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Tour Frankfurt For Learning Art, Culture & History of Germany


Frankfurt is acknowledged worldwide as the commercial hub of Germany. Although it is also known among many travellers, history and cultural buffs for its beautiful skyline which are lined up on the shore, housing Europe’s largest museum, 15th-century buildings and sculptures.

This old imperial city is situated on the River Main though it is also known as Frankfurt am Main. This city is ranked among the top cities in the world for its cultural and tourism offerings.

Entire Panoramic View of Frankfurt, Germany
Entire Panoramic View of Frankfurt, Germany / Image Credit:

Messe Frankfurt, the city’s massive trade fair complex, hosts major events such as the Frankfurt Book Fair, the world’s most significant publishing festival. It’s also a lovely city to explore on foot.

Popular Things You Can Do at Frankfurt

This historic city of Germany offers many points of attractions to explore and interesting things to do. You can have a trip up to the Main River, which is a pleasure to see from a tour boat. Also, there are many old towns and cities to visit, such as Hanau and Mainz, as well as many well-preserved castles and cathedrals from bygone eras. So Check it out!

Capture Snap Streaks at Romerberg Square

In Frankfurt’s Old Town, the Römerberg is a wide, open square with picturesque buildings and statues dating back to the 15th century. This pedestrian-friendly area is so lovely and fascinating that you might spend hours exploring and photographing its many sights.

Romerberg Square
Romerberg Square – Frankfurt / Image Credit:

Ostzeile, a row of 11 restored buildings that were demolished in 1944, is located on Römerberg’s eastern side. The Gerechtigkeitsbrunnen, which stands in the centre of the square and depicts goddess Justitia bearing the scales of justice, is another common attraction.

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Must-See the Bartholomew’s Cathedral

Established between the 13th and 15th centuries, St Bartholomew’s Cathedral is a Gothic-style stone church. For getting the panoramic city views, travellers have to ascend 324 steps up the church tower to reach this magnificent cathedral.

Bartholomew’s Cathedral
Bartholomew’s Cathedral / Image Credit:

It houses a variety of notable artifacts and sculptures, including St. Bartholomew’s skullcap, a 16th-century Crucifixion statue by Hans Backoffen, and King Günther von Schwarzburg’s gravestone. The cathedral’s 95-meter tower is also well-known. You have to climb again up to the top for a stunning view of Frankfurt.

Witness Dinosaurs at Senckenberg History Museum

The largest exhibition of dinosaur fossils and replicas in Europe can be found at the Senckenberg Natural History Museum. The 3-story museum, which is located within Senckenberg Gardens, was established in 1821 and has since become one of Frankfurt’s most popular attractions, especially for families having kids.

Senckenberg Natural History Museum / Image Credit:

The Messel Pit fossil site, Germany’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of its most impressive exhibits here which you must visit. Apart from Dinosaurs replicas, there are well-preserved fossils of horses, turtles, and frogs dating back more than 50 million years on display here.

Wander & Shop at Berger Straße

Berger Street stretched for about 3 km from Bethmannpark to Bornheim. It’s one of the best places to hang out with friends and family when shopping at boutiques. Exclusive homeware, factory outlet stores, second-hand shops, and an authentic local vibe can all be found here.

Berger Straße
Berger Straße Frankfurt / Image Credit:

The entire length of Berger Straße is lined with bars, restaurants, and coffee shops, but if you’re looking for a night out, head to the area around Hohenstraße metro station. This location is a complete package for shopping wandering, vibrant night-outs and relishing mouth-watering street food of Frankfurt.

Appreciate Sensational Lightening at Palm Garden

Palm Garden is a 54-acre botanic garden located in the heart of Frankfurt, with winding paths, greenhouses, playgrounds, and vibrant ecosystems specially created. Throughout the year, the park holds informative presentations, exhibits, and festivals. The Rose and Light Festival, which takes place every June, is the city’s most famous event.

Palm Garden
Palm Garden -Frankfurt / Image Credit:

The garden is lit up with tea lights, candles, and lanterns on this particular day. Live music and dance performances are also available, as well as an impressive fireworks display at the end of the night.

Tour Stadel Art Museum

The Städel Art Museum has a large collection of paintings, drawings, and sculptures dating from the early 14th century, as well as modern art and images. It was founded in 1815 by Johann Friedrich Stadel, a banker and businessman, and has since grown to become one of the world’s most prestigious museums.

Stadel Art Museum
Stadel Art Museum / Image Credit:

There are 3,100 paintings celebrating over 700 years of European art, including works by famous artists such as Rembrandt, Vermeer, Monet, Picasso, and Goya. Various audio guides for travellers visiting Museum in English and German are available if you want to learn more about the museum’s impressive past.

Behold Sight of Frankfurt From the Observation Deck

The Frankfurt Main Tower is a 56-story skyscraper with an open-air observation deck that offers panoramic views of Frankfurt’s cityscape. A variety of offices and companies are located in this new building. The observation deck on the highest floor makes it a popular tourist destination. If the observation deck is closed, go to the 53rd floor of the Main Tower Restaurant for a rewarding view of the city while dining.

Savour Frankfrut Delicacies at Kleinmarkthalle

Kleinmarkthalle is a popular & oldest market where travellers can discover traditional cuisines and street food in Frankfurt. After Savouring Food you can shop for fresh produce and experience the local lifestyle. Set along Hasengasse Street in central Frankfurt, it houses over 60 stalls selling local specialities.

Kleinmarkthalle / Image Credit:

You can also find exotic food items imported from Europe and Asia. The ground floor houses a spacious dining section, where you can find food vendors selling grilled seafood, made-to-order sandwiches, bratwursts and try important Currywurst which is a traditional German fast food.

If you are a literature lover then you must visit the Goethe Haus, which was the house of Johann Wolfgang Goethe. Also, there is much more to appreciate at Frankfurt. If you are spending a good time their then there are many other things to do also. The best one we have mentioned for you.

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