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The Coolest Places To Visit in Arizona


Arizona is a state that is located in the south-western region of the United States and its capital city is Phoenix. Primarily Arizona is divided into two parts the Northern and Southern Arizona. The Northern region has a very pleasant climate and the areas are also more suitable and pleasurable whereas, the climate is hot in the southern region. However, people love to travel here because of its unmatchable beauty and to see some incredible places. If you are a person who loves nature and like to see natural wonders then Arizona is the perfect choice for you. From beautiful cities to ancient culture Arizona is famous worldwide for its adventure and hot destinations.

Come let’s see some wonders of Arizona:

Lake Powell

If you want to start an action-packed journey then the selection of Lake Powell is the best. Lake Powell is home to endless shoreline, lake water and gifted with the most suitable weather. It has almost 2000 miles of shoreline where you can enjoy water sports and even rent a houseboat. You can also take houseboat experience through selecting an economy, luxury and deluxe houseboat.

Lake Powell
Lake Powell / Image credit:

Here the main point of interest is the North Lake Powell and South Lake Powell. The North Lake Powell is part of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and it is the second-largest man-made reservoir in U.S. South Lake Powell is famous for Rainbow Bridge, Padre Bay, Dangling Rope and some other natural wonders.

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyons of Arizona are world-famous and magnificent. Tourist from all over the world visits this Grand Canyon to explore the other side of nature. Tourist who likes to challenge themselves through breathtaking adventure visit here. Grand Canyons is a massive landscape where you will find some stunning mountains, lakes which are entirely natural.

Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon / Image credit:

It is a perfect place for sightseeing and performing adventures like rafting and hiking. The Grand Canyons of Arizona is also blessed with colorful cliffs which look different during vivid temperatures. This place is also divided into two parts the North Rim and the South Rim, both the regions have stunning views.

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Monument Valley

Monument Valley is a place between the border of Utah and Arizona where lots of huge movies are shoot and showcased the beauty of this place. The primary attraction is the stone formation which is naturally formed vertically. This area includes lots of stone spires, dunes, buttes, and jagged rock formations.

Monument Valley
Monument Valley / Image credit:

Every year thousands of tourists visit Monument Valley but they are not filled with proper guidance and information so hiring a guide is a much better option. The guide available here will tell you the history of this place.


The city of Phoenix is the capital of Arizona and also the most populated city of the state. The city lies in the middle of the desert however, it doesn’t mean that it has a limited source of entertainment. This city has a lot to offer in terms of history, art and entertainment.

Phoenix Art Museum
Phoenix Art Museum / Image credit:

One of the most famous museums in the Phoenix Art Museum, where you will find more than 18,000 pieces of art showcased in the museum. Here the city also offers a wide variety of malls and shops where you will find every product related to household or technology.

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This place is like heaven for those who are into adventure and hiking. Sedona is one of the most visited places in Arizona with beautiful red-colored sandstones and buttes. Even local people also consider this place as a spiritual location where you can meditate and do yoga. Researchers have also found that the energy vortex in this area is not normal.

Sedona / Image credit:

Therefore, the shops available in this area are also filled with spas and several types of medicine. Sedona is a place that consists of hiking adventure as well as an environment for spiritual enlightenment and healing process.


It is not wrong to say that Tucson is a perfect city that consists of adventure, natural sites, and historical places with some beautiful landscape that surrounds the entire city. The city lies in the Sonoran desert and it is surrounded by great mountains that automatically provide great scenic beauty to the city. Some of the famous places of Tucson are the Old Tucson Studios, El Presidio Historic District, Saguaro National Park, Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, etc.

Tucson / Image credit:

As the city has huge mountains so the hiking facility is also available with the most popular driving route called Mount Lemmon Scenic Byway, where it covers all the beautiful spots and gives you a classic experience.

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Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon will remind you of the Great Canyons. There might be some similarity but Antelope Canyon is on a new level. It is a naturally created sandstone slot canyons with extremely tall winding walls. Antelope Canyons is present in Northern Arizona.

Antelope Canyon
Antelope Canyon / Image credit:

There are tours organized that explore all the parts of Antelope canyons and provide you with adequate information on how the entire process naturally started of the formation of these canyons. The correct time to visit this place is from March to October.


So these are some of the coolest places in Arizona that have won the hearts of millions of visitors. I am pretty much sure that whenever you plan to visit this wonderful place you will witness some extraordinary surprises and shall obtain an unforgettable experience.

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