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Ancient City of Nessebar – The Cultural Treasury of Bulgaria


Ancient cities are perfect places for learning and sustainable tourism. They give us avid knowledge about the culture and tradition of the place. It helps us in understanding the uprising of one civilization to another. Travelers seeking these types of destinations thrive to learn more about the history and past of the human race. And that is exactly why we are focusing mostly on the UNSECO National Heritage Sites recently. Our next topic is also about one such ancient city that is situated on the black sea. Travelers love the authenticity and aesthetic look of the Ancient City of Nessebar. The places as earned their position in the list of top UNESCO World Heritage Site of Bulgaria. And that is why it is more special.

Let’s get started without any delay and get to know the place better

About Ancient City of Nessebar

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The ancient city of Nessebar is a 3000-year-old place hidden on a rocky peninsula and is situated on the Black Sea. Most of the archeologists and the historian consider this place as a Thracian settlement. However, according to historians, the city was a Greek settlement in the 16th century. The fortification walls and the temples give significant proof about the place being a Thracian city in ancient times. The walls and forts represent the beautiful architecture of the place. The 19th-century wooden houses look amazingly wonderful.

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History of the place

Heritage Site Nessebar
Heritage Site Nessebar: Image Credit/

The Ancient City of Nessebar is in Bulgaria and is a part of rocky peninsular. This City has a past of almost 3000 years. And it contributes to the cultural and historical aspects of the place. If we talk about the history of the place, Nessebar is one of the oldest trading cities that we have today. Trade and economy were considered prime sources of economy in the olden days. Streets were filled with vendors and coins were used to purchase goods. These cobblestone streets now are the part of major tourist attraction of Nessebar. The street vendor sells artifacts and handicrafts that reminisce the history of the city.
While walking through the streets you will witness the age-old civilization and how proud people are about their ancient history.

The architectural exploration of the city

Architecture of Nessebar
Architecture of Nessebar: Image Credit/

The architecture of the place also plays an eminent role in representing the history and past. And when we say, the architecture of Nessebar, it is mostly the beautiful churches. Some of the oldest churches like St. Sofia, the church of Virgin Eleusa are a few examples of wonderful structures that date back to the 6th century. Since then several architectural eminences erected in the land. Nessebar is hence known as the cultural treasury of Bulgaria. The city now is a museum due to the beautiful architectural treasure and to preserve archaeological findings.

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Protection and management of Nessebar

Nessebar City
Nessebar City: Image Credit/

The city of Nessebar is on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1983. The need to protect and manage the place falls tremendously in the hands of the government and other organizations. First under the Cultural Heritage Law that creates awareness through research and study.

The ordinance committee of Architecture plays a pivotal role in upbringing the place. This law committee is solely responsible for conservation and preservation. Hence the management takes place smoothly.
The next one in the line is the National Institute for Monument of Culture plans and creates orderly research on the place and the architectures of the place.

Best time to reach the Nessebar

Tourist at Nessebar
Tourist at Nessebar: Image Credit/

Nessebar is quite near to the Bulgaria Airport. And that makes it convenient for the traveler to Nessebar without any hurdles. You can hire a cab if you want a hustle-free exploration. However, if travelers are looking for budget-friendly transportation there are buses and other modes. People love to visit the ruins, archeological findings in the morning and love to visit churches in the evening. There are some rules that need to follow while entering the sacred places in Nessebar. You need to be in a well-mannered dress code and respect the premises.

Also, try to be polite with the locals as they are very friendly people who welcome their tourists with love and respect.

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I love traveling to ancient places. They are like a storyteller for me. We visit the place with empty hands and go back with treasure. And when I say treasure, it’s about learning about the art, culture and tradition of the place. Ancient places are like visiting our own past and remembering our origin. The Ancient City of Nessebar is about architecture exploration, archaeological findings and sacred places. People love to travel to the city to know more about the history of Bulgaria.

Till you ponder about it, bye from me…

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