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Top Things To See & Do In New Jersey

New Jersey cover
New Jersey cover / Image credit: en.wikipedia.org

New Jersey is a state in the US that is surrounded by some beautiful borders of the Atlantic Ocean in the South and with the New York state in the east. It is the eleventh most populated state and also home to many multi-millionaires. Therefore, if there are so many people including multi-millionaires are staying here then surely this place is packed with some really attractive locations with some interesting things to do. Well, in comparison with the other states of the United States surely, New Jersey is small in size but it will definitely provide you an unforgettable travel experience. So let’s start to explore:

Atlantic City

The Atlantic City is the perfect place to start your journey, the city lies on the Jersey Shore where you can enjoy several activities. It is also known as the Resort City because it is home to several beautiful resorts that are packed with beautiful views and long seashores. As the city lies near the coastal line that also brings extra fun and activity for tourists.

atlantic city
atlantic city / Image credit: en.wikipedia.org

Even you will also find a wide variety of entertainment facilities like nightclubs, water sports, music and cultural events, etc. There are some museums, gaming hubs and luxury facility for shopping that attracts lots of visitors.


Newark is a city that is quite famous for its natural attractions and also for its modern amenities. Travelers from all over the world do visit Newark whenever they make a tour of New Jersey. It is also the second-largest city which carries lots of natural beauties and great places for art collection.

Newark / Image credit: llworldtour.com

The Cherry blossom trees are a famous spot for tourists, you can see these beautiful trees in Cherry Blossom Welcome Center. It is a treat to watch these classic white and pink colored flowers. Well, the Newark Symphony Hall is a place for cultural entertainment and a perfect example of classic art.

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Ocean City

If you are a person who loves to do water sports and adventure then Ocean City is the perfect place for you. The famous place to visit here is Ocean City Beach which has a stretch of approx 8 miles of coastal line. The white sandy beach with never-ending ocean water gives a vibrant feel to your vacation.

Ocean City
Ocean City / Image credit: theactivetimes.com

You can also go for various water adventures like jet skiing, boat ride, cruise, etc. If someone in your group likes to shop and wants to explore other adventures then the city also offers amusement parks, exclusive shops where you can enjoy shopping.

Paterson Great Falls

The Paterson Great Falls is a stunning waterfall that falls from a height of 77 feet and looks incredible. Seeing its popularity and beauty now it is protected as a National Historic Park and its surrounding location is also under the National Park Service. It is a National Landmark that attracts several visitors, it is also a perfect place to capture some amazing pictures.

Paterson Great Falls
Paterson Great Falls / Image credit: en.wikipedia.org

The panoramic view you will be getting from the top is completely mesmerizing. Visitors also have the facility to opt for a travel guide hence, the guide can properly convey to you the importance of the waterfall and other visiting sites.

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Wildwood is a city similar to Ocean City but the difference you will find here is the wide variety of entertainment facilities. It is a great place for those who like to travel with families, some prime attractions are beaches, amusement parks, shopping facilities, restaurants, etc. These are some available options for tourists and even for local residents.

Wildwood / Image credit: adventure.com

The long stretch beaches are the top-rated attraction of Wildwoods, some of the coastal lines are 5 miles long which also hosts several water sports. It is recorded that every year millions of tourists visit here in peak season.Those who are afraid of water adventure they can even try amusement parks where the sports are less dangerous and performed under supervision.

Delaware Water Gap

After visiting and enjoying the life of different cities of New Jersey, your next destination should be the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. This recreation area is spread over 40 miles between the borders of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Here, Dingmans Falls is a popular destination where lots of tourists visit.

Delaware Water Gap
Delaware Water Gap / Image credit: njspots.com

The entire forest area covers an area of 70,000 acres with some extraordinary beauty to see like mountains, forest, fertile floodplains, river valleys, etc. Some of the other highlights of the park are Minisink Archaeological Site, Kittatinny Point Visitors Center.

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Princeton is a town in New Jersey that is gifted with great work of art, culture and education. This place is a hub for historic sites, museums, educational institutes and churches. However, visitor’s first choice is to see all the historic sites and most of the sites have some historical significance. The town has a rich culture with a wide range of museums that showcases the great history and classic work of art.

Princeton / Image credit: princeton.edu

Even the constitutional offices are also a part of the attraction for tourists as most of the buildings are designed historically. You can also visit the Princeton Battlefield State Park which is listed as the best historic site to visit. The site covers an area of 200 acres which is also a famous place where the battle of Princeton happened.

So, I am sure that after reading this entire piece of article you will not need a guide to complete your tour to this wonderful location. All the vivid and best locations are covered here thus, get ready to explore the new side of New Jersey.