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Trending Family Destinations In North America


North America is a quite famous tourist destination in the world. From hotels with modern amenities to amusement parks and also extensive collections of zoos, beaches, water parks, and museums, North America also serves as a preferred destination for a family with kids for vacations and adventure trips. North America offers both modern and historical city adventures to keep every age group’s interests intact while vacationing. In North America, you will find kid-friendly hotels, easy to navigate streets and to help nature people. The museums and science centers here are quite famous, and they also serve an educational purpose to kids while on vacation. So let’s dig in to find out some of the renowned family destinations for vacations here.

San Diego, California

San Diego is filled with a family fun activity, and luckily you can enjoy the sights just as much as your kids will. The world-famous San Diego Zoo is a must-see on any trip to the city. As a bonus, the zoo has opened a Safari Park, which allows you to tour an enormous wildlife reserve with animals from Africa and Asia.

San Diego city in California / Image credits: Minitime

Are you looking to relax while in San Diego, North America?  Head on over to Point Loma and let the kids explore the trails, lighthouse, and tidal pools at low tide. If you’re craving some adventure after a relaxing beach day, head on over to Belmont Park, the only beachfront amusement park in San Diego.

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is a kid-friendly city with many museums and the most famous Millennium Park. Millennium Park is a sculpture display park and a must-see for kids to expand their understanding of Art.

A family vacationing in Chicago, Illinois / Image credits: Rivernorthhotel

If your kid gets bored here, then Lincoln Park Zoo will surely boost him again. For a full family, adventure visit Navy Pier that holds excitement for adults as well as kids. A lot of food varieties are available here.

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Washington, D.C.

Stacked with free museums, free national zoo, and The White House, Washington isn’t just a visiting place for an adult, but it’s equally informative for kids too. While the Museum of Natural History is ideal for the dinosaur lovers and the National Museum of Air and Space will get any crazed rocket child energized, Washington’s official travel sites offer a printable action book for children.

Kids at Washington DC Museum / Image credits: Marriott Traveler

Stacked with challenges, take a “selfie” thoughts and many other exciting adventure activities; the children won’t be bored at any moment. Washington likewise offers many free walking visits and ensure you watch that white house grass; the president’s helicopter arrives there a few times each week. A visit to Washington would be incomplete without a merry go ride in National Mall.

Toronto, Ontario-North America

Toronto is a vibrant city with adventure-packed activities stored for a family vacation. The most popular and most loved activity for locals and travelers are climbing the CN Tower. This tower is the highest point in the city from where one can see the whole town and surrounding area which is picturesque.

living on the edge of CN Tower Toronto, Ontario / Image credits: brownbeartravels

The Science Centre, Canada’s Wonderland, Ripley’s Aquarium (the most massive indoor Aquarium in Canada), The Toronto Zoo, Royal Ontario Museum are some of the famous places that could be visited while in Toronto. Visit Toronto is incomplete without visiting the Centre Island. Here kids will find a vast green land to run around burning their energy and have some exciting antique rides too.

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Vancouver, British Columbia

Known for its reasonably warm temperatures in the winter, Vancouver is a city you can visit any time of the year. The well known Stanley Park situate in 1000 acres of land and gives families a chance to have a marine as well as jungle safari fun all in one place. If one gets tired of strolling through the park, fly into the Vancouver Aquarium, where the indoor and open-air displays let you get very close with the aquatic animals.

Vancouver museum family vacation / Image credits: InsideVancouver

Granville Island is an excellent hideaway where you will find yourself some company with other families searching for city free adventures. Kids market, live amusement, shops, and the most prominent open water park in North America make up this little island. For experience seeking families, Grouse Mountain is only a short trip away or visit one of the suspension bridges present outside the city.

Kauai, Hawaii

Anyplace you go to Hawaii is an excellent spot to go with children, and honestly, Kauai is one of the best for a couple of reasons. Less crowd, lovely climate and affordable rate for commuting and hotel rents pushed this island to the highest priority on our list. You can choose the Apartment suite on rent on this island with also resorts to choose from.

Kids playing in Kauai beach, Hawaii / Image credits: marcieinmommyland

With lifeguarded shorelines, fewer drive distances between the activities for the whole family, you will never need to leave. Remain throughout the day on the shoreline while on a picnic, taking a walk in the jungle or bicycle along the beaches; there are many adventure possibilities here.

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Myrtle Beach, South Carolina- North America

Smack in the center of a 60-mile stretch of shoreline is the pocket-friendly, family-accommodating, city of Myrtle Beach. Known to have the clean body surfing waters around, you can go through throughout the day watching the children play in the sea. The atmosphere present near the shoreline is like a carnival that stretches around a mile.

Family enjoying in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina / Image credits: Visitsouth

Walking around it will surely make you feel more relaxed and happy. Family-accommodating lodgings with pools, water-slides are available all around, thus substantially making this city more adventurous. For kids, there is an amusement park and many water parks at reachable distances. The most preferred weather to visit here is during the summer month. So always try to visit Myrtle Beach during summer to enjoy the atmosphere to its fullest.

Williamsburg, Virginia-North America

Visiting Williamsburg is to step back to the eighteenth century, which will be an exciting part for the kids. Give the children a chance to go back through time with a rented outfit. They can also do there everyday tasks and farming work. In this place, children can truly feel part of history. Free tours that take you through town incorporate the perfect measure of history and interaction with the locals. The best part is children drive them for children.

Williamsburg a family destination in Virginia / Image credits: travelingmom

When the feet become fatigued from exploration, make sure to jump onto a carriage ride. When you have been done with the past, head towards Water Country USA for modern facilities and adventures.

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