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Brasilia – A WHS City In Brazil With Modernist architecture


Brasilia is a place for those who have a keen love for architecture. Extraordinary design with a modern exterior and a bewitching interior is what we get to see while exploring the city. The place has been inscribed into UNESCO World Heritage Site to preserve the place. Brasilia was preplanned and designed entirely by Oscar Niemeyer.

A place that will not only attracts the tourist in you but also ensure sustainable tourism. Brasilia is one place for you to vacation with your family and friend. If not try a solo trip!

About Brasilia

Memorial JK
Memorial JK: Image Credit/

Brasilia is a city in Brazil listed among the UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is known as the federal capital of the country due to its phenomenal architecture and development of the city. The amazing interior of the city led it towards listing it to the WHS site in 1987. There are extraordinary city plans that you can see particularly in this part of the country. The city interior is planned mostly by Lúcio Costa and the very famous Oscar Niemeyer.

It means the plan was for the city on the whole. Thus the combination and mix match the city in terms of design and innovation. And thus the city makes not only the best Heritage Site in Brazil but also the most traveled tourist destination in the country.

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Let’s explore the places in Brasilia that made the place the topmost heritage site in the country.

Cathedral of Brasília

Cathedral of Brasília
Cathedral of Brasília: Image Credit/

If you have been to Brasilia prior you would have known the significance of the architecture of the place. The tourist could witness the extraordinary modern style of design and implementation. One such place in Brasilia is the Cathedral of Brasilia.

The cathedral is sleek looking with modern interiors and exteriors. It is the perfect example of modernity meets religious facet. With more than 16 columns that weigh more than 90 each, the structure stands with pride in the heart of the city. So, never miss the cathedral of Brasilia when you explore the city next time!

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National Congress

National Congress
National Congress: Image Credit/

If you are thinking it is no fun in visiting government places or buildings. Then you got to visit the National Congress building of Brasilia. It is one of the important landmarks of the city. The national congress is the main building for the federal government.
This marvelous building is the imagination of none other than Oscar Niemeyer. With two saucer-shaped structures named the flyers saucers created a unique style of architecture. And that for a federal government building it makes it simply extraordinary. Tours guides are available to explore and know more about the place.

Juscelino Kubitschek Bridge

Brasilia bridge
Brasilia bridge: Image Credit/

The majestic Juscelino Kubitschek Bridge in Brasilia is also known as Ponte JK. It is a giant steel bridge arch bridge. The Juscelino Kubitschek Bridge stands across the lake Paranoa. And it is located close to the International airport of the city. Tourists, even first-timer can locate the place without any hustle. The bridge is an iconic tourist spot in Brasilia.
The main brain behind the construction of the Juscelino Kubitschek Bridge is architect Alexandre Chan and engineer Mário Vila Verde. The beauty of the construction is to such an extent that attracts photographers from worldwide.

Alvorada Palace

Alvorada Palace Brasilia
Alvorada Palace Brasilia: Image Credit/

The very beautiful Alvorada Palace is a National Historic Heritage Site that acts as a catalyst in inscribing Basilica to UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is one of the most unique palaces and also an official residence of Brazil’s President.
It is a palace with a super modern sleek exterior and interior design. The palace was once again designed by the famous architect Oscar Niemeyer. The design followed in the construction of the palace is in modernist style.

Monumental Axis

Monumental Axis
Monumental Axis: Image Credit/

The Monumental Axis is a street in Brasilia connecting the National Congress of Brazil. This central avenue entered the Guinness Book of Records. The layout of the street connecting to the Monumental Axis is a spectacular view in itself. And if you want to view the entire place at a stretch, there is a 75-meter observation deck for visitors.
Also, there is craft space once a week for the tourist to shop. And for those who love to explore more, there are ponds, concert spaces, cafes and flea markets to have fun!

Santuário São João Bosco

Santuário São João Bosco
Santuário São João Bosco: Image Credit/

The Cathedral Santuário São João BoscoOne of the modern architecture of Brasilia is dedicated to the Italian priest. The major beauty of the church lies in its interior. The blue-colored interior of the place is an attraction that lures tourists and photographers alike. The place and the premises also look stunning during the night time making it one of the wonderful places to explore.

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We have come across many places and cities with architectural eminence. But Brasilia is quite different from the rest of the place. Here, in Brasilia, the century-old building surprisingly touches modernity making it an unbelievable sight. And if you are awestruck by the design of the city, you should thank Oscar Niemeyer.
And till you ponder over Brasilia it’s a bye from me
Bon Voyage!

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