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Top Tourist Attractions At Abu Mena – Egypt’s UNSECO HERITAGE SITE


Egypt is known for its extraordinary tourist destinations. From the Nile River to the pyramid of Giza there is a number of attractions that are unique and exemplary. Owing to the historically significant part of this country, there several beautiful places that are listed as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO. And today we will be looking at the amazing place of Abu Mena, a gem of the World Heritage Site.
Abu Mena is located 50 kilometers from Alexandria, known for the religious base of Christianity. The place is listed on the World Heritage Site UNESCO.
Let us look into the topmost world heritage sights at Abu Mena and learn more about them in detail.

Top Places To Visit If You are In Abu Mena

Deir Mar Mina of Abu Mena

Deir Mar Mina
Deir Mar Mina: Image Credit/

Abu Mena is well known for its churches and cathedrals. And it is also famous for the Deir Mar Mina. This is a monastery that accompanies large and small churches and cathedrals. Deir Mar Mina is a Coptic Orthodox Church dedicated to Saint Mena. The site was a ruin in the early days which later renovated and more churches and monasteries were built in the place. It is the best-known place for spiritual occurrence and would be finding a great deal of serenity.

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Taposiris Magna Temple In Abu Mena

Taposiris Magna Temple
Taposiris Magna Temple: Image Credit/

The fabulous Taposiris Magna Temple is a heritage site built between 280 and 270 BC. This makes it one of the oldest civilizations to mark its existence. Also, the temple name suggests that there is a tomb within the premises of the temple. This is also an archeological site that attracts people who love to explore the past. The place also has an exemplary architectural reformation that connects to the history pages. And that allows us to explore more. From the King from 280 BC to the latest ruler of the city, everyone has worked hard to predict and preserve the site the way it looks right now!

Sidi Krer Village

Sidi Krer Village
Sidi Krer Village: Image Credit/

The Sidi Krer Village is one of the most beautiful villages in the entire Alexandria. The place has an abundance of greenery and nature’s gift. Tourist loves the lakes, pools and tennis courts attached with them. The view of the place is just scenic and beautiful. There are several accommodations that tourists enjoy the best. Also if you are going for errands, this place is quite close to most of the tourist spots. Which makes it best of the place for accommodation and stay. Food, shopping and souvenirs are the other factors that pull tourists to Sidi Krer Village in Abu Mena. The village is clean, green and is home to beautiful lagoons!

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Dalia Village in Abu Mena

Village in Abu Mena
Village in Abu Mena: Image Credit/

Dalia Village is yet another beautiful village across Abu Mena. This village is all about beaches and lakes. The pristine sand beaches attract tourist people from various places. It is just like an oasis in the desert. Tourist enjoys the serene atmosphere and comes here to enjoy the beautiful sunrise and sunset. You can visit both Sidi and Dhalia village at one stroke as they are neighboring places. However, consider a one-day long stay to enjoy the place completely.

Visiting archeological places is a treasure for history lovers. And the same is the case with historical Significance places. To preserve and promote the value of such places the UNSECO lists them to the World Heritage site and ensures to protect them tight. Traveling through these places gives us a sense of responsibility towards protecting our country and explore other countries. Hope you loved this small heritage place from Egypt. Stay tuned to know more about such places here at India Image!


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