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Portland – Plan Your Next Itinerary to the Rose City of Oregon


If you are the one who loves exploring new destinations which are way out of the league then you can visit Portland city at Oregon, United States. Portland is a green city with Vibrant culture and the largest town situated on the Casco Bay’s shore. Filled with natural panorama and great sights to behold for travellers, Portland offers many activities for travellers on the water, including cruising the bay, tour to gleaming islands, whale watching and fishing.

Portland has outstanding Rose Garden and organises Rose Festival annually for its visitors thus it is also known as the Rose City. Visitors can walk down the narrow streets of Old Port district and explore an active waterfront and explore cultural attractions such as museums, galleries, exhibits, and antique shops.

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Enjoy Cruising at Casco Bay Islands

Portland sits on the edge of Casco Bay, home of the lovely Calendar Islands. Casco Bay Islands was bestowed with so many islands that you could visit a new one each day for a year. Several companies provide sightseeing tours to and around the islands, and there is a regular ferryboat service to Great Diamond Island, Peak’s Island, Chebeague Island, Long Island, and Cliff Island.

Cruise Along the Casco Bay Islands / Image Credit:

The old fort Mckinley is located on Great Diamond Island, where Long Island is renowned for its numerous nature trails and tranquil beaches. Other island activities include golf on Chebeague Island and cycling in many of Cliff Island’s smaller, less populated areas.

Visit Charming Victoria Mansion

The Victoria Mansion in Portland, also known as the Morse-Libby House, was built between 1858-60 and was created by the well-known architect, Henry Austin. New Orleans hotel tycoon Ruggles Sylvester Morse used this Italian villa-style mansion as a summer home, and the home is a true expression of Portland’s pre-Civil War era modernity.

Victoria Mansion Portland Maine / Image Credit:

The structure features numerous details, like decoratively painted walls and ceilings, rich textiles, wood carvings, detailed plasterwork, gilded surfaces, and a large stained-glass skylight. Open as a museum since 1941, the home’s contents have been preserved, including unique carpets, silver, porcelain and other decorative items.

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Stroll at Iconic Washington Park

Washington Park is a metropolitan park for locals and travellers located in Portland covering more than 410 acres of land. This includes a zoo, a nature museum, a tennis court, a soccer field, barbecue areas, playgrounds, public art and several acres of wild forest, with thousands of walking pathways, river park, amphitheatre and statues with the large archaeological area.

Stroll at Iconic Washington Park, Portland / Image Credit:

The park is home to many of Portland’s premier attractions including a zoo, children’s museum, Japanese Gardens, and an arboretum. For visitants that do not want to spend time at an attraction, there are picnic areas, playgrounds, tennis courts and a large space of green land or wild forest to explore.

Grotto Gardens

Portland is a very pretty city, but it can also be a very busy one. A good place to escape the hustle and bustle is the Grotto Gardens, known officially as the Sanctuary of Our Sorrowful Mother. This national Catholic shrine is dedicated to Mary and operated by the Order of the Friar Servants of Mary.

Grotto Gardens Portland / Image Credit:

The spectacular greenery has been a hidden oasis since 1924. Our Lady’s Grotto, a statue of Mary set into a 110-foot high cliff, is the centrepiece of the garden. Discover the calm and serene feeling of the garden.

Pearl District

The area has got its name because of its trendy conditions, while visitors can still find pearl jewellery there. As one of the best areas in Portland, it’s full of fantastic restaurants, art galleries, trendy shops and businesses wanting to be where everything takes place in downtown Portland.

Pearl District Portland / Image Credit:

Book lovers will love Pearl District especially since they are home to Powell’s original City of Books, the biggest freelance bookseller in the world with more than one million new and used bookings in 3,500 sections for sale.

Portland Head Lighthouse

For many people, lighthouses are only a sign for boats but actually, at Portland, these lighthouses have become an iconic symbol and are local landmarks for most coastal towns in Maine. Portland is the home to several lighthouses. One of the most visited is the Portland Head Light in Cape Elizabeth due to its excellent museum and stunning views of Casco Bay & Portland Harbor.

Portland Lighthouse / Image Credit:

There is also a museum which has Keeper’s Quarters featuring numerous displays on the history of lighthouses and its keepings including a view of how technology has changed their service. The artefacts and objects on display include Fort Williams, the lenses of Fresnel, historical photographs, documents and other artefacts.

Explore Oregon Museum of Science & Industry

Visitors to Portland looking for a rugged outdoor experience may not know that they are closer than they thought. The town’s Forest Park is one of the United States largest urban parks.

Oregon Museum of Science & Industry Portland / Image Credit:

The park overlooks northwest Portland, set in Tualatin Mountains. The park provides hiking, cycling and horseback riding trails for more than 80 miles. To order to avoid harm to the lush vegetation and wildlife, users must remain on their designated roads.

Portland Japanese Garden

The Garden sits nestled in the hills of Portland, Oregon’s iconic Washington Park, overlooking the city and providing a tranquil, urban oasis for locals and travellers alike. Portland Japanese Garden provides our community with a place to connect with each other and with nature.

Food & Cuisine to Relish at Portland

Get a taste of Portland on a variety of food. When you wander around the city centre you will also see many Food Carts offerings delicious meal. Some of the best foods you can savour at Portland are Le Pigeon Burger, Maple bar, Maple bacon doughnut, Burritos, Pinot noir, Sour beer, Hamburgers, India pale ale, Bourbon whiskey, Saison.

Savour Le Pigeon Burger at Portland / Image Credit:

Portland is best known for its hipster, crunchy style, great food and tasty beer but historically, the city is a shipping port offering great vistas for voyagers. So visit Portland and share your experience with us.

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