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Honeymoon in Tunisia – Five Must-See Spots


Do you like to take on and deal with new challenges and get to know different cultures? Tunisia is a destination full of surprises and can be a second-to-none choice for your honeymoon. Have a look at the 5 must-see itineraries!

There are many who never say no to good adventure no matter if they are newly-wed couples! Therefore, if you have already chosen your favorite wedding dress and the flavors of the wedding cake, it is time to start planning a special honeymoon, in a destination, which is full of breathtaking landscapes and culture that will let you treasure the world from a different perspective. By the way, have you ever considered Tunisia for holidaying? Located in North Africa, this country has a lot to offer: Roman and Byzantine ruins, magnificent deserts, markets full of character and appetizing cuisine. So if you are attracted to this wonderful destination, take note of these 5 must-see spots.

1. Tunis and Carthage: Cities full of history

Tunis is the capital city of Tunisia and it showcases a true open-air Islamic museum. A showcase of historic buildings (dars), mosques, madrassas, zauias (tombs), hammams (public baths), kasbahs and the characteristic souks are collected within the wall that surrounds the city. If you visit the highest point of the Medina, you can witness a magnificent sunset over the mosques and the city, making it very valuable while you are in the capital. In the evening, you can enjoy a romantic dinner in the city (we recommend the beautiful Dar El Jeld), bearing in mind that, as it is an Islamic city, short ceremony dresses should be replaced with more simple and unrevealing clothes.

Tunis and carthage couples
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If you are looking to search deeper into the history of Tunisia, be sure to visit the city of Carthage, one of the most dominant ones in ancient times. Also, get at the ruins of Caragoand climb the hill of Brysa, where the city museum and cathedral are located; there, you can still observe the phenomenal Gulf of Tunis. Outside the hill, the Roman and Byzantine ruins are spread over a very extensive area and you can see the old Roman amphitheater and the remains of the old villas or the baths of António. To reach this unique place, you can do it from Sidi Bou Said, located on one of the hills overlooking the Gulf of Tunis. If you stop in the city, make sure you visit the Dar el-Annabi mansion, which is over 300 years old and to make a small break at the Sidi Chabaane cafe.

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2. Kairouan: A living symbol of Islam

If you are interested in visiting one of the places where Islamic rule is most present, Kairouan is the place where you must be! One of its most sacred places is the Great Mosque of Kairouan; for this reason, it is the most traditionalist one; it is advisable to wear a hairstyle that is easy to be covered with a scarf when visiting. Within the city walls, get lost among covered souks and tombs of holy men.

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Also, pass by the house of the former governor of the city, which today is an impressive carpet store. Another attraction is Bir Barouta, a well where, according to a legend, a missing chalice from Jerusalem was found. Outside the city, there are the Aglábidas cisterns, a place of mandatory stop during your visit.

3. MatMata: The return to Star Wars

If you are a fan of the Star Wars saga, it is not just Princess Leia’s wonderful hairstyler Chewbacca’s kindness that matters. Being in Tunisia, you cannot miss MatMata, the troglodyte scenario of the saga.

MatMata Tunisia
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The construction of the house is truly exceptional and is adapted to the large dry seasons of the desert and the high temperatures.  By luck, you will also find an open house and be able to visit it from the inside. Without a doubt, a must mandatory stop during your stay.

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4. Ksar Ghilane, Douz and Tozeur: The doors of the desert

Without a doubt, Ksar Ghilane is one of the best doors to the desert. To the south, towards Libya, one can only travel with exclusive permits. The Ksar Ghilane desert has magnificent orange-colored dunes and, in between, you will find a hot spring with a public swimming pool and some lodging for tourists. Don’t forget to visit the breathtaking ruins of the Ksar Ghilane fort, located in the middle of the desert.

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Douz is another doorway to the desert, and results in an engaging stop, especially on the market day, where the bustle and mixture of flavors are contagious. Finally, you can also start your tour through Tozeur, one of the most engaging cities in Tunisia. The city has a unique palm grove and is the perfect place to purchase traditional Tunisian dates.

5. Chebika: An oasis in the desert

From Tozeur, there are three oases in the mountains that you can visit. These include Midès, Tamerza and Chebika. Out of these three, and if you can choose only one, then opt for Chebika, as it brings together greater beauty, and is therefore also the most visited. The palm trees next to the water line that leads to the village make up one of the most beautiful landscapes in the area.

Chebika Tunisia
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There, it can be the perfect time to enjoy a quiet evening, where you can remember the greatest adventures of the wedding, from the delivery of your personalized wedding invitations to the most fun moments of the party.

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Final Words

Tunisia has still lots of stunning places that are worth visiting on a trip as special as the honeymoon. You will remember the souvenir moments when you exchanged your white gold wedding rings or to remember the joy of the guests when they received the wedding invitation. Undoubtedly, Tunisia is a single door to start your married life in the best way.

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