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Australian Convict Sites – World Heritage Site Built By The Convicts!


Australia has surprisingly many Heritage Sites that are listed in the national and UNESCO Heritage List. One such place in Australia is the Australian Convict Sites. The place was erected during the 18th and 19th centuries. The Australian Convict Site was built and used for the purpose of transportation of the convicts to different parts of the world. This was in order to expand European supremacy during times of war and struggles.
There is a total of 11 remnant sites included in the Convict site of Australia. The entire place was selected to the World Heritage Site in 2008. It is said that out of more than 3000 convict area in Australia this 11 has stood out to list in the global heritage Site.
Today along with the history of the Australian Convict Site we will be learning about the remnant that is on the top of the list!

History of Australian Convict Sites

Australian Convict Site
Australian Convict Site: Image Credit/

In the early days of the 18th century, there were no particular prisons for offenders. The reason was that the Australian colony enjoyed a settlement without crime and criminals. However, the scenario changed as soon as the authorities thought of constructing Fremantle Prison using the prisoner laborers. It is believed that more than 160000 prisoners were sent to Australia from Britain in the span of 80 years. This included men women and children.
Each site exhibits different settlements in terms of convicts. The forced labor however was one of the major parts that built the place. The buildings harbors roads and resources are built by the pre convicts or can be said the fruit of the forced labor.

Explore the 11 remnants of the Australian Convict Sites

Kingston and Arthurs Vale Historic Area (KAVHA)

Kingston and Arthurs Vale Historic Area
Kingston and Arthurs Vale Historic Area: Image Credit/

The KAVHA is one among the 11 remnants in Australian Convict Sites. It is also the oldest settlement in Kingston plains. The place has some British-era buildings and architectural structures built by the convicts transported here. This Settlement is situated in Norfolk Island. And the place is considered the best one among the others.
However, due to its second-degree punishment, the place has witnessed the utmost cruelty. And hence there were many reforms conducted throughout the years.

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Old Government House, Australian Convict Sites

Old Government House
Old Government House: Image Credit/

The Old Government House is also listed among the 11 remnants and also country residences. Also, the place has national and international eminence. Old Government House also has archeological significance. However, the original government house was of poor quality and hence the house didn’t last much longer. And later a new government house to recreate the heritage site.
The Old Government House is built in an old colonial Georgian style. And the place is under the National Trust of Australia.

Hyde Park Barracks, Sydney

Hyde Park Barracks Sydney
Hyde Park Barracks Sydney: Image Credit/

The Hyde Park Barracks was once home to convict accommodation, hospitals and courthouse. Now the place has witnessed modernism with cafes and museums across the place to welcome tourists. What makes the place a wonder in itself? The Hyde Park Barracks was built by the convict Francis Greenway, who was an architect! Along with the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the place is also listed in the National Heritage Site.

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Brickendon Estate and Woolmers Estate

Brickendon Estate and Woolmers Estate
Brickendon Estate and Woolmers Estate: Image Credit/

The Brickendon Estate is located in Longford Tasmania. It is a farm estate that was an ancestral property to the Brickendon and the Woolmers who were well-known politicians. The place consists of a small village and a mansion house all in 465 hectares of land. The mansion is a beautiful sight to watch. With Georgian-style architecture, it is one sight tourists love to visit and explore.

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Darlington Probation Station

Darlington Probation Station
Darlington Probation Station: Image Credit/

One among the 11 remnants, Darlington Probation Station was built as the final phase of the prisoner administration in Australia. The place was listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site to begin a cultural living example. Tourist often explores the places to get an avid knowledge of the history of their most loved tourist destination.
Apart from the UNESCO heritage site, the place is also inscribed in the Australian National Heritage Site.

Great North Road, Australian Convict Sites

Great North Road Australia
Great North Road Australia: Image Credit/

The Great North Road was built between 1825 and 1836 by convicts to be a part of Australian Convict Sites. However, the road becomes one of the historic roads built in that early time of convict settlement. The Road is spread over 260 kilometers of rugged terrain that hindered early architectural expansion. This is the most intact section of the old road and comes under the list of UNSECO Heritage Site.
Tourists love to visit the place whenever they are in South Wales in Australia and enjoy the medieval time’s marvel.

Cascades Female Factory

Cascades Female Factory
Cascades Female Factory: Image Credit/

The cascades Female factory is a workhouse built in Hobart, Tasmania. This workhouse was for the female convicts present at that time of the era. However, later the place was closed and the workhouse was randomly auctioned out to private parties. Now the place opened to the tourist to explore how the workhouse then runs.
It is said that from the cascades Female factory people used to hire servants and maids to look after their house and help them in domestic work.

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Fremantle Prison, Australia Convict Sites

Fremantle Prison, Australia Convict Sites
Fremantle Prison, Australia Convict Sites: Image Credit/

The Fremantle Prison is one of the most famous among the 11 remnants and other prisons. The place is constructed on a six-hectare of land. Inside the prison, there are cottages, cellblocks, gatehouses and many other structures erected within the wall. The prison was closed in November 1991. However, it is opened to tourism since then. The place was listed in the World Heritage Site along with the rest 11 remnants.
It is said that till the date the prison was opened only six Irish prisoners managed to escape from the cell. Such was the severity of the place back then.

Australia surprisingly has several World Heritage sites to its credit. But the Australian convict site is much different from all others. The place exhibits the history of the land to its core. And allows the tourist to learn more about the life of the convicts and the work they rendered when in prison. Hope you love these places too. Till you read about these places built and thrived by convicts it’s a bye from me!
Bon Voyage!

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