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Planning A Private Vacation- Rent Private Island In The US


With 2021 opening up chances to tourism and tourist to visit places around the globe, there is the sunshine of hope. However, we are still in the blink of the doubt and anxiety. Should we go out and mix with the crowd? Is what comes into our minds. However, do you know few places on earth give you both the pleasure of vacation and also the freedom of being in solitude for you and your family?

It sounds perfect, right? Well, with some cost!

That means it is going to be on a bit hefty side of your pocket. But trust me when I say it will be worth a visit. So, any guesses what will be on our itinerary for today? Islands in the most beautiful places of the United States of America. Well don’t speculate, it is islands that you can rent completely for yourself.

So let’s get into the top islands that you can rent in the US this 2021…

Monmouth in Maine

Monmouth/Image Credit:

Monmouth has everything that an island should have. Houses that would ignite the nostalgic mood into us. A big castle or best a class houses to stay, wilderness and water backdrop to stray, activities such as hiking and bonfire to keep your days and nights full of fun. There is a full around swimming pool available on the island and a segment that can offer a perfect kayaking experience. And after a full-fledged fun, you can cook in the extraordinary equipped kitchen modern kitchen anything you wish and end up eating out watching the starry sky! How romantic isn’t it?

Juggler Lake in Minnesota

Juggler Lake/Image Credit:

Juggler lake is spread across 18 acres of land. We can imagine the lavish it might be the stay. The little cabin allows a family to stay together. This little island is surrounded by lush green forest that has a variety of flora and fauna. You can enjoy the raw and fresh organic strawberries and make some fresh ginger tea. The forest and the wilderness make the place the best for hiking, walking and cycling trails. And this is exactly what makes this place a perfect vacation place entirely for you and your family.

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Hilton Head in South Carolina

Hilton Head
Hilton Head/Image Credit:

Well, if you are planning Hilton you better plan it with your entire family. As you are welcomed to not one but three islands when you rent this specific island from South Carolina. To stay here is an affair of extraordinary experience embedded with extravaganza. There will be lots of stuff to indulge in as per your agenda and need to have plenty of time to do so.

Thousand Islands in New York

Thousand Islands
Thousand Islands/Image Credit:

A thousand islands are all about boating, relaxing, views of extraordinary sunset and sunrise. The place is surrounded by surplus blue and green water and lush green forest. Although the outdoor activities and scenic beauty would give you serious reasons to stay outdoor, however, the modern yet traditional houses for your stay would hold you back to stay indoor for good reasons. A thousand islands in New York is all you need to be after a long indoors!

Hinesburg in Vermont

Hinesburg/Image Credit:

Hinesburg Island is for those who are looking for a small island far away from the hustle-bustle of the city. The island has small two-room houses best suitable for honeymooners and small families. The island is set up at the sides of Lake Iroquois, which makes it the most beautiful. The days can be planned for outdoor activities like fishing, walking, boating and swimming and the nights can be around a bonfire and fresh air under the starry sky. For you know what makes the place more perfect? You can take your pets too with you on this island for vacation!!

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Republic Islands in Michigan

Republic Islands
Republic Islands/Image Credit:

Most of you must have planned a vacation with your mates and group of childhood friends. Maybe it’s a reunion or simply catching up after a long year’s gap due to a going situation. And if so, Republic islands are the best that you can opt for. This island is situated in the middle of dense forest and there is a tiny wooden cabin to accommodate you and your friends. Though it looks straight from the Hollywood horror flick, this is undoubtedly the best vacation spot you can go for.

Gloucester in Rhode Islands

Gloucester/Image Credit:

Most of us know Rhode Islands for sandy beaches and mesmerizingly beautiful sunset. And no wonder people don’t want to miss a chance if there is an island in Rhode to rent all by yourself. Well, the place is full of beauty and for the right price. The outdoor beach chairs are beautifully arranged and the sleek modern house for you to stay in. Apart from that, there are rowboats for you to ride through the islands. And at night the affair is altogether the best possible, there is no electricity and hence you feel the essence of old days to reminisce.
All of this gives you a feel-good far away from the city and the chaos they carry. Maybe a bit hefty side for a vacation but will be worth a try. To rent a private Island in the topmost countries of the world is definitely not a small affair. But the experience that you are ready to thrive will be the one for a lifetime. A small “stuck in the wilderness ” feel will definitely be in handy.
So, till you ponder over this…
It’s a Bon Voyage from me!

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