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Ruins of Loropéni – Mysterious WHS Of Burkina Faso


Few World Heritage Sites are beautiful, few are precious and few are worth a million. But have you ever heard of a place inscribed into the UNESCO World Heritage Site due to utter curiosity? Well, we will be looking into one such place today. The Ruins of Loropéni are a mysterious 1000-year-old place in southern Burkina Faso.

When I first got to write about the place I was quite baffled? What should I write about this tiny site with not many places to explore or visit? But when I got deep into the topic, the place literally amazed me with some interesting facts and its archaeological point of view. And hence we will be exploring the Ruins of Loropéni in a quite different way altogether!

About Ruins of Loropéni

Ruins of Loropéni
Ruins of Loropéni: Image Credit/

Southern Burkina Faso is one of the places that have fewer World Heritage Sites. And Ruins of Loropéni is one that was first inscribed into the list. It is an 11000-meter square landscape with stone walls from a fortress standing for ages. This site is basically ruins and the stone wall is the reason that the site fell on the list. Once the settlement was a part of the local community called Lohron peoples.

It was approximately between the 14th century and 17th century this settlement emerged. However, there is no significant proof regarding the origin or formation of the wall. But archeological evidence reflects the place as one of the oldest areas in standing.

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History of Ruins of Loropéni

Loropéni Ruins
Loropéni Ruins: Image Credit/

The history of the Ruins of Loropéni started almost 1000 years ago. However, there is no significant proof except the archeological evidence. The wall and ruins of the fortress however indicate the place to be of utmost historical significance. Probably the wall is a product of first-ever civilization. This mystery keeps people coming to visit the Ruins of Loropéni. There are also sign of settlement during the 14th to 17th centuries. Again by the end of the 19th century, the entire settlement nearly wimped out. The reason could be climate issues or any other, but the walls were visibly ruined.

Thus it becomes mandatory to preserve the old historic and archaeological sites. In 2009 the place was inscribed into the UNESCO World Heritage Site. This gained the site much-needed attention. And also the spiking tourism to this isolated offset place also got its required attention.

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Protection and preservation of the site

Loropéni Ruins Protection
Loropéni Ruins Protection: Image Credit/

As we came to know how delicate the Ruins of Loropéni have become over a period of time. And the significant amount of precautionary taken to prevent it from further damage. There is a separate committee to take care of that front. The scientific council is also set up to study and research part. And thus the sustainable development has to be maintained thoroughly with the local community for further action.

After the place is listed on the World Heritage Site, it has been taken to consideration to be at the priority when it comes to protecting the site. The national and international interest has been evoked to great extent!

The authenticity of Ruins of Loropéni to date

Burkina Faso Ruins
Burkina Faso Ruins: Image Credit/

Even though the ruins are distorted, disturbed and diminished, the authenticity of the place remains hard to touch! The preciseness in terms of date and year has been a bit inconvenient to figure out. However, archeology points out the 1000-year-old presence. It is said that the place may undergo more severe excavation in order to get more idea about the Site. Also, the integrity of the place and the theory related to the existence of the site is very much convincing.

Getting around the Ruins of Loropéni

There are small buses to take you from one place to another. There are a few other sites that can be explored on the same day you visit Loropéni. That makes things much easier. If you are looking for better and easy travel, you need to hire a cab. It will not only able a hustle-free exploration and own time phase.

Nevertheless, there are a few things that need to be kept in mind. The first and foremost is to carry sufficient water bottles and food. There are no stalls or eateries in the vicinity of Ruins of Loropéni. If you are for serious photography you need to pay and book prior to the visit. Tourist normally explores the site within n hours’ time. Hence after the visit, one can get to go to other places and end up the tour in a day or two.

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To travel to World Heritage Site is an amazing experience in itself. And the Ruins of Loropéni makes it more precious and extraordinary. The 1000-year-old wall standing there, reminiscing the age-old story and making the tourist ponder in wonder is altogether different. It is for sure that the place is surrounded by mysterious circumstances and history. Hopefully, we can get to know more in the future.
Till then explore and re-invite!
Bon Voyage…

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