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10 Things To Do In Koh Lanta Honeymoon Trip


Planning a honeymoon trip to Thailand? Visit Koh Lanta an island district known for its mesmerizing beaches, mangroves and rainforests. Tingle your taste buds with authentic Thai food and pamper yourself with Thai massage. What more could a couple ask for? Wait! There are a lot more

India Imagine picks out 10 amazing things for you to enjoy your honeymoon trip in Koh Lanta.

1. Mesmerizing Beach, Koh Lanta Honeymoon Trip

Beaches in Koh Lanta are perfect for honeymoon couples. The tranquil waters, glimmering sand and serene natural surroundings all pave ways to make it the perfect to spend a day. Kantiang Bay is the most visited and popular beach in Koh Lanta. The place is perfect for swimming and sunbathing. If you love to me in hustle-bustle, Klong Dao Beach is for you.

Mesmerizing Beach, Koh Lanta Honeymoon Trip
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This beach is the busiest beaches of Koh Lanta with shops, restaurants and bars to keep you busy all day long. Phra Ae beach is perfect for couples who are looking for some luxurious views and silence to enjoy. This beach stretches along with some fabulous resorts and luxury hotels on the other side. Some parts of the place are rocky and the best place to get some beautiful clicks to take home memories.

2. Scuba diving and snorkeling for the adventurer in you

One of the most popular and loved outdoor activities that people love to indulge in is Snorkeling and Scuba diving. With abundant of islands and beaches, Koh Lanta makes it a perfect place to go for these outdoor activities. Swim with the fishes and watch the most mesmerizing underwater experience.

Snorkeling Koh Lanta
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Mostly the price of a day tour or this water activity starts at 2500 and can soar up to 7000. But the day would be wonderful and worth an experience. Try to opt for professional divers to keep yourself safe.

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3. Take a Stroll of National Park, Koh Lanta Honeymoon Trip

Yes, there is indeed a national park in Koh Lanta that many are not much aware of. But Mu Ko Lanta National Park is quite worth a visit. Mu Ko Lanta National Park actually consists of several islands covering 134 km² and there is more to see on some of the other islands

National park, Koh Lanta Honeymoon Trip
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than on the main island. The park covers hills and rainforest along the coast of some beaches. However, allow the local guide to tour you through the park.

4. Koh Lanta Old Town

Koh Lanta Old Town, located on Koh Lanta’s East coast, was once the island’s main port for trade. The place was originally a sea gypsy settlement Now Lanta Old Town attracts travelers across the globe for it’s time untouched charm.

Koh Lanta Honeymoon Trip
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Yet there are shops, restaurants and hotels available there for the tourists. Homes built on stilts above the sea level makes it a fabulous view.

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5. Local Thailand festival to feast your eyes.

Thailand celebrates its festival with great joy and excitement. And the place stores the best festival throughout the year, some of which are a feast to eyes. The lantern festival ( Yi Peng) is one of the spectacular festivals in Thailand.

Thai festival
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It would be a wonderful honeymoon experience to lighting your lantern and watch them rise up in the sky. Another festival that is popular for its looks and colors is the Ghost Festival( Phi Ta Khon). It is a three-day celebration.

6. Emerald caves, Koh Lanta Honeymoon Trip

The tour through the 4 islands eventually ends up in going through Emerald Cave. It got its names from the emerald color of the water while you go through the cave or call it lagoons. The view is breath-taking and fascinating.

Emerald caves, Koh Lanta Honeymoon Trip
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Apart from that, you can explore through the rugged rock cliffs and also there will be snorkeling after the cave visit in the southern sites of Koh Lanta. What a perfect ending to an interesting full-day tour!

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7. Yoga and massage to pamper your senses

You are in Thailand, that all it needs for you to indulge in yoga and Thai Massage. Thai Massage is a century-old tradition healing process that is popular among tourists.

Couples getting a Thai Massage
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After days of sightseeing and traveling it would be a great idea to pamper yourself with spa massage and practice some yoga. Experience the perfect stress-free and rejuvenate yourself this vacation.

8. Trash clean and be a hero

Be a part of beach cleaning and be a thrash hero of Koh Lanta. Thrash cleaning is a major step taken by the locals to keep the environment clean and create a sustainable place forever. There is no prior sign up or registration to be a part of this cleaning process. Just show up and get started.

9. Rent a scooter during Koh Lanta Honeymoon Trip

A good way to explore the beaches of Koh Lanta is to rent a scooter and just drive around. It is the best way for a couple to ride around the islands and stay wherever you like. It’s far the best way to get around since it’s both cheap and convenient.

Rent a scooter during Koh Lanta Honeymoon Trip
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At Koh Lanta, you can rent a scooter for the price around 150-200 bath per day, which is a catch if you ask me!

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10. Thai food to tingle your taste buds

Thai cuisine is favorite all over the world. Thai cooking is highly based on dishes with strong aromatic components and a spicy edge. Among the giants of popular Thai dishes is som tam, or green papaya salad.

Koh Lanta Food
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Larb Moo is a minced pork salad that goes great with an order of som tam and a pile of sticky rice. Go on and indulge in the given list and experience the best days of your life in Koh Lanta Islands.

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