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Explore Senegal for an Enthralling Experience in Africa


On the west coast of Africa, the country, Senegal is located. The lush green mountain ranges start from the edges of Guinean woods to the lower part of the Sahara. This is one of the fascinating destinations that can be explored on a trip to Africa.

The beauty of Senegal can be described as the astounding characteristic of wildlife, beguiling shorelines and rich culture that will blow your mind.

Spiritedpursuit leelitumbe Dakar Senegal
Spiritedpursuit leelitumbe Dakar Senegal / Image credit:

If you are making a plan to visit Senegal, so here are the top 10 places to explore in this African country.

1. Dakar

Leelitumbe spiritedpursuit senegal Dakar
Leelitumbe spiritedpursuit senegal Dakar / Image credit:

The capital city Dakar of Senegal is a multicultural and brimming city with incredible customs. Dakar is one of the central seaports on the western African coast.

The city is a home of mosques, seashores, exhibition halls,  precipice strolls that makes your trip amazing to Senegal. Apart from this, Dakar is full of green sceneries where you can enjoy nature’s scenic beauty with amazing sunrises and sunset.

2. Pink Lake

Senegal is blessed with Pink Lake which is also known as Lake Retba or Lac Rose, which lies north of the Cap-Vert landmass of the country and upper east of Dakar. You will be amazed to know that this lake changes its tone from a light purple to a profound red-pink. The color is especially noticeable during the dry season.

Pink Lake, Senegal, Africa
Pink Lake, Senegal, Africa / Image credit:

The main scientific reason behind this strawberry tone is created by the salt-adoring creature Dunaliella salina. They make a red color that retains and utilizes the energy of the daylight to make more energy so turning the water pink. This was researched by Michael Danson who is a specialist in microbes from Britain’s Bath University.

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3. Island of Gorée

The island Gorée is also called the House of Slaves, constructed by an Afro-French Métis family around 1780–1784. This place has the historical backdrop of humankind.

The island Gorée is also called the House of Slaves, constructed by an Afro-French Métis family around 1780–1784. This place has the historical backdrop of humankind. The “memory island” is the image of the slave exchange with its cortege of misery, tears and demise.

Goree Island, Senegal
Goree Island, Senegal / Image credit:

The Gorée island offers a confounding blend of sun-kissed seashores and dense forests. This island is perfect for nature photography where you will get an opportunity to capture beautiful sunrises along with flora and fauna.

4. Cathedrale du Souvenir African de Dakar

Cathedrale du Souvenir Africain de Dakar, Senegal
Cathedrale du Souvenir Africain de Dakar, Senegal / Image credit:

Cathedrale du Souvenir African de Dakar in Senegal is famous for its old burial ground and the house of prayer. The towers were designed in Sudan style with Byzantine arches. The sandstones are joined with English rock which makes this church a mind-blowing milestone. Do visit this holy place engraving “To the Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus the Savior.”

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5. Lompoul Desert

Feel the warm desert sun and the delicate breeze as you adventure into Senegal’s land. The Lompoul desert is a small desert situated at the south of Saint-Louis, Senegal.  It has orange dunes forming a scene similar to those of the Sahara and Mauritania. This desert is a mainstream vacation destination in Senegal.

Camel Ride in Lompoul Desert
Camel Ride in Lompoul Desert / Image credit:

Every year at Lompoul desert,  “Celebration du Sahel” at the hills in this desert is celebrated. Celebration participants investigate the sands on camelback and dance into the night to the beats of conventional instruments. Tourists can enjoy activities like camel riding, sand hill carts, and many more.

6. Plage du Virage

Plage du Virage, Dakar
Plage du Virage, Dakar / Image credit:

Plage de Virage is a mainstream spot for tourists visiting Senegal. This little seashore is stuffed with plenty of exciting water activities with relaxing sands. Plage de Virage is a perfect blend of Senegalese and European culture where you can find fusion in foods and culture. Nearby this seashore, one can amazing restaurants with authentic African food.

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7. Reserve de Bandia

Bandia Wildlife Reserve, Senegal
Bandia Wildlife Reserve, Senegal / Image credit:

Reserve de Bandia is a  magnificent part of the heavenly lush greenery and Africa’s best-wild creatures. The place is the home of crocodiles, bison flounder and monkeys. Visitors can lease a 4×4 vehicle on location for a safari and visit around 2 hours,  find every one of the creatures in opportunity.

8. Le Monument de La Renaissance Africans

One of the tallest sculptures in Africa is Senegal’s African Renaissance Monument also famous as the name Le Monument de la Renaissance Africaine in French. The sculpture was constructed in the honor of Senegal’s 50th commemoration of freedom from France.

African Renaissance
African Renaissance / Image credit:

The landmark portrays a man, a lady, and a youngster confronting the Atlantic Ocean. Sparkling bronze in the range of 22,000 tons was used in the design of this building which is surely a significant sight for Dakar city.

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9. Accrobaobab Adventure

Accro baobab adventure, Senegal
Accro baobab adventure, Senegal / Image credit:

Situated in the core of Baobab Timberland, the Accrobaobab experience is the solitary park of Senegal. A magical sight to discover the plumage of birds in the Senegalese bush. Accrobaobab Adventure offers a tree climbing park, open-air recreation exercises and a courtesy cottage. The zip line adventure here is another fascination of the park that is encircled by baobab trees.

10. Joal Fadiout

Joal Fadiout, Senegal
Joal Fadiout, Senegal / Image credit:

Joal Fadiout known distinctly for its graveyard, the adjacent island is made out of shells. This land seems to be infertile, but the island is having a unique identity. About ninety percent of Senegal’s population sticks to Islam,  yet this whole island connected to Fadiouth is set apart by white Christian crosses in graveyard.

Senegal is a genuine natural gem in the crown of Africa. The land of Senegal truly resonates with beauty, serenity and a sense of calm. If you plan a trip to Africa, you can add this place to your priority list. Hope you enjoyed the article on Senegal. See you with another exciting African destination shortly.

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