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Explore Davao City – The City of Fruit King


Davao City is one of the famous and third-biggest cities in the Philippines. Also known as the third most significant metropolitan city in the Philippines for its highest economic activities. The city has everything to explore different adventurous sports, cultural gatherings, and natural landscapes. From early sunrise to the nightlife of Davao city, you will not be bored in an entire day.

Here is the list of the top 12 places for you to explore in Davao city. So let’s start.

1. Samal Islands and Resorts

The Samal Islands are just a few kilometers from Davao City. The city is made up of two islands i.e. Samal Island and Talikud Island. Its vicinity to Davao City settles on a speedy portion of ocean, sand, and nature-stumbling.

The Pearl Farm Beach Resort is situated across 14 hectares on Samal Island which is known to be an actual pearl farm. The best facilities are spread out along the shore, seashore houses on braces called “Samal houses” that offer unhampered perspectives on the ocean.

Pearl Farm Beach Resort, Samal, Philippines
Pearl Farm Beach Resort, Samal, Philippines / Image credit:

The speedboats with perfect diving spots are available near the resort. Thus best facilities are spread out along the shore, seashore houses on braces called “Samal houses” that offer unhampered perspectives on the ocean.

2. Chinatown

Davao City holds the crown of having the greatest Chinatown on the planet, with a total land zone of around 44 hectares covering at any rate four barangays. That’s why it is famous for the rich Chinese culture in the Philippines.

China town in Davao city
China town in Davao city / Image credit:

The entrances, which take consideration focus on its imaginative plan, make it a well-known brand name in the city. These are additionally called “pailou” or “paifang,” and are constructed with Chinese figures which represent fellowship and solidarity among Filipinos and Chinese in Davao City. The openings are shaded red, which is constantly connected with favorable luck and joy. Each Chinese New Year, there are cultural events arranged which feature the way of life of the Chinese people group in Davao City.

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3. Dahican Beach

The gem blue water, lonely shores and fine white sands welcome visitors at Dahican Beach in Mati, Davao Oriental. The name “Dahican” is derieved from “dahik,” the word local people use to depict their demonstration of rolling in from the ocean to settle.

Relax and recharge in laid back Mati City beach
Relax and recharge in laid back Mati City beach / Image credit:

The Annual Summer Frolic Festival has been advancing Dahican Beach as a party point. Apart from this, the city is famous for surfers, skimboarders and seashore bums, Dahican Beach offers pristine cut of heaven with a stunning coastline.

4. Civet Coffee

Davao city is the largest producer of the most costly espresso called Civet Coffee. These espresso beans are reaped not from trees but rather from the droppings of the neighborhood. Asian palm civet ( Paradoxorus Philippines ) called the Philippine civet “cat” which in the wake of biting and gulping the ripest and best espresso cherries produces what has been named as the world’s generally costly and pined for espresso assortment.

Davao got Civet Coffee
Davao got Civet Coffee / Image credit:

It creates a delicate to sharp smell however its appealing scent is unmistakable and special. The power of its dull chocolate-like fragrance is smooth to such an extent that it had a matured plum with hazelnuts.

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5. Mount Apo

Don’t lose a chance to explore the highest mountain in the Philippines situated in Davao City. Mt. Apo is the most noteworthy point with a rise of 3144 Meters above ocean level, making it the Grand Father of every single Philippine Mountain and the fantasy heap of each Filipino mountaineer.

Mt Apo, Davao City
Mt Apo, Davao City / Image credit:

Mount Apo is one of the should see and experience for each experience traveler or explorer who visits the country uncommonly in the Davao Province where it lies.

6. Dano Cathedral (San Pedro Cathedral and San Pedro Street)

Established by Spanish people in the yearv1847, San Pedro Cathedral is the most ancient church in Davao City and a perceived National Cultural Treasure.

San Pedro Cathedral Davao City
San Pedro Cathedral Davao City / Image credit:

In the memory of Pedro (Saint Peter), the benefactor holy person of Davao. The way to the church passes by San Pedro road, which is additionally the oldest road in Davao.

7. Isla Reta Beach

Take a boat ride, which take simply an hour away from Davao City, there is heaven that seashore for island lovers. Isla Reta is situated at Talikud Island. The clear blue water is ideal for swimming. It is also popular for corals that springs up anyplace alongside its shores.

8. Davao Butterfly House

Davao Butterfly House is the home to the tranquil and bright butterflies in Davao. It is the place where nature lovers of any age can enjoy the numerous miracles and revelations about the butterflies.

Davao Butterfly Garden, Davao City
Davao Butterfly Garden, Davao City / Image credit:

The first part of bright days is supposed to be the best and ideal opportunity to see the butterflies in flight. The aim  of these butterflies can help in the preparation and impact Davao City to sprout blooming plants and welcome more nearby and outside visitors.

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9. Malagos Garden Resort and Chocolate Museum

This chocolate museum is situated at the Malagos Garden Resort in Malagos, Baguio District in Calinan, Davao City.

The Museum Section where you will find out about the miracles of cacao and chocolate-production through infographics, AVP, sound talks, and intuitive showcases.

The Chocolate Bar where you can appreciate a wide range of Malagos Chocolate food and beverages. And prepare your chocolate at  Malagos Chocolate Laboratory. Sounds cool right. Yes, you will be able to learn chocolate making and enjoying eating at the same time.

10. Davao Durian and Fruit Stands

The Magsaysay is of the dazzling spot for famously sweet-smelling durian. The Davao City is favored with excellent climate throughout the year and ripe land, there is no big surprise that this city is known as the Philippines’ Fruit Basket.

Davao Durian
Davao Durian / Image credit:

So this fruit can make the must-attempt list and so Durian ought to be it. You can’t miss the chance to taste the fruit king once you visit Davao City in your lifetime.

11. Roxas Avenue Night Market

Roxas Avenue is an extraordinary spot to enjoy the street night in Davao City. The starting of the street serves the standard pick n’ barbecue top choices of speared chicken, meat, pork midsection, and fish, yet you can likewise see vendors selling balut and some seafood too.

Roxas Night Market Vendors, Davao City, Philippines
Roxas Night Market Vendors, Davao City, Philippines / Image credit:

The night market works each day, however, you should head there at the end of the week to enjoy a weekend night here. It formally runs from 6 ‘pm’ until late every day.

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12. Monfort Bat Colony

The Monfort Bat Cave was formally booked by the Guinness World Record in 2010. One of the world’s biggest known populace of Geoffrey’s Rousette fruit bats is found in the Monfort Bat Cave situated in Barangay Tambo, Samal Island, close by  Davao City.

Monfort Bat Cave
Monfort Bat Cave / Image credit:

Famous as the “Bat Mama” for her bat preservation work, Monfort said fruit bats act like key pollinators and monitored for aiding in the spread of organic product-bearing trees in the place.

The excellence of Davao City will surely catch your heart. This spot value more how honored you are visiting here for seeing a particularly brilliant work of nature.

Davao City Regus center
Davao City Regus center / Image credit:

Exploring Davao City isn’t exhausting since you get to see so many things that are unheard by most of people. This hidden treasure land of Southern Philliphens will complete your adventure tour to the Philippines for sure.

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