World TravelVisit Wellington When The Summer Comes Along!

Visit Wellington When The Summer Comes Along!


After a sedentary life for a year, it is mandatory to have a vacation. Some tend to go on a trip with family; some pack their bag for a solo trip. And either way, our next destination will give you the best trip of your life, for sure.
Wellington is the capital city of New Zealand and one of the most sought places for vacations. The place encompasses beautiful beaches, hills, mountains, landscapes and quite ambitious cities to visit. With colorful timber houses and a harbor to visit the place becomes one of the best tourist destinations.

Today at India Imagine we will be looking at the things to do at Wellington and make your visit a memorable one!

Visit the Museums and Galleries

Te Papa Museum
Te Papa Museum: Image Credit/

Wellington has some of the best museums and galleries for travelers and art lovers. The New Zealand Te Papa is a National Museum and mixed Art gallery run by the New Zealand government. It was first to open in the year 1998. After which, the Art gallery and the National Museum merged to make the famous Te Papa that it is today. An estimation of 1.5 million people comes here to visit this wonderful museum and art gallery. The museum is always known as the “Container of Treasure”, and it is indeed. Some other museum that holds its place in the art section is the City Gallery, Wellington Museum, the Dowse Art Museum, the Cable Car Museum, Pataka Art and Museum, New Zealand Police. So just you need to pick up your choice and visit it!

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Explore Zealandia for Nature

Zealandia: Image Credit/

Zealandia is a sanctuary with rare birds, animals and plants. For a nature lover, this place is nothing less than a paradise. It was first called the Karori Wildlife Sanctuary later renamed Zealandia. This is one of the rare full-fenced sanctuaries with the rarest birds and animals to its credit. The ecosystem of the place is unbelievably beautiful. And all this lead to Zealandia becoming the favorite spot among the tourist.

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Get a ride on Wellington Cable Car

Wellington cable car
Wellington cable car: Image Credit/

The Wellington Cable Car ride stands top in the activities that attract tourists from every nook of the world. It is a funicular railway that lures people to take a ride. The railway stretches from Lambton Quay and Kelburn that covers 612 m. Most people opt for neither the two-way trip which takes almost 10 minutes not more nor less. However, the Wellington Cable Car is the symbol of the places now due to its popularity.

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Errand to Wellington Botanic Garden

Wellington Botanic Garden
Wellington Botanic Garden: Image Credit/

Within 25 hectares of land in Wellington botanical garden is built on a hilltop in Wellington. This garden has a wide range of plants that has medicinal benefits that are non-native species and native forest spread across. The main attraction however remains the large Rose garden spread along with other plants in the 25 hectares of land. It is recommended to visit the place during summers to see the flowers blooming in different colors. It’s a feast to the eye.

A Walk through the Cuba Street

Cuba Street
Cuba Street: Image Credit/

Cuba Street is the most happening city street of Wellington. The place is considered a cultural hub with its unique bohemian nature of the city. It pulls the crowd with shops, restaurants, café and Nightlife. Apart from these the Cuba Street has few architectural eminence and exploration for tourists. No wonder the street is loved by travelers and pulls in the younger crowd to enjoy the city beats.

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Pay tribute at National War Memorial

National War Memorial
National War Memorial: Image Credit/

The National War Memorial was built in the year 1932. It was built to remember the heroes of the First World War! It is situated in Buckle Street next to the Dominion Museum. Tourists come here to pay their part of a tribute to the heroes who sacrificed their lives in the war. The inside of the war memorial is a tomb of the warriors, the hall of Memories constructed in the year 2004. The people of Wellington have huge respect for the place so do the tourist coming here around the year!

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Adrenaline Forest Wellington

Adrenaline Forest Wellington
Adrenaline Forest Wellington: Image Credit/

As I had said Wellington is for everyone, it is also for adventure enthusiasts who never miss out on the opportunity to visit the Adrenaline forest Wellington. It is a park for every outdoor person. There is an extensive rope climbing program and activity for the beginner as well as the advanced robe climbers. Apart from rope climbing, there are different courses to choose from. Tourist loves the adrenalin rush of outdoor adventure!

Don’t miss the Naked man!

solace-in-the-wind: Image Credit/

Visit the iconic Sculpture in the heart of Wellington called the Naked Man! The sculpture is also known as Solace in the wind. The iconic art is one of the best-admired works that stand in public for the people. It’s closely situated to the New Zealand Te Papa Museum that we discussed earlier. The sculpture stands overlooking the wellington harbor and people love to walk through the road enjoying the breeze and the Solace in the wind!

Wellington in a nutshell is for the art lover, for wildlife explorer, a city life soul, and adrenaline seeking person! So assume that you are already looking towards Wellington in your next travel list. For I had already placed Wellington into my bucket list.
Till you decide it’s a bye from me!
Bon Voyages!

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