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Explore Semmering Railway- Europe’s First Locomotive Railway!


Let me warn you in the first place! If you are acrophobic then probably you should stay away from this place.
We are today going to explore the most iconic railway in the world. The Semmering Railway is in Austria. The very fact that the place is inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site makes it unique. But what makes these railway trails unique from any other normal one? Why the Semmering region has enjoyed such huge popularity after the railways were built?
Okay, so many questions running through the mind. It’s time to sort it out.
So, let’s get started and learn some fabulous things about the World Heritage railway of Austria!

About the Semmering Railway

Semmering Railway
Semmering Railway: Image Credit/

The Semmering Railway Mountain was built across two mountains to connect two sides of the region. It crosses the terrains of Vienna and Venice and then goes through the road of Trieste. The Semmering Railway is the first railway that was built in a high mountain landscape which helped the construction gain much popularity.
The construction of the railway was completed between 1848 and 1854. And that very fact makes the place very much in demand.

The construction work during those times where purely labor work. And to construct such a brilliant piece of architecture came as a boom to entire civil engineering. This construction of a Railway between two mountains was built to make travel timeless and to carry goods, animals across the terrain hustle-free.
This massive railway has fourteen tunnels and small bridges connected to it. There are more than 100 stone bridges on Semmering Railway.

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History of Semmering Railway

View of Semmering Railway
View of Semmering Railway: Image Credit/

During the 18th and 19th centuries, transportation through the Semmering terrain was literally impossible. People found it really difficult to carry goods and animals towards the other region of Semmering. However, in 1848 under the leadership of designer Carl Ritter von Ghega world’s first mountain railway started. More than 20,000 worked hard labor in the process of finishing the mountain railway.
The overall length of the Simmering railway is 41 kilometers. There was entire landscape gardening established all over the station to establish a spectacular view. The trails are worked on the locomotive design.
The spectacular view of the railway and the tourism has grown immensely all these years. And the place has become one of the most loved places by photographers worldwide.

Protection and management

Beautiful View of the Railway
Beautiful View of the Railway: Image Credit/

The management and the overall maintenance of the Semmering Railway are taken care of by both regional and national levels. Also, the buffer zone is looked after by the Federal level almost since the 1950s. As the place is inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is protected and preserved throughout the year. Most of the surrounding landscape has played an important role in making the place as it looks like what it is now.
A thorough plan on the protection and prevention of the property has been looked into since 2008 by the Austria Government.

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Best time to visit

Winter View
Winter View: Image Credit/

There is no such thing as the best time to visit the place. However, the December weather gives the mountain railways a frosty look, right out of the fairy tale. The snow-capped mountains terrains and the feel of mistiness would certainly give you a nostalgic experience. As soon as you are onboard you will find the most amazing travel experience of your life coming true.
There is a free WIFI connection around the station that has speed and connectivity that will help you stay connected.

Things to do nearby the Semmering Railway

Snow Filled Railway
Snow Filled Railway: Image Credit/

Apart from boarding a train and going errand through the mountain terrain, there are few other things that you as a tourist can relish. You can go to the museum nearby. There are tiny museums in the vicinity. Also, there is a beautiful hiking trail throughout the mountains for adventure lovers. You can hike from Gloggnitz to Semmering and enjoy a spectacular view.
As tourism started flourishing some excellent staying arrangements happened Semmering. There are some wonderful villas resorts and hotels in Semmering for the tourist who loves to stay a day or two to enjoy the place thoroughly. Don’t forget to take the best quality camera with you. OR else you will regret it for a lifetime!

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It is immense pleasure for a travel writer to write on different and unique topics. And it is equally important to make travelers understand the importance of traveling to such unique and different places. And getting people to follow World Heritage Sites that need protection is a responsibility within. Semmering Railway is one such place that every travel enthusiast must visit once in a lifetime.

To understand how engineering has evolved since ages. And that is one of the reasons we are exploring different places, structures, monuments that have gained their place in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Semmering Railway is unique in itself, as it is the first railway in the world to gain that stature and grandeur. Hope you visit the place and see it for yourself. Till then it’s a goodbye from me.
Bon Voyage!

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