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Visit The City of Graz – Historic Center and Schloss Eggenberg


Eggenberg palace in Graz is a historic Palace inscribed in the prestigious list of UNESCO World Heritage Site. Well, that makes our next topic on the heritage list. And this time it is a palace and the surrounding city of Graz.
Tourist loves the place for its unbelievable architecture and exemplary specimen of living art and heritage of Austria. When we are talking about the city of Graz, it is located close to the other two heritage sites Salzburg and Hallstatt. The place is an amalgamation of architecture and artistic designs together. The monuments and buildings rooted back to the 18th century are living examples.
The City of Graz is famously known for the Historic Center and Schloss Eggenberg designed and constructed by the architect Giovanni Pietro de Pomis. And the owner and the main authority is the State of Styria.

Let’s get to know more about the place and why it is a World Heritage Site

About the City of Graz

City of Graz
City of Graz: Image Credit/

The City of Graz is a combination of Historic Center and Schloss Eggenberg. What makes the place so important? There is a sincerity with which the buildings of different eras co-exist here in the City of Graz. This is because Graz is situated bordering Europe, Balkan and the romantic land of Italy. Hence Graz is highly influenced by the three cultures alike.
The City of Graz however, utilized the influence to the core and raised a beautiful town that now is looked at with utmost importance. Can you imagine how many buildings are there in the tiny City of Graz? A total of 1000 buildings and more with gothic to baroque influence are spread across the city. Eggenberg Castle is one exceptional building with a beautiful garden added to the Heritage Site in 2010.

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History of the Place

Historic Graz City
Historic Graz City: Image Credit/

The City of Graz – Historic Centre was included in the World Heritage Site earlier. However, it was in the 34th session of reviewing of the World Heritage Sites by the committee, the Schloss Eggenberg was inscribed. That was the proud moment for the people of Austria, a place with many beautiful Heritage sites to its credit.

The City of Graz – Historic Center and Schloss Eggenberg is an alluring example of urban complexes built with extraordinary architectural skill. The influence to build the complexes didn’t just impart from one single place, but rather from different places and different countries altogether.
Eggenberg palace was built in the year 1624, by Italian architecture. The Palace has 24 big rooms and a center hall that was a planetary room. There are some extraordinary 17th-century painting exhibited in the palace that attracts the art lovers from different part of the world.

Protection and Management of the City of Graz

Schloss Eggenberg Graz
Schloss Eggenberg Graz: Image Credit/

The Eggenberg Palace is preserved under the Austrian Monument Protection Act. And the entire town has been under the town plan that was amended in 2009. Under this protection act, not only the palace and complexes but some buffer areas are also accommodated. This gives the right to preserve and protect the entire vicinity with extra care.
A continuous urban development program has been implemented in the City Of Graz but without hampering the essentials that list them to the Heritage Site.

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Best time to visit the City of Graz

Graz Austria
Graz Austria: Image Credit/

I always say there is no such time as the best time to pack your travel bag. However, as the city is located in southeastern Austria the region tends to be a bit colder sometimes. The climate is a mixed one and we can expect a seasonal climate variation. The winters are super cold and frosty. Tourists love to visit the place during the winters to feel the vibe and vibrancies of the city.
During rainy seasons tourists avoid visiting the place as there is a chance that you will miss some part of the region. So, it will be recommended to visit the place between November and April. Also if you like the mild hot temperature while traveling then April to September will be the most comfortable one.

The City of Graz as a tourist destination

Graz Buildings
Graz Buildings: Image Credit/

If you are looking for a vacation spot far away from the City, Graz is just perfect. Far away from city lights to a place full of Castles and Palace sounds like a fairy tale affair.
But geographically speaking Graz is the second largest place in Austria. it is very well persevered and kept in a very impressive way. All these factors have led to flourishing tourism for ages. Unlike many other Heritage Sites in Austria, Graz is a very well-known and popular tourist destination. The best part is that a tourist needs just two days to explore the City of Graz. Within two days the wanderlust in you will definitely take home memories for a lifetime!

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The City Of Graz is popularly known as the European Capital of Cultural. Also, the place earned the name of City of Design in the year 2009. When you are in Graz apart from exploring the well-known place also try to visit the lesser-known spots of the City. The City is inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site for a reason. And the reason is just Extraordinary!

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