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The Queen of the Missions – Explore the city Santa Barbara


Santa Barbara is a beachfront city in California, situated on the west coast of United States of America. This city lies between the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Ynez Mountains.

Santa Barbara is perhaps the most impressive town in California. The style of the city is inspired by Spanish engineering that can be seen in various monuments.

Santa Barbara Showcases History and Culture
Santa Barbara Showcases History and Culture / Image credit:

The top vacation destinations in Santa Barbara lie close to one another, so it is easy to discover the place more in a limited period. It is an excellent place of incredible environment for living and working.

Through this article, let’s explore the top 10 places to visit in Santa Barbara.

1. Santa Barbara County Courthouse

One of the country’s most excellent public structures is a Santa Barbara County Courthouse. Beautifully planned in the Spanish-Colonial style and the most wonderful structures in the U.S.

Santa Barbara County Courthouse
Santa Barbara County Courthouse / Image credit:

The main attraction for the tourists is red tile rooftops, a four-confronted clock tower, a beautiful nursery and grounds. The county house also has a separate section for art lovers like hand-painted wall paintings and resplendent fashioned iron light fixtures.

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2. East Beach

Wonderful, sandy and long East Beach is situated along the waterfront east of State Street and the Stearns Wharf Pier region. East Beach is close to the absolute biggest lodgings in Santa Barbara so it is Santa Barbara’s default seashore for visitors.

East Beach, Santa Barbara
East Beach, Santa Barbara / Image credit:

The beautiful sunset can be enjoyed along with the seashore house and hotels. Fun activities like volleyball,  jungle gym, bicycle ride, rollerblading shower, paddle boarding and swimming are the ones that tourists love to enjoy specifically on this beach.

3. Seven Falls

Seven Falls is located just at the distance of 5.1 kilometers to Santa Barbara, California with stunning waterfalls and natural landscapes. The trail is specifically meant for hiking which is available throughout the year.

7 Falls Santa Barbara
7 Falls Santa Barbara / Image credit:

One of the amazing series of seven waterfalls and punchbowl-like pools which are the famous spots in Santa Barbara. If you want to avoid the heat, this place is perfect to spend a pleasant time at Tunnel Trail sights. Every year thousands of couples come here to spend their honeymoon at this place which became another romantic destination of Santa Barbara.

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4. Old Mission Santa Barbara

In the year 1786, Old Mission set up by Spanish Franciscans, nicknamed Queen of the Missions, Old Mission Santa Barbara perches over the town. Enjoy the walk-in flawless nurseries, including an assortment of plants critical to local Chumash Indians, and visit the noteworthy burial ground also.

Purple Beach Theme Wedding, Santa Barbara
Purple Beach Theme Wedding, Santa Barbara / Image credit:

In the graveyard, the detailed sepulchers of early California pilgrims stick out and the graves of thousands of Chumash lie to a big extent neglected.

5. Santa Barbara Winery

The pleasure of getting boozed on the holiday is another true vibe of the Santa Barbara wine insight. In the humming downtown scene, handfuls of tasting rooms and working wineries add charm to the city. It only takes 45 minutes to ride to reach the place which uncovers moving grape plantations. A quintessential wine country experience set apart by top-notch wine, cooking and friendliness.

Wine Lovers Tour, Santa Barbara
Wine Lovers Tour, Santa Barbara / Image

The grapes used for making wines come from the Lafond Vineyards in the Santa Rita Hills of the Santa Ynez Valley and adjoining grape plantations. The winery place is soothing for visit as cool winds from the Pacific region continuously blow all around, the hazy morning and chilled day will make your mood excited to explore more in this winery land.

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6. Our Lady of Sorrows Church

One of the magnificent holy places of Santa Barbara is this Our Lady of Sorrows Church. It was established in the year 1782, to ensure the interests of the Spanish Empire in the California boondocks, just as shield the Spanish residents.

The Franciscan clerics set up a “mission church” to serve the local Chumash populace. This Presidio Chapel had constructed into Our Lady of Sorrows Church.

Our Lady of Sorrows Church Ceremony, Santa Barbara
Our Lady of Sorrows Church Ceremony, Santa Barbara / Image credit:

This church is prominently considered for wedding and pre-wedding shoots. You can see the culture of Spain in the architecture of this church which presents the amazing combination of two traditions in a holy place.

7. Lake Cachuma

Lake Cachuma is beautifully present in between Santa Ynez and San Rafael Mountains. All-time the temperature is gentle with a clear sky which makes favorable conditions for fishing.

Cachuma Lake, Santa Barbara
Cachuma Lake, Santa Barbara / Image credit:

Cachuma Lake offers camping areas that are differentiated by a perpetual fire ring and a solitary outdoor table with streaming boundaries.  You can discover hot showers, bathrooms and water close by. At this lake, Marina is open all year and sells snare and tackle, fuel, fishing licenses, and incorporates an eatery.

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8. Cold Spring Tavern

Cold Spring Tavern is one of the heritage spots in Santa Barbara which has a fantastic atmosphere with mouth-watering tasty food. The rest houses are 125 years old, still, for tourist, it gives the fresh look to stay and enjoy their vacations.

Cold Spring Tavern, Santa Barbara
Cold Spring Tavern, Santa Barbara / Image credit:

In the lap of nature, Cold Spring Tavern is covered by woods of trees and a small river that passes through different buildings and restaurants. One can enjoy the drinks in a separate Log Cabin Bar that is close to it. Tasty food, favorite drink and private compartment, what else a couple of needs for a pleasant holiday. If you are in Santa Barbara, you must visit Cold Spring Tavern for an exotic experience.

9. Leadbetter Beach

On the west harbor of Santa Barbara, the beautiful Leadbetter Beach is present. The amazing sand on this beach is perfect for sunbathing activities. One can have fun on this beach with windsurfing, kiteboarding, kite flying and cruising.

Leadbetter Beach, Santa Barbara
Leadbetter Beach, Santa Barbara / Image credit:

Right in the mid of the seashore is Shoreline Beach café a great spot for lunch and outing. Open-air showers with lush green grasses will calm your body and mind.

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10. Stearns Wharf

Stearns Wharf is a dock at the ending of State Street and Cabrillo, in the harbor of Santa Barbara. Stearns Wharf is an incredible spot for local people and tourists, all things considered, to eat, shop, fishing, or walk and appreciate the natural view.

SB Museum of Natural History, Santa Barbara
SB Museum of Natural History, Santa Barbara / Image credit:

Children can cherish the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History Sea Center, where they’ll find out about the entrancing animals underneath the Wharf through cool intelligent shows. Regardless of whether you need to go through the entire day or simply get an exemplary California nightfall from the dock, a visit to Stearns Wharf is a fundamental Santa Barbara experience. This is one of Santa Barbara’s most visited attractions and a pillar of the Waterfront region.

Santa Barbara is one of the magnetic places to visit in the United States that overflows with energizing activities and incredible spots to enjoy holidays.

Romantic beach retreat, Santa Barbara
Romantic beach retreat, Santa Barbara / Image credit:

The glorious wild zones and chill beaches will make your memories super amazing in Santa Barbara. So if you plan a trip to California, must visit this city, Santa Barbara, with your loved ones. Hope you enjoyed this article.


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