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Attractive Tourist Destinations In Canada to Visit


Canada is the second-largest country in the world. It is full of tourist attractions and mind-blowing landscapes. This country is rich in culture with diversities from all around the world. Also known as Second Punjab as more than 1.4 % of the population constitutes Punjabi’s. Canada has some of the world’s most intriguing cities such as Vancouver, Victoria and Calgary towards west and Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City towards the center. Apart from these big cities it also have some natural wonder such as Niagara Falls and National Park such as Nahanni National Park, Gros Morne National Park. In all this whole country is power packed with beauty in terms of architecture as well as nature. So we have listed some of them here, so go on and have a look for yourself.

Niagara Falls – Canada

Niagara Falls is the country’s most known tourist attraction. It attracts a million of visitors each year. It provided the most intriguing experience for the tightrope walkers and daredevils from around the globe. It has a massive drop of 57 meters approximately. The tourist can have a close look at the falls from the top of the falls as there is a spot called Clifton Hill leading to the gorge and the falls. There were numerous attempts made by daredevils to jump and even row down these falls. But they all failed as the speed of the current is much higher than the expected value for any fall recorded on Earth.

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Banff National Park

Banff National Park lies in the center of the Rocky Mountain in the area of Alberta and has some of the country’s best scenery. Capped peaks and glaciers are the most attractive points in the park and with that, there are Turquoise green lakes to go with it. The most important visiting point of the park is Lake Louise, where the photo lovers tend to wait for the beautiful pictures as the lake reflects the surrounding mountains hence giving an excellent background view for your touring memorandum. The Icefields Parkway gives you an unimaginable drive with fresh air along the lake Louise till Jasper. In winter it is the perfect destination for the Ski Lovers. Towards the south, you will be able to find the hotels, motels and dining options.

CN Tower – Canada

CN Tower - Canada

Toronto is one of Canada’s largest cities and one of its best destinations, with many sights and attractions such as museums, parks, etc. The most important of all being the CN Tower is one of the tallest structures in the World which is 553 meters high. It has a revolving restaurant that provides a 360 view of the shore as well as the city. The CN Tower has glass floors so you can also have a good look at the height at which you are sitting and dining. So if you are not a height lover still you will embrace the beauty of this building by looking at its view from anywhere in the city. The lights of CN tower are different in the night giving it a different color at night which is mind-blowing.

Old Quebec – Canada

Old Quebec - Canada

Old Quebec is a World Heritage Site that is governed by UNESCO. The Old Quebec spreads across the lower and upper town of Quebec and it has some of the city’s most historic buildings. The Lower Town has numerous historic buildings along with the Upper Town that rests on the 100 meter- high cliffs and it also has some unique historians’ houses and with that some excellent building of the past such as Citadel, Place d’Armes. This area has been developed for tourism and it also showcases the work of the artist such as Rue Du Tresor, and also have some unique museums.

Whistler – Canada

Whistler - Canada

Whistler is famous for its Ski resort. It gained the attention of the people all around the globe when it was a venue for the 2010 Winter Olympics and hence now a favorite spot for ski surfer all around. The area provided world-class skiing environments and also has a golf and mountain biking area which is only noted during the summers. The flexibility of the area and its people has been a real treat to watch and those transformations that are made from season to season are a thing to look out for. You will never run out of options here in terms of accommodations and dining.

Ottawa’s Parliament Hill

Ottawa’s Parliament Hill is situated above the Ottawa River and has been constructed in terms of Neo-Gothic Style. This building was built around the ending of the 19th century. The distinguishing feature of this place is the Peace Tower that acts as a partition between the House of Commons and Senate on both sides. Centennial Flame has been lit in 1966 to celebrate the centenary of the Country Confederation which stands on the front of the building and sculpture garden is behind. Changing of the Guard takes place when the weather changes. A walk view of this place is a must for every visitors.

St. John’s Signal Hill

At the doorway to St. John’s harbor, high the city and sea, is Signal Hill National Historic site. it had been here in 1901 that the primary wireless transatlantic signal was received. It additionally contends a strategic role within the Seven Years War with France, though the present fortifications were designed throughout the hostilities of 1812. The Cabot Tower is one in all the key sites of Signal Hill. it had been inbuilt 1897 to mark the four hundredth anniversary of the invention of Newfoundland. It additionally currently commemorates Guglielmo Marconi’s reception here in 1901 of the primary transatlantic radio telegraphy signal, transmitted over a distance of 2,700 kilometers from Poldhu in England. within the tower are exhibitions on the history of Signal Hill and also the history of communications (with a special section on Marconi). From the top, visitors can fancy broad views of the town and also the coast as so much as Cape Spear – the foremost easterly purpose of North America.

Old And Gold Montreal

The old section of Montreal, lined with beautiful old historic buildings, welcomes guests with nice looking and fine feeding. equid carriages take guests through the cobbled streets and past the open squares. whereas Montreal itself could be a spirited modern town, old Montreal down by the city district is wherever most tourists return to absorb the atmosphere. a number of the must-see places in old Montreal embody Rue Bonsecours and therefore the landmark Marche Bonsecours within the old town hall building, the inside of the gorgeous Notre-Dame Basilica, the spirited Place Jacques-Cartier, and therefore the 1870s hall.

Bay of Fundy

The Bay of Fundy, situated in eastern Canada in between New Brunswick and star Scotia, is known for its wonderful tides. The variation between high and low is that the largest within the world, measurement up to most of 19 meters. Whereas there are many ways to understand this natural surprise, a number of the foremost common locations and sights on the Bay of Fundy area unit the cliffs and rock formations at Hopewell Cape, Fundy parkland, the Fundy trail drive, and Grand Manan Island.

Victoria’s Inner Harbour

Few Canadian cities have done such a gorgeous job of developing their city district area as Victoria and its Inner Harbour. this is often an excellent place for strolling, relaxing, shopping, dining, and looking at street performers all against the backcloth of the harbor. The centerpiece of this space is that the historic Empress hotel, one among the city’s most endearing buildings. Over the years, the Empress has welcome kings and queens and, today options a traditional dinner, which is one among the highlights for several guests returning to Victoria. whereas the harbor space is popular year round, it’s notably lively throughout the summer months.

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