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How To Spend An Ideal Vacation In San Francisco


Being the sixteenth most populous city in the United States, San Francisco is still the core center for finance, commercial aspect, culture and tourism. The city is present in the state of California which lies on the west coast of the United States. Well, in terms of the area it is not as huge as various cities like Stika, Wrangell. Hence, it does have tons of beautiful places to visit. It lies next to the ocean with another attraction called Golden Gate Bridge, due to which it is referred to as “Jewel of Northern California”. Music is another aspect of this city that brings a new level of enthusiasm.

Sometimes planning for a vacation tour might become an act of chaos, due to lack of time and knowledge; however, it will be helpful if you have advance information on tourist places and for various activities. So stay with us and see the ideal locations to spend your vacation:

Golden Gate Bridge

The first location to start your journey should be the Golden Gate Bridge. It is an all-new experience to see something majestic, one of the largest man-made structures that are still operational. The bridge was inaugurated on 28th May 1937 which connects San Francisco to Marin County and some other near-by districts of the north direction.

Golden Gate Bridge
Golden Gate Bridge / Image credit:

It measures approximately 2 miles in length and can be spotted from far away. The red-orange suspension bridge is a famous spot that is visited by millions of tourist every year. On the bridge, the center portion is for car and vehicle and walkways are made on both sides of the bridge for walkers.

Alcatraz Island

Alcatraz Island houses one of the most famous prisons of America which lies in San Francisco Bay and the prison is present 2.1 km away from the shore. Due to its weird location and entirely surrounded by ocean water the prison was sort of impenetrable which brings a sense of fear in prisoners.

Alcatraz Island
Alcatraz Island / Image credit:

This prison was functional for at least 30 years but in the year 1963, it was permanently closed but later in the year 1973 the prison was re-opened for visitors. From 1973 to the present age the prison is operational and opened in all seasons. A guided tour is also provided to understand the operation of the prison, proper narration through a recorded voice tells you the importance of the place.

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Enjoy The Cable Car

One of the major problem a tourist faces during the visit to any city or country is the transportation facility, how to travel from one place to another, what are the locations, etc. Therefore, a historic alternative is available for all travellers to this city. The Cable Car is a public transport that was started in 1873 for the local people of this city but during times most of them shifted to personal vehicles and the craze for open travel was lost.

Cable Car
Cable Car / Image credit:

But now the Cable Cars are in fashion and proving their importance by travelling to all major attractions of the city like Lombard Street, Nob Hill, Ghirardelli Square and the Fisherman’s Wharf.


There are moments when you are short on time and want to visit more than one country but couldn’t, therefore, here comes Chinatown. It is a place in San Francisco where you may experience culture, trend, shops and much other stuff in Chinese style. There are other Chinatowns in the USA but this one is unique and has all the vibes that could relate with you and provide an ultimate experience.

Chinatown / Image credit:

Shopping and entertainment are the two main features of this place; you may find lots of shops like tea store, antique shop, etc. Similarly, for entertainment purpose, you have theatres and art shops.

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Here are some tourist places where you can enjoy and perform certain adventurous activities that may complete your entire vacations:

Have Fun In GoCar

Exploring the city is one of the greatest fun adventures for a tourist and GoCar is a facility through which one can enjoy this ride. The GoCar is a location-based vehicle that you can take on rent and travel around the city and discover new points of interest.

GoCar / Image credit:

In this yellow coloured small-open car you are guided by a remote voice, just input the destination through the inbuilt GPS programme and see the town through a different vision. The speed limit and stoppage time are managed by the one who is driving the car. Do consider enjoying this activity.

The Hot Air Balloon

Napa Valley and the Sonoma Valley are the two areas that are visible through the Hot Air Balloon. This fun activity is available for everyone; the source point is just 1.5 hours far from the main city. The Hot air balloon floats above the fields of grapes that are the Napa and Sonoma Valley.

Hot Air Balloon
Hot Air Balloon / Image credit:

The Napa Valley is also near a coastal region due to which a traveller must be able to see the water bodies from the balloon. Tourists from all over the world execute this activity after all it is once in a lifetime opportunity.

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Hiking on Angel Island State Park

Hiking on Angel Island State Park is the best for those who love to taste adventure and thrill. It is an island in San Francisco Bay where you need to take a boat to reach the island. Hiking to the top is not a difficult task; it’s just 788 feet which can be covered through hiking also.

Angel Island State Park
Angel Island State Park / Image credit:

Hence, the island is also home to other various places like the beach and dedicated picnic spots. The island is always opened for tourists, however; the best time to enjoy here is from June to October.

Well, these were some of the most fascinating places to visit in San Francisco where you can ideally spend your entire vacation. So what are you waiting for make a plan and get ready for an incredible trip.

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