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Looking For Tourist Spots To Visit Free Of Cost- Visit Tucson!


No trip can be planned completely free of cost. But you can enjoy a budget-friendly vacation if you plan cleverly. And that is exactly what we are going to discuss here,
A well-planned budget-friendly vacation to one of the beautiful cities of Arizona- Tucson!

Tucson is a city in Arizona that is more of a county. It is where the famous University of Arizona is situated. Hence the place is a crowd puller, no matter be that tourists or the student crowd. Tucson is considerably the cheapest place to go.

Walk tour to know the city

Walk Tour- Tucson
Walk Tour- Tucson: Image Credit/

Tucson is the best place for a walking tour. The city is known for the best mountain ranges and trailheads. There are several trial options like Linda Vista trail and Catalina mountains. The Catalina State Park also has a prominent trail down the street. The beautiful and famous saguaro cacti is a well-known attraction with a variety of cacti growing and wildlife that are rare species.
And after this beautiful walk through the trails, if you intend to grab a bite from the cafe, there are a lot of budget-friendly eateries and sandwich corners.

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Transportation Museum

Transportation Museum-Tucson
Transportation Museum-Tucson: Image Credit/

This one is quite underrated but gives a major tourist visit to the history lovers and people who like to look at the giant trains. The Transportation museum preserves and inculcates the railway history of the old Arizona. The visit would moreover look like an educational tour but it will be definitely worth a visit.

Canyon Trail and the Seven Fall Trail

Seven Fall Trail-Tucson
Seven Fall Trail-Tucson: Image Credit/

It will be a better option to take a tram to cover the entire trail. It is 8.2 miles distance and until you are a professional runner do not take the risk to explore by foot. On the top of the trail literally climbing 224 steps on the top of the seven falls, you see the most stunning view of your life. Water gushing and falling from the 181 foot top is just an extraordinary affair to watch. It is completely free of cost to visit the place, just you need to hire a tram and pay for it.

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University of Arizona

University of Arizona-Tucson
University of Arizona-Tucson: Image Credit/

Though that may completely sound unadventurous, you need to visit the University of Arizona that is situated in Downtown, Tucson. The campus is large and massive with olive trees on both sides of the road. There is no fee as if to visit the campus however it will be a self-tour. The main building is the attraction of the campus followed by the Arizona state museum and the Planetarium.

After the tour, the exit place has many cafes and shops for eateries and beverages.

Tucson Museum of Art

Tucson Museum of Art
Tucson Museum of Art: Image Credit/

Entry to the Museum of Art is not always free but the first Thursday of the month is free of cost. This museum is located downtown that attracts tourists with art and culture. And apart from the exploration, you get a good ambiance to enjoy inside the museum. And if it is all free of cost then why worry! Just enjoy the day.
The site Cafe A’le Carter is nearby and you can enjoy good food after museum tour explorations.

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Hiking through the Tumanoc hill and Loop

Hiking at Tucson
Hiking at Tucson: Image Credit/

There is quite a lot of loop around the landscapes of Tucson, and a mesmerizing one. The loop is also quite famous among cyclists, walkers and joggers. People randomly appear strolling across the loop walking their dogs. It is indeed a delightful experience to make friends and know new people. The hiking are is also a delightful experience for the tourist. The lovely and landscapes and the barren lands with cactus growing is worth spending some time watching.

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Visit the Agua Caliente Park

Agua Caliente Park
Agua Caliente Park: Image Credit/

Agua Caliente Park is a fabulous site in the entire Tucson city. With a variety of plants and natural spring ponds, it makes a perfect picnic spot to be. After visiting all the desert or barren landscapes, it is a feast for the eyes and soothing to your soul to visit the place. The park is spread across 100 acres of land and thus is quite easy to walk around and enjoy the view.
The Agua park is not just for sightseeing. But tourists often consider this as a perfect place for hiking and wildlife errands. There are an art gallery and a nature shop for you to take a moment’s break.

Creative Photography Centre

Creative Photography Centre
Creative Photography Centre: Image Credit/

The Creative Photography Center has located downtown in Tucson. There are more than 90000 plus photos that would leave you astounding. This beautiful photo gallery was first founded by one of the famous photographers Ansel Adam and ever since it is quite a famous tourist attraction.
But what do you think makes this place such a wonderful place to visit? Well, there is no entry fee nor parking fee!

Sunset in the end

Sunset-Tucson: Image Credit/

The landscapes of Tucson are a bit rigid and a bit soft. If there are barren lands with cacti, there are parks with ponds and wildlife. This not only makes it balanced but also becomes an attractive place to be. The sunset of the place is worth describing. The meadows and Barrens turn dark orange and the sun looks more close to you. You need not go to a great extent to watch this mesmerizingly beautiful sunset but just stay where you are on the way traveling through the roads.

Tucson may not sound like a luxurious affair. However, it is much worth than it.
You can spend quality time and ensure to take full leverage to explore the city almost free of cost. For a solo backpacker, Tucson has proved to be the best and cheapest place to quench their thirst for travel.

Till you continue reading more about Tucson, its a bye from me…
Bon Voyage!!!

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