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Charminar: The Unknown Facts That You Didn’t Know


Charminar is a monument in Hyderabad, India. According to the record, A.D., Muhammad Quli Qutub Shahi constructed it in 1591. It is said that structure was created to celebrate the end of a plague that was spread in Hyderabad. There are many unknown and untold facts about Hyderabad. This historical monument is still standing tall, withholding its charm, as the name itself spells a charm. Even here are some documents that suggest Charminar is the first structure to be constructed in the newly built Hyderabad.

The word Charminar is taken from two words Char and Minar that roughly mean four towers. This place is quite famous among tourists. Many tourists from India and from the globe visit here. Charminar is a proud landmark of the city. It was built as a mosque and monument that later on declared as a global monument. Charminar is made in the center of the city, so the connectivity is also functional. The monument is not located outside of the city, unlike other monuments. To visit here is one of the easiest things.

About the Structure of Charminar

If you visit Charminar, you will see the structure is made in a particular square shape from all sides with a measure of 66 feet on each side. The size or length of the minarets is 48.7 meters above the ground, and each minaret is around 4 storey. Each corner has four huge arches, that are designed in such a way that each one of them opens in there respective directions of street. Each corner has 184 feet minaret that has a double balcony, and each of them begins in a different direction.

Structure of Charminar
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The entire Charminar is heavily loaded with Indo-Islamic architecture style; here, you will see the excellent and exceptional work of design. There are approx 149 steps in the minaret, but the steps are not made for older adults. The steps are so lengthy that for older adults, it is impossible to climb. But once you reach the upper floor, you will see a fantastic view. In the middle of the Charminar premise, you will see a small fountain of water. It was for those who come here to pray so they can wash there hands before conducting prayers.

The whole structure is made of granite, marble, limestone, etc. All these expensive elements and stones were not available in Hyderabad, they were imported, and according to the records, it weighed 14,000 tons each. It was one of the heavy construction of that time. All minarets and upper floors are gradually constructed. As you reach to its upper floor, you can see Mecca Masjid that is visible from here.

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Facts About Charminar That You Should Know

The monument looks impressive at night when all the lights and color focus at Charminar. This interesting monument has many secrets hidden in its hem. As it is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site on 10 September 2010. Thus there are some hidden facts and realities that are still not in the public domain, and here is some information that you should know about. Some of the unknown events are listed below:

Underground Tunnel

As per the given information according to the records and data, there is an underground tunnel connecting directly to the Golconda Fort. The main objective of designing this underground tunnel is to escape from the city. The king Muhammad Quli Qutub Shahi deliberately made this in case of war or siege. Some research teams searched for the tunnel, but they were unable to find it.

Each Dome Has A Clock

This point is not a type of unknown fact but still essential to consider in this list. If you plan to visit Charminar, then do pay attention to each arch or the dome of Charminar.

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Each direction has a clock that tells the same time as the other clock. The clock was installed in 1889 to every direction for everyone standing in their respective positions.

Charminar Was A Mark For The End Of Plague

Charminar is said to be a religious site. As the monument is situated in the center of the city. It is said that King Muhammad Quli Qutub Shahi prayed to god to eradicate the plague. So when it was over from the entire town, he built this monument has a religious significance.

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Head Of A Cat In The Chamber

The structure has a unique and exceptional masterpiece of Indo-Islamic architecture style in the chamber. But if you visit the upper floor, you will find the head of a cat in one of the chambers.

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Many visitors didn’t recognize and see the details of this masterpiece. But if you look closely, you can easily find this. The objective of doing this is to keep rats away from the Charminar. It was once told in history that the numerous number of rats once destroyed Hyderabad.

First-ever Multi-Storeyed Minaret In The City

As we all know that Charminar is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but only a few people know that Hyderabad is the first city of 1591 that consists of a multi-storeyed minaret. Charminar was the very first monument of that era. It not only has multi-storey but also has a multi-religious concept and architectural design.

Two Religions Synchronize With Peace

Religion is critical to people. Individual of one religion doesn’t allow to make another structure in the opposite of their temple or mosque.

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But here you will find an excellent example of brotherhood. From Charminar, you can see Mecca Masjid and Bhagyalakshmi Temple. This act represents the quality of peace and harmony.

Charminar Is Dedicated To A Women

According to the legends and old historians, it is said that Charminar was made for a particular woman. The king decided to make a symbol of love for his wife, Bhagamati. Even in some records, it is written that city Hyderabad and Charminar were developed in the memories of Bhagamati.

Mosque Resides On The Top Floor

A Mosque is there on the top floor on the western end. The remaining section of the roof is served as a royal court. The court was operational in the times of Muhammad Quli Qutub Shahi.

Mosque Resides On The Top Floor- Charminar
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The rooftop is bordered with a balcony covered with stone. The main gallery has over 40 spaces or a large area for the people to conduct their prayers.

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According to the ASI (Archeological Survey Of India) this monument is one of a kind and Charminar is one of the unique monuments in the history of India. ASI is the official caretaker of the property. The old city of Hyderabad is created with the Charminar as a masterpiece and developed in the center of the town. As a visitor, you should visit the place. You will see many market place here and also find old and antique shops of jewelry. That will surely make you happy. Because of its architecture view, it is also famous as Arc de Triomphe of the east.

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