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Visit Ecuador – The Land Of Volcanoes And Wild Turtles


Also known as the Republic of Ecuador, this is a country in South America located on the northwestern side and has Colombia on one side, Peru on the other.
Ecuador also comprises of the Galapagos Islands. The country was once home to the Amerindian groups and in the later years was colonized by Spain. Ecuador’s population is diverse when it comes to ethnicity and is visible with the fact that although Spanish is the official language, almost 13 other languages are also recognized and spoken.
Ecuador also is a host to a variety of plants as well as animals, both aquatic and terrestrial. The constitution of Ecuador is the first of its kind to recognize and legally enforce the ‘Rights of Nature’.

Today, at India Imagine we will list out someplace for you to make your trip worth remembering.

Places that will win your heart

For those looking for a mix and match when it comes to sightseeing, Ecuador would be on the top of the go-to list.


Quito, Ecuador
Quito, Ecuador / Image credit:

The capital of Ecuador that is at the Andean foothills is studded with colonial architecture is also home to the ‘Middle of the World’ the monument or plaza that marks the equator. Quito is also famous for Neo-gothic churches and mountaintops for hiking as well as a visual delight. One of the must-visit places in Quito is the ‘Independence Square’ a major square that has landmark buildings.

Galapagos Islands

Galapagos cover pic featuring couples
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For those that have an affinity for nature, aquatic life, aquatic flora, and fauna.. not to mention volcanoes. The Galapagos Islands offer the perfect opportunity to satiate this need.

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San Cristòbal Island

San Cristòbal Island, Ecuador
San Cristòbal Island, Ecuador / Image credit:

For those who love outdoors, San Cristòbal Island provides the perfect getaway. You can snorkel your time out or enjoy beaches and the company of sea lions. For those who prefer a more serene ambience, El Junco Lagoon has a modest crater lake where one can also indulge in birdwatching.

Isabela Island

Isabela Island, Ecuador
Isabela Island, Ecuador / Image credit:

This is a perfect spot for someone who prefers to have an insight into the historical aspect along with interest in aquatic life. Isabela Island is home to the ‘Wall of Tears” folklore has it that unnatural sounds can be heard from these walls hence the name ‘Wall of Tears”sounds really interesting right!!

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Parque Nacional Cajas

For someone intending to find their way to mountains and some snow and some hiking, this is the perfect place to visit. The Parque Nacional Cajas is famous for its trails, the Toreadora lake, and some rare species of wildlife.


Banos, Ecuador
Banos, Ecuador / Image credit:

Banos is the Ecuadorian city that has some active volcanoes. There are waterfalls and hot springs confined to the great Amazon Basin. One of the must-visit places is the “La Casa del Aŕbol” that gives you the best view deck from the height. Some architectural significance church buildings are other landmarks in the city.

Santa Cruz Islands

It is also a part of Galapagos’s Islands which is breathtakingly beautiful. One of the Puerto Ayora towns is a major attraction among the tourists gushing in for some serious shopping and food. The island has the Darwin Research Station that tells the evolution as part of teaching and research.

Puerto Lopez

Puerto Lopez, Ecuador
Puerto Lopez, Ecuador / Image credit:

For one thing, people who come here without hesitation is for whale watching. The place is a hub for outdoor activities like snorkelling, scuba diving, and kayaking. The beautiful colourful coral reef is worth watching. If nothing walk through the sandy beaches during sunset.

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A town is full of mysterious ruins that are connected to Inca. The Sun Temple is one of the must-visit apart from the ruins of Ingapirca. The top tourist attractions are Cara del Inca and Cerro Narrio. The place will definitely be a feast to the people who are connected to archeological or love for history.


Salinas, ecuador
Salinas, Ecuador / Image credit:

Salinas is a coastal town in Ecuador that is famous for beaches and stay in a resort. People are quite happy with the accommodation available at the coastal town. The humpback whales in the waters are yet another marvel that attracts tourists from various places.

For folks who are seeking adventure with a varied combination of geology, historical significance and seek to know more of aquatic life while having a real good time, Ecuador is the place to be!

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