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Plan a trip to the historical land in Germany – Essen


The city Essen unquestionably imaginative in the manner Germany’s view unfurls the grumpy forest, heartfelt river valleys and tremendous greeneries all around.

The place holds the historical identity worldwide in terms of ancient monuments and cathedrals. Essen is one of the largest hubs of multinational companies and manufacturing units in Germany. You will be glad to know more about this city in detail of this article.

Let’s explore the largest city of Germany, Essen with super amazing destinations to visit.

1. Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex

The Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex is one of Essen’s most famous attractive places to explore. In the year 2001, the Zollverein Coal Mine Industries were selected in UNESCO World Heritage. This is one of the beautiful coal mines in the world, which give add extra charm to the city Essen.

Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex in Essen, Germany
Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex in Essen, Germany / Image credit:

This coal mine is not just a manufacturing unit but also holds the identity of a historical museum for visitors. You will get to know lots of information about the second world war from this place.

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2. The Old Synagogue

With the combination of divine faith and memorial site, the Old Synagogue in Essen has a different place when it comes to a historical place to visit. Back in the year 1913, the huge structure was famous among the Jewish community in Germany.

The Old Synagogue was modified and redesigned as  a significant “Place of Jewish Culture.”  This place exhibits the history of pre-war and war years displaying the Jewish oppression and opposition.

Old Synagogue, Essen, Germany
Old Synagogue, Essen, Germany / Image credit:

Besides the war activities that happened in the past now, this place became the center of attraction for the tourists offering a rich program of shows, dramatic exhibitions and readings.

3. Villa Hügel

On the north side of Baldeneysee  is Essen’s biggest lake namely Villa Hügel is located in Germany. You can relax at the lakeside in a beautiful park with family and friends.

Villa Hügel , Essen
Villa Hügel , Essen / Image credit:

During summers, the famous musical concert chamber is organized which makes this lake more stunning with musical beats everywhere.

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4. Bochum Dahlhausen Railway Museum & Steam Train Ride

Are you a train lover? Discovering any city by train is a different feeling for an explorer. Take a 20-minute drive east of Essen, you can reach to Bochum Dahlhausen Railway Museum.

Bochum Railway Museum, Essen
Bochum Railway Museum, Essen / Image credit:

The exhibition comprises old structures like an old motor running in the rail, immense turntable to the coaling, sanding, and watersheds. You will be amazed to see the technologies used in railway back in the 1900s which make this museum interesting to explore. Tourists can check out the various old carriages and moving stock, the most established tracing back to the 1850s. At this place, fun tours are also available for everyone to make your visit more exciting.

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5. Essen Minster

Essen Minster is known to be a  Golden Madonna of the city. This is the old Roman Catholic Essen Minster (Essener Münster), otherwise called Essen Cathedral (Essener Dom). One of the oldest places of prayer built in the 9th century which proves to be the oldest monuments in the Essen. The building was perfectly designed by the wonderful artist of that time, still, you can feel the art at each corner of this region.

Essen Minster. Germany
Essen Minster. Germany / Image credit:

Inside the cathedral, you will see the outstanding highlights of a seven-fanned bronze candlestick dating from around 1000 BC. Apart from this, the Golden Madonna which is also known as Virgin Mary in Europe is another center of attraction here.

6. Philharmonie Essen

Philharmonie concert hall was started in the 20th century and rebuilt again in the year 2000 costing €72m. The space capacity to hold the crowd in the hall is around  1,906 seats. The structure of this hall is built with a glass 3D square plan.

Symphoniekonzert, Philharmonie Essen
Symphoniekonzert, Philharmonie Essen / Image credit:

If you are in Essen and want to enjoy the musical concerts, so this place is ideal for any music lover to feel the fusion of jazz and classical beats. The hall is one of the remarkable spots for world music and presentations, gatherings and festivities.

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7. Margarethenhöhe

If you are a plant lover this Germany’s first nursery I.e Margarethenhöhe will increase your curiosity to see during your visit to Essen. The area covered by Margarethenhöhe is around 115 hectares which were established by Margarethe Krupp and filled in stages in the years 1906 and 1938 respectively.

Gasthaus Margarethenhhe Essen
Gasthaus Margarethenhhe Essen / Image credit:

The majority part of Margarethenhöhe is covered over to the forest, which gives any nature lover a complete space of solitude to relax in the lap of soft grasses and chill winds.

8. Grugapark

If you are visiting Essen in summer, so this Grugapark will give you another level of freshness with its amazing greenery and cooling surrounding. The greenhouse is beautifully designed in the shape of a pyramid which appears as a tropical house. There is a different kind of nursery present like Westphalian rancher’s nursery, rose nursery, and bonsai garden. With a unique species of flowers and trees, this garden capturing thousands of tourists every year.

Grugapark Essen
Grugapark Essen / Image credit:

Apart from this, the garden also holds a recreation center that has aviaries and huge nooks for owls, flamingos and herons, Moore, Auguste Rodin, Adolf Wampler and Fritz Klimsch and many more. I must say Grugapark is the perfect combination of flora and fauna in the Essen.

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Best time to visit Essen, Germany

In Germany, Essen is perhaps the hottest city with a mild oceanic environment. The winters are extremely cool and the summers are gentle. Except in January, one can plan a trip to Essen in all the months of the year.

Germany is one of the developed countries of Europe. But Essen is another important part of Germany that can’t be missed if you plan a trip to Europe.

Essen a beautiful city encompassed with ancient contemporary architecture and blended with recreated modern textures. One of the interesting cities to explore in Germany that will blow your mind. Hope you enjoyed the article on Essen.

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