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Valparaíso – The WHS And The Jewel Of The Pacific


We had recently explored the most intriguing places in the name of the World Heritage site. Well, they were fascinating as well as aroused curiosity to the greatest of extent. However, the next on the list is a bit different from the recent ones. The Seaport City of Valparaíso is beautiful, vibrant and a perfect holiday spot for any generation. So, who told UNESCO World Heritage Sites are not fun?! Let’s get started and look into the beautiful historic city to know more.

About The Historic Quarter of the Seaport City of Valparaíso

Chile Tourism
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The Seaport City of Valparaíso is the largest metropolitan city in Chile. It is nearly 120 kilometers from Santiago. Valparaíso is also known as the Jewel of the Pacific. This place is a perfect holiday spot for those who love to explore the seaport coastal area and harbor area. The City has always reminisced the past that connects with the Industrial era. Valparaíso was once a major sea route to merchants for trade.

The route connected the Pacific coast to the Atlantic. Due to its unique architecture and modern conceptual style, Valparaíso is known as the Jewel of the Pacific.

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Some places to explore while you are in Valparaíso

Reñaca Beach

reñaca beach
reñaca beach: Image Credit/

Reñaca beach is a beautiful beach known for serenity. This city beach is a much affluent and vibrant one. The beach is 20 minutes away from the city. One of the place’s main attractions is the coast road that connects both city and the beach. People love to drive through the road and enjoy the sunset and the sunrise. Apart from that, the place is also a favorite among tourists who loves surfing and launching.

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La Sebastiana Museo de Pablo Neruda

Pablo Neruda Museum
Pablo Neruda Museum: Image Credit/

The La Sebastiana Museo de Pablo Neruda is museum dedicated to the well-known poet Pablo Neruda. It is a well-preserved house that was later converted into a museum. This place can be ensured to be preserved culture and all the work by the poet. People who love and art and culture often visit the place to devote themselves and learn more about their favorite writer. Thus this place is one of the main landmarks of the City.

Baburizza Palace


The beautiful Baburizza Palace is an Italian architecture that attracts people from worldwide. Precisely speaking Baburizza palace was built in 1916. It was once house to a famous businessman which was later converted to a museum in 1971. Now the Palace has been declared as the Heritage Site. Explore the Baburizza Palace while you are in the historic place of Valparaíso.

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Viña del Mar Botanical Garden

Viña del Mar Botanical Garden Chile
Viña del Mar Botanical Garden Chile: Image Credit/

The Viña del Mar Botanical Garden is a unique botanical garden that has some exotic plants grown within. The Chilean plant is one of the other rare and exotic plants found in this garden. Tourist explores and learns about a variety of plants and flowers of different medicinal values.
The architecture of the palace is also one of the main reasons why Viña del Mar Botanical Garden is quite popular among travelers across the world.

Paseo Gervasoni


The Paseo Gervasoni is a beautiful walkway with street arts and sideway eateries. This place attracts the youths and older generation to spend some quality time. The evening hours are always beautiful and surreal. People walk and jog through this Quint walkway and enjoy the nature that the place renders them.

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Protection and management of Valparaíso

The historic seaport of Valparaíso is both an interest of public and private bodies. It is an amalgamation of local government such as the Municipal Heritage Management Department and the higher authority services. The Outstanding Universal Value of the property is under the control of planning control. The main is to protect the integrity and authenticity of the place.

Valparaíso as a tourist place

Tourism Valparaiso
Tourism Valparaiso: Image Credit/

As we know Valparaíso is quite famous among the tourist due to its beautiful sites and colorful houses lined up. The beaches and natural beauty of the place attract new travelers. Most of the local people recommend the sideway to enjoy the surreal experience. There are also a few sideway markets for the shoppers to try their hand on some local products. Chile is always a tourist attraction. With many seaports and landscapes, Chile has been always top on the tourist list.

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While visiting Chile people love to explore a different facet of the place. Right from beaches to historic centers, the place has everything a tourist needs. If you are looking for a place that looks heavenly beautiful, historic and heritage site, no other place would match the reputation of the historic site of Valparaíso. Till you ponder over the place, it’s a bye from me…

Bon Voyage!

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