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São Luís- A Cobblestone Street City of Brazil


São Luís- Yet another beautiful city in Brazil that has been listed on UNESCO World Heritage Site. And today we will be looking closely at all the facets that promoted the city to achieve that stardom that it enjoys now.
We have explored few places in Brazil that are aesthetic, beautiful nature and lovely landscapes. Also, we go to some beautiful and unique architecture while exploring such places. São Luís is an amalgamation of such beauties. You can simply walk on the cobblestone and visit the wonderful tourist spots of the city. That experience in itself will count as the best of everything. There are palaces, beaches and amusement parks in the city to make it tourism sought.
So, get on your best walking shoes and walk with me through the Portugal influence streets of São Luís.

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About São Luís

São Luís
São Luís: Image Credit/

São Luís is a small city in the north most part of the country Brazil. It is situated in the Atlantic Ocean, precisely speaking in São Luís Island. The city is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site and plays an important role in creating awareness in heritage tourism. It is very economical and sustainable for a tourism place.
Some of the best features of São Luís are an amazing area for walking. The cobblestone streets are quite attractive. There is a Portugal influence in the buildings and houses in the streets. Also, some of the architecture is of immense historic significance and profound political importance. And if you are thinking that WHS is just for sustainable travel, nothing fun and exciting. Then you should probably visit the sun-kissed beaches on São Luís, and the amazing park for Kids!

Some destination in the City of São Luís that is a must-visit!

Palácio dos Leões

Palácio dos Leões
Palácio dos Leões: Image Credit/

The beauty of Palácio dos Leões is the architecture itself. It is a palace built in the 18th century. This palace was majorly used to be the residence of a government official and their residence. High officials gather here for meetings and gatherings. The interior of the place is as marvelous as the exterior of the building. There are some exquisite furniture and artifacts that are quite expensive.
If you want to tour this massive palace without any hurdle, find a suitable guide for yourself. And also don’t forget to take a glimpse of the garden and the view from the lookout point.

Ponta do Espigão da Ponta d’Areia

Ponta do Espigão da Ponta d'Areia
Ponta do Espigão da Ponta d’Areia: Image Credit/

The locals who visit the Ponta do Espigão da Ponta d’Areia beach to enjoy the sunset had claimed that they have never seen something so surreal. The walk away towards the beach is quite attractive. And the best part is the surreal surroundings that make it more pleasant.
When you walk towards the end of the boardwalk, you can see the beautiful ocean. And building as the backdrop. Hence, explore the vicinity and enjoy the astounding scenery.

Valparaíso Acqua Park

Valparaíso Acqua Park
Valparaíso Acqua Park: Image Credit/

If you are on a trip with your family especially kids, then you are at the right place. After a long day’s tour, Valparaíso Acqua Park gives you a much-needed break. And ensures quality time with your family. There are several amusement themes in the park to keep the kids busy. How about some rain dance? Well, not only kids but adults too enjoy the rain dance which is a special attraction of the place.

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Protection and management of São Luís

centro historico São Luís
centro historico São Luís: Image Credit/

The protection and management of the place are done in a filtered three-level stage. State, federal and local municipalities and local governments are the three-stage. Since the place was listed in the UNESCO world heritage site in 1997, the government has been regularly keeping an update on the place. The local bodies have been creating awareness among the tourist and the locals about the need to preserve the site. Maximum steps are taken to prevent the site from been ruined due to external and unavoidable circumstances.

Best time to visit the place

Historic Center Sao Luis
Historic Center Sao Luis: Image Credit/

São Luís is basically a humid place. During September, October and November months are hot and humid. Tourists mostly avoid the place during summer looking at the severity of the weather. However, the April months are quite rainy and after which, June and July turned out to be colder. Tourists may have an individual choice of different times to visit, but the motto to explore the beautiful site remains constant. Enjoy the beaches at the sunset and the parks during the hot-hitting weather. It is absolutely your choice!

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UNESCO World Heritage Sites are to create awareness among people to protect some precious places. São Luís is one such place that needs to be preserved and protected. And since it is listed in the WHS constant planning to repair and renovate work is rendered. And if you are worried about the best time to visit, just forget about it and soak into the experience.
Till you ponder over the facts it a bye from me!
Bon Voyage…

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