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Travel Seoul- A Complete Holiday Destination of South Korea


Seoul is one of the most lively cities in Asia and South Korea. This the capital city of South Korea welcomes millions of sightseers from various parts of the world. From its sprawling modern structures as well as rich culture and history, Seoul offers much beautiful attraction as well as numerous things to do.

This Korean city is a unique blend of ancient culture and modern architecture. Travellers can pay a visit to grand palaces from the Joseon dynasty from the Korean Empire to amazing lush parks, huge mountains, Buddhist temples, and beautiful towers. For tourists of all ages, there are also several shopping districts with dining and nightlife opportunities.

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It is an overwhelming experience to visit this huge city for the first time. So we have created a summarized view of the most famous attractions and best things which suit your Seoul journey. Take a look –

Best Things to Do in Seoul

Seoul’s best things to do vary from the traditional to the modern, be it Gyeongbokgung Palace or National museums. The natural beauty viewed from Namsan and Bukhansan mountains dividing Han River sets perfect harmony for travellers. From the fusion of food, culture, traditions, nightclubs, brilliant architecture and vibrant festivals makes Seoul memorable.

Enjoy Seoul’s Panorama From N Seoul Tower

The N Seoul Tower is the highest building in Seoul and is an iconic part of the cityscape. This tower is a modern structure on Namsan Mountain in central Seoul. Standing at 237 metres above ground, you get to enjoy panoramic views of Seoul from its observatory.

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Inside, you’ll also find a digital observatory as well as plenty of souvenir shops, restaurants, and cafes. The terrace on the 1st floor of N Seoul Tower is a popular spot for couples for attaching padlocks and love notes to the fence as a symbol of love. Its outdoor stage hosts traditional performances and exhibitions year-round.

Religious Visit to Gyeongbokgung Palace

The biggest and most striking destination in Seoul is Gyeongbokgung Palace. Constructed by King Taejo, who in 1395 belonged to the Joseon Dynasty and consisted of five grand palaces. Often known as the Palace of Gyeongbokgung or Gyeongbok Palace, this place oozes the royal vibes of ancient Korea.

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Over 300 houses, the National Folk Museum, and the National Palace Museum, a must-see for history buffs, can be explored. You can still see the perfectly preserved remains of the Joseon dynasty above the palace, such as the Gyeonghoe-ru Pavilion, the Hyangwonjeong Pond and Geunjeongjeon sculptures.

Discover Bukchon Hanok Village

In Seoul, exploring this village is one of the best things to do. Bukchon Hanok Village is situated at the top of a hill between the Palace of Gyeongbok, the Changdeok Palace and the Royal Shrine of Jongmyo. A 600-year-old urban environment of this village retains this traditional of Seoul.

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This place’s cultures and hospitality will throw a spell upon you that will take you back in time. Notice many alleys and Hanok houses which are actually traditional Korean houses belonging to the Joseon Dynasty throughout the village. It is regarded as the most beautiful historic area in Seoul,

Hike Through the Bukhansan National Park

Bukhansan National Park is one of the most loving sites for adventure seekers as well as nature lovers. The park is made up of woods, limestone peaks and forested areas. On an annual basis, the park has managed to attract over 5 million hikers and rock climbers. The park is just a 45-minute metro ride away from Seoul, covering a distance of 80 km².

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As the park is divided into two sections, the northern Donog-san area and the southern Bukhan-san area you need a half-day to explore this national park. For bliss experience of vegetation, travellers must consider hiking through the mountains of Bukhansan and view city beauty.

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Learn History at National Palace Museum

The National Palace Museum of Korea is situated in Jongno-gu, the heart of the city. This museum is well known for its huge collection of historical treasures of Korean history. This museum is also renowned for being one of the best historical museums in Seoul. Earlier known as the Korean Imperial Museum, this historical museum of Seoul popular for its massive collection of the Joseon Dynasty from the Korean Empire.

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Besides this, the museum also comprises 40,000 artefacts and royal treasures, of which 14 are the national treasures of South Korea. This is a perfect place to acquire historical awareness of the customs of South Korea.

Visit Bongeunsa Temple

During the Silla period, Bongeun Temple was built and lies in a forest of tall buildings and not deep in the mountains, it’s very easy to visit. There is total peace in the sanctums, sculptures, a large stone statue of Buddha, and the surrounding landscape, and each season brings a new look to the temple grounds.

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Try to visit at the time the Buddha birthday when lantern festival is organised. The environment here, surrounded by lush greenery, is very quiet and peaceful. Artefacts such as woodblock carvings of Buddhist shastras and the tallest Maitreya Buddha are major highlights.

For Good Ambience Visit Cheonggye Stream

The Cheonggyecheon or Cheonggye is an 11km long stream in downtown Seoul, providing a beautiful recreational space in the hustle-bustle of the city for travellers as well as for locals. It is the best places for romantic couples to spend some quality time this stream starts from Cheonggye Square near Gwanghwa Gate and flows to Wangsimni.

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The ecosystems around the stream have been restored over a 10-year period. In fact, you just might forget that you’re in the middle of a busy city unless you look up. As it passes through the middle of the city centre, there are lots of convenient facilities nearby at your disposal.

Experience Korean Tradition at the National Folk Museum

The National Folk Museum of Korea is the best museum to experience the traditional life of Korean people. This museum is dedicated to present the traditional ways of life of Korean people from ancient times to the present time.

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This museum host very famous and special exhibitions like the Artisans Of Korean Traditional Skills Exhibition and the Korean Annual traditional handicraft Art Exhibition. The open-air exhibition with lush green gardens offers diverse themes about Korean folklife and traditional rural culture. This Museum is a must to visit to get the best knowledge about Korean rituals.

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Visit Myeongdong – A Paradise for Shoppers

Seoul is also a paradise for shopaholic and for the best experience of shopping in this city, you must go Myeongdong. Most busy shopping street in Seoul and considered as a heaven for cosmetic lovers. You can also find international fashion brands, shopping malls, street-side shops and local eateries selling Korean dumplings and ginseng chicken soup snacks. There are around 1,000 outlets selling Korean cosmetic and skincare products. After shopping, you can also visit an iconic landmark and the gothic-style Myeongdong Nanta Theatre and Myeongdong Catholic Cathedral.

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You can also visit Lotte World which is one the largest theme park in the world, Changdeokgung Palace and Jongmyo Shrine which are a UNESCO listed heritage sites, the War Memorial of Korea, Dongdaemun Market, 63 SQUARE which is one of Seoul’s tallest skyscrapers, Namsan Park and many more destinations. 

Nightlife Scenes in Seoul

The nightclubs in Seoul draw the attention of everyone and create a trendsetter for youngsters in Korea. Here hardcore music enthusiasts can visit many night clubs and bars, attend as well as foreign Danza festivals like the Ultra, Séoul World DJ Festival and World Club Dome. Stylish themes, large dance floors and VIP lounges, mixing dance beats and futuristic sound systems, are featured on Seoul’s most famous nightclubs.

Enjoy Seoul Festivals

Koreans are known to celebrate almost everything which makes this beautiful capital city home to unique festivals and customs. And Seoul is one destination that attracts culture enthusiasts across the world due to its electrifying festivals and events which this city organised throughout the year. Yeongdeungpo Yeouido Spring Flower Festival, Seongbuk World Beer Festival is conducted at Seongbukcheon Fountain Square where you can taste beers from all over the world.

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Enjoy Lotus Lantern Festival in which the city is decorated with lanterns creating a beautiful aura. Beginning of Summer, Dano Festival is also organised by the National Folk Museum of Korea. Don’t forget to witness the incredible fireworks at the Seoul International Fireworks Festival.

Food to Relish at Seoul

Some of the most mouth-watering food experiences you can have in Seoul. In the city, there are many incredible food streets that drew visitor’s attention with their rich flavourful cuisines. Travellers must-try Hotteok, sweet pancakes which are popular street food of Seoul. Apart from this, also taste Tteokbokki, Kimbap, and the popular chicken Skewers. Other Korean dishes are Soondae, Mayak gimbap and Bindaetteok, a mung bean pancake, with a massive fan following them and served at many restaurants of Seoul.

Bottom Line

Public transport from Seoul’s metropolitan capital will easily take you to traditional rural villages. The immense culture and past of South Korea and what could be better than visiting museums in Korean history is known to South Korea. From the traditional and state-of-the-art museums, you’ll learn about modern and traditional Korean life. Seoul is the town to enjoy a break without thinking about your budget

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