Travel DestinationsExplore 10 Most Exclusive Private Islands of the World

Explore 10 Most Exclusive Private Islands of the World


Have you ever imagined having enjoyment at any private island? The most satisfying things about these private islands are that they offer exclusive resorts with luxurious amenities for their guest and you can relax without any fear of the crowd disturbing you on the beaches. From the private pool to the spa treatment, from kayaking to scuba diving everything is exclusive and extravagant here. Are you aware of any private islands of the world where you can sit and relax in utter privacy with your partner and enjoy panoramic views of natural beauty?

If not, then this blog is for you! Explore them through our blog and later plan an exclusive trip with your loved ones on these private islands!

Have a look!

1. Musha Cay – Bahamas, Private Islands of the World

Musha Cay and The Islands of Copperfield Bay is a collection of eleven beautiful isles of pure private heaven. David Copperfield owns this privately-owned island in the south of Bahamas. The main highlight which attracts many travellers and celebs here is diving into deep-sea fishing, special fireworks play, a customized treasure hunt, relax in the soothing beachside bed, enjoy paddleboarding at the turquoise water, enjoy steam baths.

Private islands of the world
Musha Cay- Bahamas, Via:

A completely untouched tropical climate with a plethora of flowers, swinging palms and greenery welcomes sun-seekers to rejoice in a dreamy atmosphere. Want kind of luxury you want, Mushy Cay will offer you, it has everything for everyone.

2. Satellite Island – Tasmania, Private Islands of the World

Satellite Island is both a most well-kept secret in Australia and a spot to be cherished by vacationers for how incredibly unique it is. This popular island was ones the former home of a writer which was discovered during the late 18th-century French expedition It is located off the coast of Tasmania, Australia. Although it was initially very popular as an observatory, today it is a luxurious private retreat for those who want some relaxation and privacy in their lives.

Satellite Island Resort, Australia, Private Islands of the World
Satellite Island Resort, Australia, Via:

In addition, you can observe an abundance of indigenous bird species, can enjoy a range of activities including kayaking and scuba diving. A private familiar island with lively sea life and native birds in an untouched wilderness is totally a retreat for everyone.

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3. Mustique Island – Grenadines

Mustique is a private island in the Grenadines that’s considered to be one of the most exclusive in the world. There is only one full service resort their which is known as the Cotton House. The kind of total luxury offered on this island at the end of turquoise waters is completely dreamy that’s why many celebrities and royalty visit this island for spending some private moments.

Mustique Island - Grenadines, Private Islands of the World
Mustique Island – Grenadines, Via:

Combining French Western Indian design with Caribbean polishing, the coral-white boutique resort offers most of its distinctive rooms and suites with private bungalows and ultimate comfort and luxury.

4. Hayman Island – Australia, Private Islands of the World

This astonishing Hayman Island provides a perfect sight for Great Barrier Reef as it is located right inside the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. It is stretched along the Queensland coast in a region of 1400 miles which is renowned as one of the most magnificent tropical coastline on earth.

Couple at infinity-pool, Hayman Island – Australia, Via:

Staying on this island means a perfect paradise and as here located elegant resort are meant to make the most of the awe-inspiring island views and soak up yourself in natural surroundings. Apart from panoramic views, you can savour delicious cuisine in a variety of restaurants and take part in all sorts of thrilling activities including helicopter and seaplane adventures, diving, sailing, snorkelling, fishing, kayaking, and more. You can add this island in your bucket list.

5. Cayo Espanto – Belize, Private Islands of the World

Cayo Espanto is a small island surrounded by crystal clear Caribbean sea and you can reach this island via a short boat ride from the beach of Belize. Cayo Espanto offers a tranquil escape to unwind yourself where you can enjoy the ultimate in pampering by personal staff members. You can kayak the waters, enjoy bonefishing, and you can even communicate with the submarine world through a glass window above your living room.

Cayo Espanto - Belize, Private Islands of the World
Cayo Espanto- Belize, Via:

This is all possible when you stay overnight in the villa on the island. There are & villas located on the edge of deep blue water where you can dive in infinity pools. According to your taste, a list of cuisines is prepared and later the chef will create customized dishes for you. Whenever you want, all dishes along with your drinks can be served to you. What’s better than this!!

6. Guana Island – British Virgin Islands

Guana Island is an island stretched in 850 acres of land of the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. This island has seven breathtaking beaches, where vacationers can enjoy kayaking, snorkelling, sailing, and many hiking trails. It also comprises of cottages and extravagant villas for their guest with private terraces which gives a magnificent seashore view.

Couples at Guana Island – British Virgin Islands, Via:

It is an oasis of privacy where you can seclude yourself in a natural setting with excellent gourmet food and wine, spa cuisine if desired, and excellent personal service. The mainly natural island with wildlife sanctuary where indigenous flora and fauna are protected. You can enjoy bird watching such as Flamingos and can also feed Iguana. It is best for you to spend the days in complete leisure under the wave of palm trees on the beach.

7. Como Cocoa Island – Maldives

COMO Cocoa Island is a private stylish island resort in the Maldives with 34 overwater villas that take you to explore marine filled with coral reefs and aqua animals and all this can feel from your cottage balcony to the turquoise lagoon. This island is perfect for both private romantic getaways and family vacations.

Como Cocoa Island - Maldives, Private Islands of the World
Como Cocoa Island – Maldives, Via:

There are many activities offers here on this island which includes catamaran snorkelling trips, astonishing scuba diving, fishing, and you can also do island hopping to experience the local culture of Maldives. Enjoy seafood at the famous restaurant nearby and full meal in Indian, Asian and Mediterranean style menu.

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8. Matangi Private Island – Fiji, Private Islands of the World

Matangi Private Island Resort is considered to be one of the top resorts in the entire South Pacific, providing an especially unforgettable vacation experience. It is ideal for both honeymoon and as well as a family holiday. This horseshoe-shaped private island has a luxury beach resort with trees in its treehouse with outdoor jacuzzi and rock lava shower.

Matangi Island, Private Islands of the World
Matangi Island- Fiji, Via:

In the crystalline waters, visitors can enjoy exploring the rainforest as well as snorkelling and diving. Private rooms offer spectacular ocean views and savouring cuisine mainly inspired by Fijian roots and exclusive South Pacific flavours. Treat yourself to the Ocean Spa with its overwater pool and a wide range of treatments that reflect the natural environment and Fijian culture.

9. Fregate Island Resort – Seychelles

Fregate is a jungle-filled granite island surrounded by boulders in Seychelles. It has seven while sandy beaches lie just south of the equator in the Indian Ocean. You can take a short ride from the main island of Mahe to reach Fregate.

Fregate Island Resort - Seychelles
Fregate Island Resort – Seychelles, Via:

There is a 125 m high granite peak in the centre of the island and you can find giant tortoises and majestic towering banyan trees in the midst of the overflowing greenery. Seventeen villas constructed with mahogany and African wood teak and cool marble floors offer ocean views, as well as a Jacuzzi and private swimming pool for viewing from. Eat-in or build a gourmet picnic on a secluded beach at one of the restaurants.

10. Sonora Island – Canada

Sonora Island is the hidden gem in some of Canada’s most alluring, unspoiled environments. This private island has an all-inclusive resort with a beautiful view of North Canada. Here, you can expect unparalleled service and five-star facilities, including spacious suites with amazing water views. The special thing is you have to reach here on this island via a water taxi or a helicopter ride from Vancouver.

Sonora Island - Canada
Sonora Island – Canada, Via:

Its other highlights include an opportunity to observing grey bears, kayak amid orca whales, fly-fishing or enjoying a wildlife voyage. Apart from this, other amenities offered here are various dining options with drinks, special fishing ponds, couple massages, saunas and tennis courts for playing.

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