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A Magnificent and Beautiful Place – The Grand Canyon


The Grand Canyon is located in Colorado River, Arizona, United States. It is carved by the colorado river it is about 446 km’s long and 29 km’s wide with a depth of about 1857 meters. This magnificent and beautiful place has intricated and colorful landscapes with a thick sequence of ancient rocks. The Grand Canyon is a part of the Colorado River and developed over the past 70 million years.

Tour Image Grand Canyon
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The park is divided into 3 parts North RIM, South RIM and West RIM, West RIM is not a part of National Park and occupied by the tribes there.

If you are planning to go and see this magnificent marvel of beautiful nature you have a look at this practical advice before pack your bags.

What is the best time to visit The Grand Canyon?

The Park is open during the whole year, Summertime may be the busiest time to go there because of kids are out of school, the peak season in The Grand Canyon is June – August, if you prefer a cooler atmosphere with less crowd and better availability you can prefer March-May or September to November,

Grand Canyon winters
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also, the water varies depending on the places, you should have an early reservation, because the reservations are starting filling a year before the tour, you just need to confirm it first with your tour operator.

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North RIM or South RIM?

The width of the canyon is about 16kms and it takes about 5 hrs drive from North RIM to South RIM.

North RIM

North RIM has fewer visitor services then south RIM, this area of The Grand Canyon National Park has very less visitors due to higher elevation and much cooler place than South RIM.

South RIM

Compare to North RIM, South RIM have more crowd then North RIM and have better availability of visitor services, it has better connectivity from Sedona, Phoenix or Flagstaff, it has better amenities in term of lodging, transportation, dining and food. It has better viewpoints and an overall family-friendly environment. In the peak season, you have a reservation before visiting there.

How to Reach the Grand Canyon National Park?

The National Park is majorly divided into two parts thus the ways are different to reach each of them, you need to decide first where you want to visit, below are the ways to reach the Grand Canyon, National Park.

By Air – Phoenix International Airport is the nearest airport for South RIM and Las Vegas for South RIM. After that you can take Bus / Cab to reach the National Park.

Grand Canyon South Rim
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By Train – Grand Canyon Railway and Amtrak are the train services available there, if you want to prefer by train go board one.

By Road – South RIM is connected by road from Phoenix and West RIM from Las Vegas, if you want to drive there you need to drive about 300kms from each city to reach South or West RIM.

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Where should I Stay in The Grand Canyon?

You should have a tent or RV to enjoy the outdoor experience in the National Park, there are many campgrounds in the National Park. Also, the national park campgrounds are accepting reservations and you can make reservations at Desert View Campground and Mather Campground in South RIM and North RIM Campground in North RIM.

Apart from this, there are also Hotels and Rooms to stay inside and outside of the National Park. You can find them easily or from this website.

In terms of luxury, you can consider The Grand Hotel at the Grand Canyon which is the only 3-star hotel in The Grand Canyon offering an indoor heated swimming pool and bathtub. On the North RIM you can book a Cozy Cabins at historic Grand Canyon Lodge.

How should I get around The Grand Canyon?

You can also take advantage of free shuttle busses by Grand Canyon National Park on a predefined route that includes the following places:

  • The Village
  • Kaibab Rim
  • Hermit Road
  • The Tusayan

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Things to do in The Grand Canyon National Park

Desert Jeep Tour

Desert Jeep Safari
Enjoy the scenic views of The Grand Canyon while traveling in a Pink desert safari jeep and enjoy the beauty of here like everyone else. / Image credit:


Grand Canyon Skywalk
If you are not afraid of immense Height and want to have an overview of the entire canyon then this adventure is specially made for you. / Image credit:


Rafting at Grand Canyon
If are looking for a rafting adventure ride in the grand canyon area, then surely you are going to love this adventure trip. The water current here is quite fast and hence the adrenaline rush too will be of the same quantity. / Image credit:

Mule Ride

Mule Ride Grand Canyon
Have you ever wondered riding on top of a mule and that too in The Grand Canyon. Yes, that is possible and you can experience the height of this place all on the back of a mule with your family and friends. So what are you waiting for, go and place a visit here? / Image credit:


Hiking at The Grand Canyon
You did read about jeep safari, sky walking, rafting and mule ride, but still, the best way to explore Grand Canyon is on your feet. Hiking is one of the most preferred ways to see around here. So if you are a trekker and want to explore the heights and lows of The Grand Canyon, then do visit and enjoy the trek in nature’s sound. / Image credit:

Tips to Visiting the Grand Canyon National Park

  • Before visiting there ensure the weather conditions of the area where you want to visit and keep the cloths according to the weather, it’s a National Park so full cover clothes are good.
  • Make sure you have to carry all the tickets and reservations you made.
  • Keep things like extra clothes, mosquito repellent, medicines, a torch and small survival kit (if you have).
  • And lastly the most important thing, Your camera to capture the colors of nature, and beautiful landscape.

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