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Jim Corbett National Park – Home To Bengal Tigers


Corbett National Park got its name in 1957 after Jim Corbett, the well known British hunter, tracker, and naturalist. Also, this is India’s first national park and certainly the most appealing Park in India. The park is in the lower regions of the Himalayas and amidst lavish greenery and uneven mountains with shifting statures, running from around 1300 feet to almost 4000 feet.


Situated in Nainital, Corbett National Park is an ideal spot for nature devotees and wildlife enthusiasts. Jim Corbett National Park is separated into four unique zones,i.e. Bijrani, Dhikala, Jhirna, and Durgadevi zones. Spread over a region of 520 square kilometers, the park is a complete bundle for enjoying the wildlife activities. So, the travelers are only permitted in the reserved areas of the Corbett Tiger Reserve to safeguard them and also keeping the animal’s activities undisturbed.

The ongoing pattern of the tourist’s visit has been set apart and indicates the effective increase in the number of guests coming each year. More than 70,000 guests go to the park during the summer season from different parts of India and the world.

The popularity of Corbett national park is because of the Royal Bengal Tiger which is available here in abundance and their lifestyle is something that attracts more and more tourists.

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Safari Zone

For the comfort of guests and streamlining the travel industry the board, Corbett Tiger Reserve has been partitioned into five fundamentally unrelated travel safari zones, each having a different door for passage.

1. Dhikala Zone, Canter Safari Zone

  1. Entry Gate: Dhangadi Gate
  2. Distance from Ramnagar: 32 Km
  3. Open: 15th November to 15th June
  4. Safari Offered: Day Canter Safari Only (No Jeep Safari)

2. Bijrani Zone, Jeep Safari Zone, Day Jeep Safari

  1. Entry Gate: Amdanda Gate
  2. Distance from Ramnagar: 2 Km
  3. Open: 5th October to 30th June
  4. Safari Offered: Jeep Safari Zone/ Elephant Safari

3. Jhirna Zone, Jeep Safai Zone, Only Day Jeep Safari

  1. Entry Gate: Dhela Gate
  2. Distance from Ramnagar: 15 Km
  3. Open: Throughout the year (subject to weather condition)
  4. Safari Offered: Jeep Safari Zone/ Elephant Safari

4. Dhela Zone – Jeep Safari Zone, Only Day Safari

  1. Entry Gate: Dhela Gate
  2. Distance from Ramnagar: 15 Km
  3. Open Period for Safari Tour : Throughout the year (subject to weather condition)

5. Durga Devi Zone, Jeep Safari Zone, Day Safari Only

  1. Entry Gate: Durga Devi Gate
  2. Distance from Ramnagar: 28 km
  3. Open Period for Safari Tour : 15th November to 15th June

6. Sitabani Forest Zone (Buffer Zone)

  1. Entry Gate: Near Teda Village (Private Vehicle Allowed)
  2. Exit Gate: Paulgarh Gate
  3. Distance from Ramnagar: Approx 4 km
  4. Open Period for Safari Tour: All Round the Year
  5. Safari Offered: Day Jeep Safari, Day Elephant Safari
  6. Forest Rest House: Few Hotels and Resorts run privately

How To Reach

The Jim Corbett National Park is arranged at an approximate distance of 260 Kms from the National Capital Delhi. The community close to Corbett is Ramnagar which structures the base camp of CTR. The city is very much associated with street or rail with real urban areas of India like Moradabad, Nainital, Bareilly, and Delhi.

By Road: The little city Ramnagar has an awesome street organize that associates the various urban communities of India. Uttarakhand state government transports handle at a short interim of time from Delhi, Moradabad, Haldwani that ranges straightforwardly Ramnagar. Corbett is just 15 km from Ramnagar town. The surface drive from Delhi to Corbett takes approximate five and a half hours. The assigned methodology courses are:

Delhi-Gajrola-Moradabad-Kashipur-Ramnagar: (240 km).

Bareilly-Kichha-Haldwani-Ramnagar: (160 km).

By Rail: Ramnagar is the main closest railroad station to Jim Corbett National Park. An immediate train to Ramnagar keeps running from Delhi. On the other hand, one can reach up to Haldwani/Kashipur/Kathgodam and come to Ramnagar by the street. Cabs are effectively accessible from these stations.

Resorts In And Near Jim Corbett

There are many resorts near Jim Corbett. But to distinguish one as the best, it will not be suitable. The mind-blowing beauty that surrounds these resorts will make you feel closer to nature. Here we are listing only one, and rest will be followed in the upcoming post.

Samsara Resort

Samsara Resort Corbett is a structural wonder that achieves the genuine substance of the thick Corbett Jungle. Being one of the most colorful retreats close to Corbett National Park, this choice hotel offers you a chance of a laid-back remain in the midst of the tranquility of the unpolluted normal feeling far away from the hurrying around of the city. The awesome plan of the hotel is magnificent and particularly around evening time, it would appear that a fortress of peacefulness.


Situated at a distance of around 7 km from Ramnagar railroad station, Samsara Resort Corbett is an ideal spot for staying in the external fringe of the Corbett National Park. Truly, the hotel is set in a town called Kanchanpur, Choi. This halfway found retreat is very much associated with all significant safari section entryways to the National Park.

Rooms & Suites

The accommodation at Samsara is delegated Family suite (02), Honeymoon Suite (02) and Luxury Rooms (48). Wilderness themed rooms of the hotel are outfitted with every cutting edge office like cooling, a radio phone, Satellite TV, tea/espresso creator machine, mineral water and some more. These rooms offer quiet and wonderful perspectives on the most pleasant characteristic surroundings around the hotel. Each room has a different pass on the region, to assimilate and feel the environment.

Adventure Activities Near Jim Corbett

Holiday occasions remove the tourists from the dull everyday practice. Undertaking experience movement is the ideal method to satisfy the adrenaline surge and revive the spirit. Jim Corbett offers a various scope of animating experience exercises. Here is the rundown of a portion of the significant experience exercises that one can embrace in the recreation center. Here we are going to discuss the main 5 activities that could be done while visiting Jim Corbett National Park.

I. River Rafting

River rafting in Jim Corbett is done close to probably the most flawless geologies offered by the Garhwal Himalayas. Clean shorelines, rock-studded rapids, assemblies of the rivers, interesting gorges and few of the most appreciated sanctuary towns, make the rafting endeavor worth essential. Rafting is an experience for nearly everybody. With gifted direction and present-day gear, rafting is anything but difficult to learn and is secure also. It takes you to the wild voyage of your own.

II. Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is an experienced sport where the explorers move up and cross a rock development. The experience oddities embrace rock climbing to arrive at the highest point the rock without tumbling down. At the point when a vacationer is in Corbett, aside from creature and fledgling watching, he can attempt this elating game of rock climbing. In spite of the way that rock climbing is a slippery action and requires tolerance and physical quality, it makes heaps of incitement and adrenaline surge. Corbett draws a decent number of game devotees, particularly for rock climbing.

III. Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is an undertaking movement where a traveler rides the bike rough terrain, for the most part in the harsh geographies. An extraordinarily structured bike is utilized for mountain biking. Mountain biking outings focus to investigate the Corbett scene through the visit dependent on experience in the midst of nature.

IV. Rappelling

Rappelling is a strategy for controlled plunge from a clasp with the assistance of a rope. This movement is considered as a real part of the conspicuous experience exercises in Jim Corbett National Park. When a visitor needs to plummet, there are essentially two choices he can either walk or climb down, or he can rappel. Be that as it may, when the territory turns is excessively steep, rappelling is the speedier, simpler and more secure way out.

V. River Crossing

River crossing alludes to crossing the river while holding tight a rope attached from one end to the next of the river. It is an extraordinary fun crossing a river on a rope. Jim Corbett National Park, having rivers like Ramganga and Kosi in nearness, gives abundant choices to the globe-trotters for river rafting and crossing. The errand of crossing the river, arriving at the opposite side of the river free from any potential harm crosswise over makes it a frightening group understanding.


Take some time out of your busy schedule and do make a visit to Jim Corbett National Park. This experience will really make you wonder about the true Wildlife and nature’s experiences. The adventure here is something that will be in your memories forever, and will surely let you share your experience with others.

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