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Old Town Lunenburg – WHS And Historic Port Of Nova Scotia


Planning for a vacation this year-end? Looking for some beautiful yet isolated spots to spend quality time? We have a special place in our minds. A place that is known for its beauty and serenity. This place is also of societal importance. A port place that is known for ocean adventures and water sports. Well, we are talking about the beautiful and amazing Old Town Lunenburg.

Old Town Lunenburg is a living example of colonial settlement. It is also said to be the British first colonial settlement plan for the Protestants in the capital place Novo Scotia. And thus the Old Town Lunenburg was formed in Nova Scotia, a place in Canada. Meanwhile, Lunenburg started to flourish and soon become the most loved tourist destination. And also Canada’s most important place for processing fish. Also one of the largest fish processing factories in Canada.

About Old Town Lunenburg

Lunenburg is located in Nova Scotia Canada. It is a wonderful port town best known for ocean adventure and surreal natural beauty. This place is a standing example of British settlement. The place was established in 1753. The wooden architecture and the streets are still preserved and well maintained. There are several architectural explorations and memorials to get avid knowledge of the history of the place. And that is exactly why Lunenburg is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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The old town is now a thriving tourist destination in Nova Scotia. People love to attain the best of memories while in this old town. Water sports like kayaking, snorkeling and other activities are booming due to tourism.
Let’s check out other activities that can be experienced while you are in Lunenburg.

Explore Fisheries Museum of the Lunenburg

The Fisheries Museum Lunenburg
The Fisheries Museum Lunenburg: Image Credit/

The Fisheries Museum is a unique museum located in Nova Scotia. It exhibits the fishing heritage of the community and the culture they inherit. As well as the age-old industry and economic development of the place. It gives the tourist an amazing waterfront experience to uplift the experience. The museum also gives an avid idea of fishing methods, culture and tradition being practiced for ages. ‘
The place is open from 10 to 5 for the visitors.

Visit Ironworks Distillery

Ironworks Distillery Lunenburg
Ironworks Distillery Lunenburg: Image Credit/

The Ironworks Distillery is a micro-distillery situated in the heart of the city.
It is one of the most visited places among the tourist. The love for the extraordinary gin and the artistic way it is produced creates a lot of impact on the people. The musing part of the distillery is situated in a blacksmith shop. The very fact has attracted many people from far across the place. So, don’t miss the place when you visit Lunenburg and get a grab of very fine gin!

Knaut-Rhuland House

Knaut-Rhuland House
Knaut-Rhuland House: Image Credit/

Lunenburg is an old settlement and thus there are several historic spots in the town that fascinates tourists. One of which is the Knaut-Rhuland House. It is an 18th-century house that has been listed as a national heritage site. Also Knaut-Rhuland House is one of the reasons for Lunenburg to be in UNESCO World Heritage Site. This place is registered under the Heritage Property Act.

Lunenburg Waterfront

Lunenburg Waterfront
Lunenburg Waterfront: Image Credit/

The Lunenburg Waterfront is one of the most loved spots of the town. It is one of the neatly maintained and amazingly beautiful places. And is also a historic place with the best of shops, cafes, restaurants for you. It is a sight to watch the tall ships floating on the waterfront, fishing vessels that are larger than you can anticipate. People love the view and often come here to spend some surreal time and explore the historic side of the place.

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St. John’s Anglican Church

St. John's Anglican Church
St. John’s Anglican Church: Image Credit/

When we talk about the old Town Lunenburg and its British settlement, we are bound to explore some architectural eminence. St. John’s Anglican Church stands out from the rest of the buildings. It is the first church that was built in the old town. It is constructed in Gothic Style with an early reference to the British. Apart from the structural significance, this place is also religiously significant. It remains one of the vibrant places in Lunenburg.

Fishermen’s Memorial

Fishermen's Memorial Lunenburg
Fishermen’s Memorial Lunenburg: Image Credit/

The Fishermen’s Memorial was opened in 1996 and since then it gathered quite a significant attraction. It is located in front of the Lunenburg Waterfront. The memorial is constructed like that of a  flower consisting of eight columns. The columns are granite black that looks beautiful. The Fishermen’s Memorial is dedicated to the Fishermen who lost their precious lives while at sea. Hence visit the memorial and pay respects to the people of the Lunenburg.

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Lunenburg is a port town with a vibrant waterfront, seaside eateries, water sports and beautiful architecture. The streets of the old town reminisce of the old British settlement. For a tourist, this place gives you much more than sightseeing. Water sport activities are booming in the town. Deep-sea fishing is yet another activity that attracts a younger crowd. Kayaking and snorkeling come in handy when you are in Lunenburg. And for better experience hire a cruise for rent and sail through the waters of Lunenburg.

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