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Columbus – A Trip You Should Take Once In Your Lifetime


Columbus is a city of history, culture and with lots of energy & enthusiasm seen around in it. This sort of mixture of civilization, trade and technology is possible to see here only. If you are someone who is planning to travel for the first time, then be prepared to get amazed. It offers several tourist places which define the character of the city. One thing that matters the most for a visitor is the establishment of a connection with the place on some level. Therefore, Columbus city has many advantages as it is rich in providing plenty of experience to travelers.

So let’s discover some of the top attractions of Columbus:

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

You should start your city trip by visiting the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium it is one of the city’s biggest wildlife parks. The zoo has almost 800 species with approximately 700 animals and it spread over an area of 580 acres. Every year two to three million tourist visits here and obtain the real experience of nature and wildlife.

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium
Columbus Zoo and Aquarium / Image credit:

The entire zoo is divided into different zones for animals according to their habitat. There are basically, six to seven habitats that contain animals from different regions and these habitats are North America, Polar Frontier, Congo Expedition, Asia Quest, Shores and Aquarium and Heart of Africa.

The North Market

The best possible way to get an idea of the food culture of any city is to visit the local market. Similarly, the North Market is the place where you will be seeing the entire food culture. The market has never-ending varieties of food and raw vegetables that will surely attract you.

The North Market
The North Market / Image credit:

Here you can buy fruits, vegetables, herbs, honey and even flowers also. Almost all products that are displayed here are entirely fresh and recently cultivated from the farms. Even some farmers directly sell their food products here. This colorful authentic fresh food market is around 145 years old.

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German Village

Columbus is a diverse yet united place where one will find diversity in food, culture, lifestyle and other aspects also. Hence, the German Village is a part of an area that lies in the south of the city where you will find a large number of German immigrants. From, 1974 till this date some local German people are still living here peacefully and enjoying life with the local individuals.

German Village
German Village / Image credit:

In 1974, the village was added to the National Register of Historic Places becoming a private preservation district. Even the design of this area, shops are inspired by German architecture. Tourists do travel to this village to see the architecture and to learn about their culture.

Center of Science and Industry (COSI)

If you are a technology geek and want to spend your entire day just learning and exploring the deep secrets of science and technology then, the Center of Science and Industry shall be the ideal place for you. The best part of this science center is that it hosts galleries and events even for children also this way children will be educated with the latest news and technology.

Center of Science and Industry
Center of Science and Industry / Image credit:

Well, talking about the center it is exploring for the last 55 years and works in around 320,000-foot large facility with 9 galleries, more than 300 live experiments, live interactive shows and world-class technology. There is also a Dinosaur Gallery which attracts kids as well as adults.

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Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Garden

To see some of the rare and beautiful butterflies in this Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Garden is a treat. However, butterflies are just one section of this huge conservatory; you can experience an immense variety of flora and fauna here. Most of the species you would see here are not available in any part of the world, so it is one of the most crucial tourist places that you must see.

Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Garden
Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Garden / Image credit:

Since 1993 the garden is offering an incredible natural experience of culture and education to their visitors. The entire campus is 88 acres which consist of field trips, city summer camp and also with special membership for tourists.

Columbus Museum of Art

A good place to visit with your family is the Columbus Museum of Arts. Here at the museum of art, you can see sculptures, paintings, photographs and some wonderful art pieces. Most of the art pieces showcase here are gathered from all over the world however, some of the work is originally made by the artists of the city.

Columbus Museum of Art
Columbus Museum of Art / Image credit:

Galleries are constructed according to the category of sculpture and arts. Especially for kids, there is a separate area where toys and Lego models are displayed so that they can explore more creative work while playing. In this museum, there are few there is handcrafted material that is also displayed in different galleries.

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Ohio Theatre

It is always a special moment to see something which is retro with also has some historic presence too. Originally we are talking about this is Ohio Theatre; currently, this theatre is owned and managed by the CAPA organization. CAPA stands for The Columbus Association for the Performing Arts and it was formed in 1969 to save this theatre.

Ohio Theatre
Ohio Theatre / Image credit:

Originally the theatre was formed in 1928 and renovated after the formation of the CAPA association. Basically, it is a place where performances are conducted well; From it can be of any form like movie series, opera, ballet, presentations, dance performance to drama, etc. It is a great place to enjoy the live functions.

Whether you are looking for a weekend or a small vacation trip, Columbus city should definitely be on your list. It has everything that can easily attract a tourist and develops a bond of relationship through nature, society and its diverse culture which gives an incredible experience.

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