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Visit Austria And Explore Beautiful Vienna And an Enthralling Mozart


Austria is an Alpine country submerged in the beauty of nature, giant castle and palaces, the city of Vienna, and their very own Mozart.

Austria is a European country with Vienna being the capital city as well as the most popular destinations among tourists. The country has a special nuance towards music and has given birth to many famous musicians and composers. Apart from that, the land is a hub to many talented scientists, philosophers and those who had immensely contributed to world literature! Do you know where the famous Mr. Olympia turned actor, politician Arnold Schwarzenegger is born? Right here in Austria!

When a tourist lands here, they are welcomed by both royal palaces and scenic nature. Austria is a perfect tourist destination for solo travelers, family trips or honeymoon.

So, add Austria to your bucket list while we at India Imagine chalk the very reason for you!

Visit Vienna – The City Of Eternal Beauty

Vienna is the capital of Austria and the largest city that lures travelers with its undisputed beauty. Vienna is known for the best coffee house in the world. The famous Mozart and Beethoven music is the heart and soul of Vienna thus no travelers ever leaves the place without visiting the music corporation called Mozart, Beethoven & Co.

Vienna-Austria, Via: jake&

There are many architectural landmarks in the capital city, that explores the art and culture of the land’s history. Apart from that, it is a delightful view to watch the World Heritage Trail in Wachau. Last but not least Vienna brews the best beer and wine in entire Europe. Don’t forget to visit the museum across the place that projects modern art and splendour sculpture. Click a few pictures of the picturesque view of Vienna’s unbelievable beauty.

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Schonbrunn Palace – For A Royal Visit

It is said that Habsburg rulers used to come to Schonbrunn palace during summers to relax. The palace is an epitome of Baroque architectural forms that have more than centuries-old history and culture. There is one section called Rococo palace that has entire 1441 rooms to its credit. Every nook and corner of the place represents the likes and tastes of the rulers ruled over centuries.

Belvedere Palace – The Night Beauty

Belvedere Palace is a historical landmark and museum. The palace is filled with beautiful sculptures and fountains. The night view of the palace can’t be described in words, some places are just feast to eyes.

Belvedere Palace
Belvedere Palace, Austria / Image credit:

This palace is also built as a summer residence for the prince who ruled the land. It is said that during the era when prince Eugene ruled, the land was flourished like never before. The land witness majestic palaces during his reign. And Belvedere palace is one of them.

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Fortress Hohensalzburg – On The Top Of The Hill

Hohensalzburg fortress is a major tourist attraction for people across the country. Sitting proudly on top of a small hill, the fortress was built during the reign of Prince-Archbishop. It is one of the largest fortresses in entire Europe. That makes it a perfect place to spend your time to know the history of the place.

Prater – Spend Time With Kids

Prater, Austria
Prater, Austria / Image credit:

Prater is the best place to spend some quality time with your kids. It is one of the biggest parks in Vienna. There is an iconic giant wheel in the center of the park, which makes it the most loved park among children. It is normally opened on weekdays by 11 am. The park is surrounded by lush green nature, the best place to sit and relax.

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Hundertwasser – The Colorful Apartment

Hundertwasser, Austria
Hundertwasser, Austria / Image credit:

Friedensreich Hundertwasser was a famous painter back in the 1950s. The Hundertwasser apartment was the artist’s brainchild which becomes the historical landmark of the city. The color and structure of the building is quite a fascinating sight.

Getreidegasse- The Place Where Mozart Lived

Are you in the mood for some serious shopping? Then Getreidegasse is the right place for you The place is filled with busy streets and people gathering to buy all sorts of beautiful things. Getreidegasse is also the birthplace of Mozart.

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Hohe National Park And Hoher Dachstein

Hohe National Park
Hohe National Park / Image credit:

Surrounded by alpine mountains and landscapes with exotic greenery Hohe National park is quite a place to visit. Hoher Dachstein is best for skiing, people across the city come here to enjoy a splendid skiing experience. The place covers a vast area that accommodates several people at one slot.

Food That Depicts The Culture

The Austrian food marks years old taste and experience. The iconic Sachertorte cake was first invented in 1832 but still holds a special place in Austrian cuisine and heart. The place is famous for different types of pastries that are finger-licking tasty. Vienna streets are filled with beautiful cafes that deliver the best atmosphere and coffee to soothe your soul.

Austrian tour is a dream come true to many. The place is famous among celebrities and travelers across the globe alike. The picturesque perfect place for a beautiful vacation with your loved one. Just pack your bag and follow our list.

Bon Voyage!!

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