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Plan Your Honeymoon In The Land Of Midnight Sun – Alaska


Alaska, the place is known for its elegance and simplicity that is located in the extreme northeast of the United States west coast is favorite among tourists all over the globe. The place mainly attracts honeymooners because of its ambiance and extraordinary locations for an errand. Mesmerizing mountain terrains filled with glaciers and fjords, rivers and lakes to add beauty to its scenically gorgeous views. However, when you plan a trip to Alaska don’t forget to take blankets and jackets with you. You are going to need it!
Let us chalk out some Places best for a honeymoon in Alaska for you to be with your loved one!

Anchorage – Place best for adventure and outdoor fun

One cannot miss Anchorage while visiting Alaska, as it is the main city as well the largest city in there. Anchorage is loved by travelers looking for fun and outdoor activities. It is one of the bustling cities of Alaska with major restaurants, shopping places, and galleries to choose from. However, city life is not the only option, the enormous forest terrain is just close to the city.

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Travelers and tourists explore the landscape with loads of excitement and aww. The Anchorage museum treasures the city’s oldest and traditional heritage that preserves its cultural diversity. During summers the farmer’s market is one of the places that are worth a visit.

Talkeetna – Small town with mountains and valleys

The Talkeetna city is picture-perfect with a blend of beautiful old houses and heritage centers. Till 1915 the only way to reach the place was riverboat, then gradually the railroad was built to make the commute easy. The location can be described as a glimpse formative year with the wooden town and antique building.

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With rich culture ad persona, the city is always favorite among the tourists and people from tinsel town to spend some time far away from the city sounds. There is some fine craftsmanship that you can find on the street of Talkeetna, that you can buy as a souvenir.

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Girdwood- Build snow house, hike, and ski or go for a mountain bike ride, Honeymoon in Alaska

Girdwood is also known as a glacier city as it sits at the slim valley that is surrounded by the glacier layers. Down the mountain, the valleys of the landscape are drawn making it one beautiful place to be with your loved one. The place is best for skiing and hiking as well, just make sure to hire a local to guide you through the rainforest and mountain range.

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The range was a former mining area which is now basically a skiing area. The Alyeska Resort is the primary and most scouted place to stay in. There are many lodges and stay in places that provide good amenities and safe sleep.

Arctic Circle- Welcome to the extreme north of the globe!

This place is not for someone with a faint heart. One region on earth, where the sun doesn’t rise in winter and doesn’t set during summer. Most of the world considers the place as untamed or untouched, the people of Alaska have a different story to say.

Arctic Circle, Honeymoon in Alaska
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The tourist takes rented cars mostly to reach the place but opting to travel by air is one best possible way. Independent trips are allowed however, it would be a better option to hire professionals to take you for a ride. Trip to Arctic Circle will be one experience worth a lifetime. To touch the end of the world with your loved one. Will not that be fun?

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Kantishna Denali National Park- Wander the wide for lush green, Honeymoon in Alaska

Once the place was known for deep mining, mostly gold, is now the main tourist attraction. Even though the place is a little offbeat, this place is known for its unbeatable views that attract tourists across the world. For a newlywed couple, there are lots of adventure trips such as the Denali Backcountry Adventure trip.

Kantishna Park, Honeymoon in Alaska
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The place is completely disconnected from the city sounds and experience the wilderness of the Denali National Park. For stay and lodging, there are quite a few that would give you out of the box experience on your much-awaited honeymoon trip. Plan a full day bus trip into Denali National Park with your better half and stay mesmerized forever.

Seward- More than an icy affair, Honeymoon in Alaska

Seward is known as the gateway to Alaska due to its fascinating location. The place is a mixed affair with icy glaciers and green national parks. Tourist who comes here, for their honeymoon trip gets fascinated by the day cruises that are available in Seward. A cruise trip from Seward to Vancouver will be a memorable trip for you.

Seward- More than an icy affair, Honeymoon in Alaska
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This place is also famous for outdoor activities like fishing, hiking and watch in for a wonderful sled dog kennel tour. Seward has some wonderful restaurants that can give you some mouth-watering seafood to gorge in. what would a newlywed couple ask for?

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Fairbank- Meet the past on the edge of Arctic circle

One trip to Fairbank and you face to face with the history of Alaska. With the museum, gold mines, riverboat cruise, and tasty food, Fairbank is all in one package. Fairbank is almost on the top of the Arctic circle, so the amount of adventure is needless to say.

Fairbank, Honeymoon in Alaska
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Accommodation for honeymoon couples is not a big deal, there are wonderful lodging facilities across the city. Fairbank is Alaska’s largest northmost city, which promises a handful of memories for anyone who visits the place.

From the giant glaciers to the carpet of green wildlife, Alaska is one best place for your honeymoon if you are looking for a trip that is way far from the hustle-bustle of the city. It is completely for those who want to spend some quality time, without having to rush for anything. Just feel the chill breeze and stay awake in the land of the midnight sun!

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