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Old Town of Lijiang- The 800 Years Old Ancient Town of China


Without any doubt, China is a country with several historical places, architectural satire and landscapes that attract people and nature that is calm and serene! It has many UNESCO World Heritage Sites and a Seven Wonders of the World. We have of late been exploring some of its unique World Heritage Site. And guess which place attracts our next topic- Old Town of Lijiang, the beautiful, mesmerizing historical center of China.
This tiny historical center of China is all about the traditional and cultural aspects of the place. To be precise it was built during the Yuan Dynasty. And said to be alive with the history of 800 and more years.

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About Old Town of Lijiang

Old Town of Lijiangs
Old Town of Lijiangs: Image Credit/

The Old Town of Lijiang is also called Dayan. It is a historically significant town in China that is inscribed in World Heritage Site. And It represents the best of architecture and the cultural inhibits of the place. It is a walled city with aesthetic buildings and monuments that are centuries old.

The Old Town of Lijiang is a part of four old towns of the city. All these old towns are part of The World Heritage Site. While visiting the Old Town of Lijiang tourists often explore the other towns as well to learn more about the culture. The best part about the town is the architecture and the unique design looks absolutely amazing. And for the best travel itinerary, we can look for some quality time in the place.

The Old Town of Lijiang is also known for its amalgamation of nature and humans going hand in hand with love and respect. This has been a part of their culture and diaspora for a long time.

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History of the place

China WHS Town
China WHS Town: Image Credit/

The Old Town of Lijiang was first started in Song Dynasty. But it was during Yuan Dynasty the entire construction of the town was completed. The timbers house signifies the best architectural designs and ensures the tourist have a gala of a time. The architecture of the place also incorporates the best culture that China has to impart. The arched gates, walls and streets are quite preserved and protected with great efficacy.
Right from the 12th century, the Old Town of Lijiangs becomes one of the important places for trade and distribution. And thus the town becomes a major center of attraction for economic communication.

To make it more easily the people built canals, bridges and buildings. This made it easy for the trade and other business aspects.

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Protection and Management as per UNESCO World Heritage Site

Lijiang Town
Lijiang Town: Image Credit/

The Old Town of Lijiang comes under the law of the People’s Republic of China when it comes to protection and management. The law abides protection of historical monuments and structures. It includes all the towns and cities that come under the provinces. Utter care is given to observe and control tourism to protect the authenticity of the place. The authorities take a good interest in planning and preparing the agenda to guard the integrity of the place. Gradual and steady monitoring helps the place to get a better view of the management.

The place when listed in UNESCO World Heritage Site, has gained immense attention from the national and international authorities.

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The authenticity of the place

Lijiang China
Lijiang China: Image Credit/

The authenticity of the Old Town of Lijiang needs no second check! It is a town that has a reputation of 800 years old culture. The architecture and the urban morphology withstood climate change for many years. The building and structures remain intact even after years of turmoil. It includes the extreme earthquake that happened in 1997.

The Old Town of Lijiang is a well-preserved town, without any doubt. Old Town of Lijiang also exhibits a well-to-do collaboration of nature and humans with continuous efforts.

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Old Town of Lijiang as tourists destination

Lijiang_Old_Town_Ancient_Architecture: Image Credit/

The Old Town of Lijiang is beautiful and aesthetic. It is situated in Yunnan, China, which is the most visited place on earth. With the Great Wall of China to its credit, people love to explore the country. And along with it, tourists explore the other facets of the place. The tourist then explores the UNESCO World Heritage Site of China. Among these is the Old Town of Lijiang that feasts the place with the best of travel spots and destinations.
The number of tourists visiting China for tourism for vacation is increasing year by year. And without any doubt, the Old Town of Lijiang is one of the most visited places.

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Old Town of Lijiang is a well-reserved place from China, that tourists and historians are equally fans. The entire town is well built, with timber houses that represent age-old tradition. That makes the place most loved and visited, also visit the place with an intention to learn about the culture and integrity of the place. Old Town of Lijiang makes the best out of it!

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