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Eritrea – A Place With Archeological Significance


Eritrea is located in Africa with borders touching Ethiopia, Djibouti and the red sea. The population of this small lively African country is merely six million. There are few difficulties that a tourist may face while procuring entry to the place. However, that doesn’t make Eritrea a less popular place for tourism.

This place is filled with distinct people with different cultures and influence. Eritrea has some perfect sightseeing sites too. Beaches, archeological sites, reefs are a major attraction. Eritrea is mostly untouched by modernization and tourism, so you would fall in love with the raw beauty of the place.

Let us get to know more about Eritrea as a tourist place and explore the different sites through India Imagine!

The capital city- Asmara

Asmara: Image Credit/

Asmara is the capital city of Eritrea and one of the major tourist spots. The city shows two different facets. It has streets filled with lively people, cafes and shops; you can shimmer the aroma of freshly baked bread and coffee brewing. On the other side, the city has beautiful little villages that replicate that of Italian architecture and beauty. Ethiopia reflects the modern architecture and so does Asmara. Modern art mostly emblems the Mussolini art and work. Visiting Asmara is like exploring history and nature all at once. People also look for accommodation here as the hotels and the stay in are cheaper compare to the other cities in Eritrea.

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Meet the Past- Visit Senafe

Senafe: Image Credit/

Senafe is located in the extreme south of the country. It is a place is best known for past and the ruins from almost 3rd century. And all of this definitely makes it the best spot for the archeologist and history lovers. Senafe is basically a highland and tourist is expected to walk through the area to enjoy the landscapes and the sites. The city is home to the Tigrinya group of people. Apart from the ruins, there are the church and massive stone outcropping to watch and explore. Tourist also takes up fun in climbing the hard rock hills and tries their bit of adventure.

If you love to click pictures then this place will provide you with few best photos.

For nature’s love- Dahlak Marine National Park

Dahlak Marine National Park 
Dahlak Marine National Park: Image Credit/

When we are talking about Africa, we are definitely talking about nature, wildlife, marine life and waterfalls. And when it comes to Dahlak Marine National Park, it lies in the Dahlak Archipelago untouched and untamed. The raw and definite beauty of the park is not only breathtaking but also surreal. It is a great example of the dense and natural ecosystem that is far away from human touch. And that makes it special. Tourist loves the sight of the dolphins swimming in the sea, turtles that will touch your feet while walking and there are more than 300 species of fishes available in the diaspora. Tourist enjoys diving, snorkeling and bird watching in this area.

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For the Archeological lover-Qohaito

Qohaito-site-Eritrea: Image Credit/

Qohaito is one of the most visited places in Eritrea, sandwiched between Asmara and Senafe. So, that will give you a good route to travel all in one line. This place is completely archeological and historical significance. There is Palace that is discovered recently, ruins that lay untouched and places that need to study well. The major attraction of the place is the rock art and the Emba Soria, which is the highest peak of the country.

For market and handicraft- Keren

Keren: Image Credit/

Keren is the largest city in the country as well as the Anseba Province. This city is well known for its quietness, not in a hurried attitude. People here are quite laid back with no major worries and hurries. A city loved for its colorful markets and diversity in the people. Markets of Keren are filled with all types of things and particularly that attracts the tourist are the ethnic handicrafts and artifacts.

The place is lies amid the valley and hence that makes it a beautiful one for sightseeing with the highest peak and hills. There is also a fort that stands tall from the 19th century as well as other monuments from the past that fascinates the future.

Visit Ottoman Bazar: Massawa

Massawa: Image Credit/

Massawa is almost 100 kilometers from the capital city Asmara. But definitely, it is much better and beautiful than the one. The streets are well maintained and the alleys are perfect for a stroll. The buildings are beautifully colored and look as if arranged. The city was once partially destroyed in a war and now undergoing a change or we can call it a renovation. The coastal area nearby has a better view and gives you a place to sit and relax.

The Palace that stands amidst ruins- The Imperial Palace

The Imperial Palace
The Imperial Palace: Image Credit/

If you are planning to visit Massawa, then you will be visiting The Imperial Palace for sure. It is a beautiful ruined place. The ruins are scare of the independence struggle and that makes it more attractive. The place was first built in the 16th century. However, after restoration the one now standing was concluded to be built in the 19th century. Tourists walk among the ruins clicking beautiful memories and understanding the struggled the place had gone through.

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African countries are all full of life. They are abundant with nature’s love, thriving forest areas, wildlife that will bewitch you, the sights and landscapes that give you goosebumps. There are sufficient and surplus places that you can visit in Africa and let me say Eritrea will be the best-chosen place for you this summer. A mini-tour with your friends or solo bag pack, that is all you have to decide. And till you ponder over it. It’s a bye from me! Bon voyage

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