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Explore The Indigenous Historic Center Of The Town of Goiás


The last time when we looked into a historic center or a small town listed on UNESCO World Heritage Site, it was quite an exciting write-up. To write about the town listed in WHS not only creates awareness for sustainable tourism but also helps the tourist to gain an avid knowledge about the place.
The next topic on our list is the beautiful town in Brazil, The historic center of the town of Goias. It is a beautiful European town in Brazil dated back from the 18th and 19th centuries. This place is well known for its colonization and industrial settlement traces. The place was listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site 2001.

Let’s get to known the facets of the place and try to understand more!

About the town of Goiás

Historic center of the town of Goias
Historic center of the town of Goiás: Image Credit/

Goiás is a colonization that occupies Central Brazil. Urban development of the place was designed in the 18th and 19th centuries. The urban development is mainly due to the mining and occupation rendered. This little settlement is known for producing and building up local materials and some untouched techniques. The architecture of the place is completely unique and coherent.

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The place has a good grasp of art like music and poetry. Some traces of the study of Gastronomy in the early days have been noted. The historical significance of the place adds to the betterment and the need to protect the place more. However, there are few places, destinations, spots that culminated makes the historic center of the town of Goiás a World Heritage Site. So, let’s take a look at such places and spots!

Cora Coralina House


The Cora Coralina House is a tiny little museum in Goiás dedicated to Cora Carolina. She was one of the most important and prominent personalities of Brazil. A poet and a storyteller who contributed vastly to Brazilian Literature. It is here in the house of Cora Carolina the storyteller spent a major part of her childhood days. This now serves as a museum to reflect the journey of the poet.
This museum was created in 2001 and it was listed in the WHS in the same year. It is one of the most loved cultural sites of the town of Goiás.

Ibram -The Museum of Flags

Ibram the Museum of Flags
Ibram the Museum of Flags: Image Credit/

The art museum Ibram is located in the heart of the town of Goiás. This museum has been awarded in four different categories and also serves as one of the prominent landmarks of Brazil. It has been a top Museum and the top place to visit are a few of them.

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Conde dos Arcos Palace

Conde dos Arcos Palace
Conde dos Arcos Palace: Image Credit/

The Palace of Conde de Arcos offers an incredible tour of the art and culture of the place through its exhibition. Conde dos Arcos Palace was created and opened for tourism in the year 1961. It showcases the government and the traditional aspects of the past of the place. The collection has been a variety from the 18th to 20th century. This vast collection that consists of old coins, personal belongings of the governors, art and weapons are the major attraction of the museum.

Church of Our Lady of the Good Death

Church of Our Lady of the Good Death
Church of Our Lady of the Good Death: Image Credit/

This architecture was founded in the early 19th century. It is one of the major cultural sites of the place. It represents the most important historical episode. This church plays a pivotal role in getting sisterhood among the African female slaves bought into the country then.
And in no time the place becomes a major landmark and African religion epitome in Brazil. The Church has quite a unique architecture with Baroque style and design. If you are visiting the historic center of the town of Goias, do try to visit during the great “Feast of Our Lady of Death”.

Andorinhas Waterfall

Andorinhas Waterfall
Andorinhas Waterfall: Image Credit/

The Town of Goias is not just about landscapes and architecture. The place has some mesmerizing nature, mountains and waterfalls to its credit. And one such spot is Andorinhas Waterfalls. Beautiful and Surreal. Many times people visit the place to enjoy the serenity and peace that comes along with it. If you ask me what makes Andorinhas Waterfall unique from others? It is the cave-like rock cut through which the water flows. Tourists love the place very much and it is thus considered as a major tourist spot of Goias.

Bandstand Square

The Bandstand Square is a circular structure in the heart of a park in Goias. It looks stunning during the night with lighting and decorations. Even though the structure may look a bit normal it is used for some fun purposes too. Sometimes it accommodates concerts and popular community to host some shows in the Square. If you miss the show, do visit the place during the night and click some wonderful clicks for your Insta-handle!

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The historic center of the town of the Goias is definitely a worth visit. It may be remotely of beat spot, but that is exactly what makes it precious and wanting. This place is a perfect specimen of indigenous places and sustainable tourism that we attain here. So, while listing out your favorite UNSECO World Heritage Places, do add the town of Goias to the list. I bet you won’t regret it!
Till you ponder over the list, it’s a bye from me!
Bon Voyage….

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