bridge Cologne / Image Credit:

However, it has been always loaded with couples and they are crazy for locking their love on this bridge. Here they attach a padlock at the bridge and later throw the keys into the river below, making it impossible to remove the lock. This is an expression of enduring love, so couples don’t wait but visit this bridge.

4. Discover the Beauty of Rhine Valley Via Cruise

The majestic River Rhine has been vitally important to Cologne for centuries. Although there is a lot less river trade than there used to be, cruise ships still give a fantastic way to see the historical heart of the city. The quaint old town and the refurbished old Rheinauhafen port district with chic new buildings are located on the traditional route southerly along Hohenzollern Bridge past Cologne Cathedral.

Rhine Valley Cologne / Image Credit:

Then you meet the ancient fishing community in Rodenkirchen after approximately an hour of the pleasant cruise experience. This whole scene looks panoramic while cruising.  The Rhine River Evening Panorama Cruise, a leisurely two-hour excursion to see the city shimmering with lights, is one of the most famous things to do in Cologne at night.

5. Taste Handmade Sweets at the Chocolate Museum

A day at the Chocolate Museum in Cologne is a must for every chocolate lover. It is one of the best chocolate museums in the world, and it is run in partnership with Lindt & Sprungli. It covers everything from the origins of the bitter cocoa bean to the method of making it into delectable sweet treats.

The museum also has greenhouses where cacao trees are grown and miniature models of several of the devices involved in making it into chocolate, so you can see the process and savour the best chocolates of Germany here.

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6. Shopaholics Must Visit Schildergasse

Aside from that, those who enjoy shopping can pay a visit to Schildergasse, Europe’s busiest shopping lane. The street, which is situated in the heart of Cologne, is lined with department stores, chain stores, and trendy boutiques, including a clothing store housed within a glass building shaped like a whale.

Schildergasse Cologne / Image Credit: Image Credit:

An estimated 15,000 shoppers walk through this pedestrian-only street every hour. The street was founded during the Roman period. During the Middle Ages, artists painted coats of arms here. Also, you can visit Globetrotter which is a popular chain of malls across Cologne. So Shopaholics what are you waiting for?

7. Visit Gross St. Martin at Old Town

St. Martin’s Brute is one of Cologne’s 12 Romanesque churches. The church is also one of the most intimidating due to its huge tower. Visitors could overlook Gross St. Martin for a mediaeval castle if it weren’t for the crosses on top. Between 1150 and 1250, the Romanesque church was built.

St Martin Cologne / Image Credit

The church is widely regarded as one of Cologne’s most beautiful structures, and it is a popular tourist attraction.

8. Food & Dining at Belgian Quarter

The Belgian Quarter in Cologne is a great place to go dine out. This place has everything like trendy boutiques, galleries, live music venues, and theatres now line those streets. The Belgian Quarter is easily accessible, with U-Bahn stations Rudolfplatz and Friesenplatz both nearby. The charming Saint Michael church is surrounded by bars and restaurants, making it a popular hangout for Cologne’s young people.

Try Kosch and Halve Hahn in Altstadt

Cologne’s most famous local beer is Kölsch and Halve Hahn. Kölsch is a locally brewed straw-coloured chocolate stout. Altstadt is the perfect place to try this. Many typical Kneipen can be found here, as well as some of the original breweries.

9. Relax in the Flora and Botanical Garden

The Flora und Botanischer Garten, in the north of the city, is home to over 10,000 plant species and is located right next to the Cologne Zoo. Several greenhouses in the park recreate tropical ecosystems, allowing exotic crops like sugarcane, cocoa, and vanilla to be grown. A cactus estate, a Mediterranean greenhouse, and a magnificent Italian Renaissance garden are also included. It’s now a popular hangout spot for tourists and locals alike.

Flora & Botanical Garden, Cologne
Flora & Botanical Garden, Cologne / Image Credit:

Cologne is a well-connected city with trains, planes, automobiles, and horse-drawn carriages all readily available.

Overall a Cologne is a great place for those who are looking for a perfect city break. I know it doesn’t have beaches, mountains to climb but has a great history which reflects in its structure. It a nice place to visit with family and especially with kids. So consider this destination of Germany and let us know what you like here.

Till then keep reading our blog!

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