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Roopkund Trek To Secret Lake – Mysterious Place Of Ancient History


Roopkund is situated at the height of 5,029 m over the ocean level in the lap of Trishul Peak, and Nanda Ghunti in Uttarakhand is a spot brimming with the riddle. Roopkund is also known as ‘Secret Lake,’ the place relates to its name because many human skeletons and horses were found which are quite ancient.

Encircled by grand magnificence of lavish green mountains and rough ice sheets, the spot is an ideal bundle for trekking trail. The human and horse skeletons observed around Roopkund are said to be around 500-600 years old. The place is always covered in ice and the view up here is something unmatchable.

The trekking trail to Roopkund in itself is exciting including the trek through valley towns, the beautiful snow-capped mountains and a magnificent hallowed lake, BedniKund with its visible water. The trek gets steep from Bedni Bugyal to Roopkund. Just about 5 km before the last goal lies Baguabasa arranged 4,100 m over the ocean level. If you are searching for some adrenaline siphoning movement, while appreciating the all-encompassing picturesque excellence, this spot fills in as an ideal trekking trail for you.

Camping Place

The shelter place is provided where the group will stay together, but still, the camping tents have to be carried out by yourself.

Some hazardous animals surround the site, so it is said to always be in the group. Wan fills in as the keep going settlement point while in transit to Roopkhand.

Availability Of Food

Food is an important factor while trekking. Food availability on the higher range of planes is a worry.

Food availability is not known as there are no places in the surrounding that can supply food, so in all, it is a perfect idea to carry food for your journey.

Availability Of Water

Ample water is available as soon as you reach near the secret lake.

You have to eventually carry water for the beginning of your journey, at later stages you will be finding some freshwater streams that will surely help to refill the quota of water required for the group.

Tips And Tricks

1. Ensure you convey comfortable garments regardless of the way that what season you are going in.

2. Convey your trekking rigging and types of gear and be continuously arranged.

3. Convey a restorative guide pack and your standard medications for the way.

4. A decent pair of trekking shoes is an unquestionable requirement.

5. Convey raingear regardless of on the off chance that you are going during storm season.

6. Ensure you get every one of the licenses well ahead of time required for trekking in the district.

7. Ensure you convey save batteries and film move for the camera as there will be no power supply.

8. An all-around educated and prepared guide is significant and do make a point to search out every small thing admirably ahead of time to abstain from misconception.

About Roopkund Trek

Approx trekking distance (Both sides): 53 km

Base Camp: Dhaula near Naitwar

Difficulty: Moderate to Challenging gradient

The highest point of trek: 15,696 feet

Nearest Airport: Bhuntar, Jolly Grant Airport

Nearest Railhead: Chandigarh

Region: Mandi District

Snow: May and June are perfect.

The starting point of trek: Dhaula near Naitwar


Day 1: Dehradun to Mori to Dhaula

Touch base at Dehradun and drive to a little villa of Mori. The town is relaxed under the greatness of nature while laying on the banks of Rover Tons. From here continue towards Netwar through an entry of pine timberland. You can pay your praise to Pokhu Devta here, an old spot of love showing a flawless type of nearby engineering. Head for Dhaula Village from here, situated close Rupin Gad, the point where your real trekking starts. Rest for the night at your tents as your trekking begins tomorrow.

Day 2: Loharjung to Didna Village

On the second day starts the real trek and experience. Search for a trail behind the Loharjung transport stand that will lead you to Raun Bagad. The way is genuinely checked and goes through blended woods. The trek is certainly not a difficult one and will take you 2-2.5 hours to reach Ruan Bagad where you will locate an iron scaffold there appropriate over the well known Neel Ganga River. A simple stroll of 6 km will take you to Kulling Village and soak rising from that point to Ruan Bagad. When you have crossed the iron scaffold, a move towards Didna starts. The trip is somewhat testing and may tire you to your bones. It will take you around an hour and a half to reach Didna. Be that as it may, the experience of mountaineering you will get is extraordinary.

Day 3: Didna Village to Ali Bugyal

There are two separate trails from Didna that prompts Ali Bugyal. The first toward the valley, where you will see Tolpani, a bunch of shepherd cabins arranged around 3 km away and 1000 feet high. Starting there, rise away towards Tolkaan in the northern course. The track goes through glades on and off and verdant oak mountains. As you reach Tolkaan, take a sharp left towards the south through the edge to land out of timberland at Ali Bugyal. The other course takes you legitimately to Ali Bugyal by a move without experiencing Tolani. The course will enable you to spare some time; however, it is very steep and will expend a ton of your vitality. By this course, it will take around two and a half hours to achieve Ali Bugyal. In any case, ensure you make the spot before evening to appreciate the beautiful grand perspectives. The trek is flawless during pre and post rainstorm. Your last goal of the day is Chang Ma. The trail is a troublesome one, and you may get the chance to encounter the snow trek. Pitch the tents for the night in the open land under the starry sky.

Day 4: Jakha to Suruwas Thatch via Uduknal

Today, your last goal is a dewy and beautiful knoll of Suruwas. As you leave Jakha Village, ensure you are all around supplied with nourishment as this is the previous spot to renew your sustenance list. The trail you have to pursue from that point is very much characterized. Cross the stream to go into a radiant fir woods, likewise embellished with a couple of maple trees shaping an alluring picture. A V-formed valley anticipates on the opposite side of the trail offering path to the feature of the day, for example, stunning snow connect crosswise over Rupin. As you proceed with your trek, you will likewise run over a falling cascade introducing a beguiling sight. Walking along the trail through meadows, thick woodlands and spouting streams en route, you will touch base at your last goal of Suruwas Thatch. The spot with its salubrious climate is quite enchanting to go through the night. Pitch your tents at the campground and rest for the afternoon.

Day 5: Suruwas Thatch to Waterfall Camp

The fifth day of the excursion is a long one, however utterly thrilling as you will discover the different wonders of nature. Start your climb through a pleasant knoll, which offers a beautiful treat to your eyes. As you advance, the snow fixed on the mountainsides gets more significant around you. Before long you will unearth a valley spotted with yellow marigolds pursued by a surge energetic shades of wild blooms. While in transit, you will run over several cascades falling down the slopes. Trekking amid the lofty slants and fertile green valleys, you will before long touch base at the upper waterfall outdoors territory, which will leave in complete wonder. Go through the night under the shades of twinkling stars and rest for the evening.

Day 6: Bhagwabasa to Roopkund to Bedni Bugyal

Start your 6th-day trek promptly toward the beginning of the day at around 5 AM. The snow will be hard in the first part of the day when contrasted with later in the day when the snow will be delicate and hard to stroll into. Roopkund is just about 5 km from Bhagwabasa and can become through a precarious move towards the end. It will take around 3.5 hours to reach there. Once achieved, another step from Roopkund will lead you to Junargali. The trek is a short one, about 200 feet and trekkers must visit there except if the climate conditions don’t allow. It will take around 25-30 minutes to reach Junargali. Ensure you begin off right on time to return to Bedni Bugyal going through Bhagwabasa. Be cautious while moving down as the blanketed inclines may be somewhat precarious to trek upon.

Day 7: Waterfall Camp to Rupin Pass to Ronti Gad

The seventh day represents one of the most daring days of the trek. To achieve the last goal on schedule, try to start early, best before 5 am. Convey breakfast along to recharge your vitality occasionally. The general trail begins with a high rise to the pass pursued by a sharp drop. While in transit, anticipate a few testing segments of trails, soak snowfield, rough way and trek through chasm over free shakes and stones. Contingent on the snow, it will take around 4 to 6 hours to rise the ascension. As you draw nearer to pass, the trek turns out to be very testing while at the same time going through the abyss. As you draw closer, you will understand the edge line slicing directly through the Dhauladhar extend. It is the first occasion when you will observe the Sangla side of the mountain, offering an image that will entrance you. While getting a charge out of the all-encompassing perspectives on the Himalayas, you will likewise observe the respecting attitudes on Kinner Kailash go. Rest here for some time and absorb the excellence of Mother Nature. Begin descending the slant for a couple of hours to reach Ronti Gad. It is the campground for the afternoon, so pitch your tents and rest for the afternoon.

Day 8: Loharjung to Kathgodam

As you drive back to Loharjung camp, completing one of the most astonishing treks, you should need to go through the multi-day at Loharjung. With impeccable climate and magnificent landscape, the spot is an ideal closure of a perfect trek.

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