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See The Most Amazing Photographic Locations In Oahu


Oahu is an island in the central pacific part of the Hawaiian series of the island and it is the third-largest island in this series. Here, you will see very fewer crowds, with a population of one to two million people. Hence the island is quite famous for some amazing photographic locations which include ocean views, lots of beaches, luxury hotels, and some unforgettable epic views. The island is also known as “The Gathering Place” which literally means where you can see peoples of different culture and cities enjoying together. If you are planning to visit this island for the first time then you must not forget your digital camera after all, who wants to lose such an incredible view.

Here are several places which you can visit and even do some wonderful activities:

Waikiki Beach

It is not wrong to say that Waikiki beach is the epicentre for everyone, whether it’s local people or the tourist everyone’s first favourite spot is the Waikiki beach. The long coastline and the never-ending sea is a perfect combination of a beautiful location. Here, you will find crystal clear blue water under the bright and blue sky which means the situation is entirely true for water adventure and swimming.

Waikiki Beach
Waikiki Beach / Image credit:

However, deep swimming is not allowed here but you can enjoy it to some extent. Seeing the sunrise and the sunset through naked eyes is one of the most wonderful experiences you will ever have. Another thing which makes it more suitable for tourist is the availability of luxury hotels and resorts.

See The Luau

The most correct and suitable way to understand a place is by understanding their custom and culture. Therefore, a luau is a way through which one can understand the life of the Hawaiian people. Basically, it is a dance format and plays a vital role in their day to day life. On some special occasions, the Hawaiian people celebrate it and sometimes they also celebrate when they welcome the visitors and show them their culture.

Luau / Image credit:

Even as a foreigner you can also participate and enjoy with them, they teach us the way they perform on music and how they eat food. It is a great experience to enjoy with them and learn something new.

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Hanauma Bay

Hanauma Bay is a natural preserve place that is formed within a volcanic cone and has a very diverse and delicate eco-system. It is the only place which is known as a common tourist attraction for two places, one is Oahu and Honolulu. Actually, it is located on the south-east coastline of Oahu and also just 30 minutes away from Honolulu.

Hanauma Bay
Hanauma Bay / Image credit:

The Hanauma Bay is home to a very unique coral reef because of it the bay is categorised into a natural preserved zone. The flora and fauna you will notice here are completely different and exclusive to this place only. Tourists are allowed to enjoy the beach without disturbing the eco-system of the bay.

Hiking On Diamond Head

To get a good panoramic view of the island you need a climb somewhere on top from where you can view the city and endless sea-water. Diamond Head is that place which you should consider; it is a sweet spot for adventure lovers. Hiking up a dead volcano with a little bit of nervousness would definitely bring a new level of adventure into your bloodstreams.

Diamond Head
Diamond Head / Image credit:

Hiking is not tough even if you are not a professional climber, then also you can manage. The elevation of this Diamond Head is approximately 762 foot which is fairly manageable and there are some stairs also which makes this climb easier.

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Makapuu Point Lighthouse

The Makapuu Point Lighthouse was constructed in 1909 and it lies in the southeastern point of Oahu. To reach the top you need to climb 500 feet from the parking area. It takes approximately 30 minutes to climb up to the top to reach the viewing site where the lighthouse is present. The lighthouse is not opened for visitors but from the top one can easily view the neighbouring islands.

Makapuu Point Lighthouse
Makapuu Point Lighthouse / Image credit:

Another important aspect which many people might not know is the lighthouse has one of the largest lenses currently present in America. Tourists who likely to visit in the winter season shall see and enjoy humpback whales in the nearby ocean.

Lanikai Beach

White glossy sand with clear blue sky and a warm ocean-water is the perfect combination for a wonderful beach. Lanikai beach is the second most famous beach; lots of tourist travel to this beach every year. Clean water combined with water sports is the two major features of this beach that make it even more attractive. Some of the sports which you can enjoy are sailing, windsurfing, diving, boating, jet skiing, etc.

Lanikai Beach
Lanikai Beach / Image credit:

The beach works as a magnet for photographers, as the water is calm which results in better opportunities for good photographs. Lanikai beach is present near the residential area due to which the percentage of crowd is very less. So enjoying at Lanikai beach must be on your list.

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Everyone’s dream is to travel all such places, enjoy the beauty of nature and click some images that will stay with you forever. Whether you are looking for a weekend or a trip, do consider visiting Oahu, it has so much to offer. So plan with your friends, colleagues and plan a wonderful trip to Oahu.

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