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The Best And The Cheapest Places For The Digital Nomads


Beach, resort, train, bus, car, café anywhere on the earth is an office for a digital nomad. When it comes to working, their entire life swirls around a laptop, internet connection and the best place that would lift my spirit to work. Digital nomads don’t prefer working within four walls, they love to explore, experiment and experience the best working environment. The only thing that gets the best of us is nothing but Wi-Fi, and we chase all the places that provide the best of connection.

Shifting to places not only enrich the travelers to know more about the culture, local environment but also help to get a perfect cost-effective place to reside. It is not a proper accommodation that they are chasing, because their world is packed in a bag!

And as the pandemic hit last year, most of the travel restrictions proved a fatal blow to the digital nomads. No, not in terms of money-making, as we know the entire universe was working from home. It was the travel experience, outdoor moods and non-traditional workplace that we ” digital nomads” missed the most.

So, why not look into few fabulous places for digital nomads with cost-friendly living and not to mention Wi-Fi for free!

Tallinn In Estonia

Tallinn In Estonia
Tallinn In Estonia/Image Credit:

The Estonian streets embrace 12th-century Cathedrals and Renaissance buildings. Nature is also at its best with sea, mountains, the forest that stay close to the Russian borders. And that makes Tallinn, a major city of Estonia a tourist attraction. But that doesn’t stop digital nomads from getting a cheap place to rent and find co-working groups to spend time with. Estonia has the best digital infrastructure and that is exactly what lures the nomads to seek their perfect workplace. Tallinn is the place that can get you the co-working space or wooden cottages for you to think and recreate your ideas. Apart from all the above, don’t forget beer is cheaper here and Tallinn is the best of nightlife too!

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Da Nang In Vietnam

Da Nang In Vietnam
Da Nang In Vietnam/Image Credit:

You won’t understand how it is to lead a life of Digital Nomad in Vietnam until you experience it. Vietnam has quite an effective digital infrastructure with good internet. Da Nang has the few best co-working space, and along with that, the city has cafes for the working environment. And with a cheap cost of living, food that is worth binge eating and a climate that is at its best makes Da Nang a hotspot for digital nomads.

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Medellin In Colombia

Medellin In Colombia
Medellin In Colombia/Image Credit:

Medellin is known as the digital nomad Mecca for the Americans. Well, the beauty of the place, culture and diversity, cheap living, best food and accommodation are few factors that make the place such a hotspot among digital nomads all over the world. Apart from this Medellin is accessible to all from the main part of the world, especially Argentina and Mexico. The accommodation is quite cheaper than any of the other countries comparatively. With street foods and rest houses, nomads feel at home most of the time.

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Chiang Mai In Thailand

Chiang Mai In Thailand
Chiang Mai In Thailand/Image Credit:

Chiang Mai of Thailand is the place all digital nomads mostly swear upon. People come here in search of the best working environment. Wi-Fi that suits their requirement and the sustainable cost of living. You can rent an apartment for a low cost if you are planning for a long-term stay. And if we speak about the beauty, culture and diversity of the place, we had already covered a lot of write-ups on Thailand and never shy away to explore more of it when giving a chance.

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Playa del Carmen In Mexico

Digital-Nomad-Mexico/Image Credit:

When we talk about Mexico, it is a vibe that we feel like a travel enthusiast. But for digital nomads, it is completely different. This is a place where people from most of the countries can stay here without a visa( check the rules and regulations before planning such arrivals).
Few reasons that digital nomads stick to the place are the best Wi-Fi in the entire Latin Country, quite reasonable and affordable rent. And like I said, you can stay at Playa del Carmen for six months without a visa as a tourist at any given point in time.

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Florianopolis In Brazil

When you come to Brazil, remember one thing and that is not to get distracted. Florianopolis is all that a tourist can ask for. Best hiking and trekking trails, waterfalls, beaches, boating and surfing. And how do amidst all this we concentrate on work? Don’t worry, Florianopolis has the best co-working areas that you would never miss. You can connect with other digital nomads like you and discover new and exciting things. Most of the workspaces have the best quality Wi-Fi installed and are located quite near to the local eateries and restaurants.

Valencia In Spain

Valencia In Spain
Valencia In Spain/Image Credit:

Often digital nomads are in the opinion that Spain is that place they always think about making a home. Particularly Valencia, which is considered as a hub to many historical significance places, architectural eminence and a never-ending street to stroll through. Valencia is affordable than any other city in Spain. You can rent places or look for co-working spaces within your budget. And the streets are filled with food that is not too costly but would tingle your tastebuds.

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Goa In India

Goa In India
Goa In India/Image Credit:

Goa is certainly not a cheap affair, but one of the major hotspots that lure in digital nomads from all over the globe. As per tourists, Goa is where youngster’s hearts thrive. However, this place in India is home to people who love to get rid of stress and lead an amazing life. There are many things to do in Goa along with the work you do. And believe me when I say it will be one hell of an experience!!

I consider myself a digital nomad, even though it may sound a bit weird but it is fun to be one. Digital nomad loves their work as they have the liberty to be a free spirit and enjoy the freedom to work from anywhere around the globe.
Bon Voyage!!

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