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Explore Eastern Cape of South Africa for a unique experience


The Eastern Cape lies on the southeastern shoreline of South Africa. This city is one of the tobogganing hubs of South Africa. The attractive coastlines, rocky mountains and gorgeous farmlands and many more. For nature lovers, Cape Town offers a broad scope of mountainous views with beach fun. The places at Cape town are one of the attractive spots in South Africa for their rollings hills, immense coastline, timberlands, zones of the semi-dry desert, Drakensburg Mountains.

Let’s dive into the traditional city of South Africa. Here are the top 10 things to do at Cape Town.

1. Table Mountain

Table Mountain is canvassed in a cover of grumpy mists or flaunting against a fresh cloudless blue sky which makes it fantastic as per visitor’s view.

Table Mountain Aerial Cableway
Table Mountain Aerial Cableway / Image credit:

Bounded by Lion’s Head and Devil’s Peak, Table Mountain finishes the Cape Fold Mountain range. Another name of this mountain is Taboa do Cabo I.e Table of the Cape which was given by Antonio de Saldahna after he mounted Platteklip Gorge in 1503.

If you want to reach here, the cableway doesn’t work if the breeze is too solid, so check ahead of time if the conditions appear to be adverse.

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2. Port Elizabeth Beaches

Port Elizabeth Beaches are one of the secure city seashores in South Africa. Covering around 40 kilometers of sandy coastlines along Algoa Bay. Port Elizabeth isn’t simply home to marvelous beaches, but also comprises historical galleries and lush forests. It’s nothing unexpected to tourists that it is also known as the “Cordial City”.  One can enjoy boat travels and scuba jumping also.

Port Elizabeth
Port Elizabeth / Image credit:

If you are prone to cultural activities, you must visit Red Location Museum, a historical center in New Brighton Township that depicts sanctioned racial segregation development.

3. Dolphin Trail

The journey to Dolphin Trail might be sufficiently fortunate to witness the delicate whales going through the water just as perky schools of dolphin.

The Dolphin Trail
The Dolphin Trail / Image credit:

Over here the Otter Trail is the most popular climbing trail in South Africa. It is nonetheless, a path that requires a decent degree of wellness and climbers need to convey a full knapsack for five days with food, gear and apparel for the time frame. So make sure about your health measure before hitting Otter Trail.

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4. Clifftop Exclusive Safari Hideaway Towers

Appreciate the novel wonder of the African Wilderness, Clifftop Exclusive Safari Hideaway is adding more fragrance to current African living, purity and a wealth of flavor which encounters in the Welgevonden Game Reserve.

Clifftop Exclusive Safari Hideaway
Clifftop Exclusive Safari Hideaway / Image credit:

Relaxing on your private deck feel the cool wind or enjoy African food within the cabin’s comfortable environment. Clifftop Exclusive Safari Hideaway is exclusively to plan wedding events or honeymoon and will mitigate your spirit for sure. Designed in an attractive look with dark and white tones, private alcoves and regular wood and stone highlights the beauty of this resort and attract tourist not only for vacations but also for Wedding receptions.

5. Paradise Beach at Jeffreys Bay

Paradise Beach is a sandy seashore situated between Jeffreys Bay and St Francis Bay. Encompassed with dense forest, you can spot small buck, turtles,  birds, rabbits, mongoose and otters. These all are much adored by local people here. This beach is also known for its windsurfers and kite visitors because of the great breeze throughout the year.

Sports Events in Jeffreys Bay
Sports Events in Jeffreys Bay / Image credit:

This seashore is ideal for water sports like kiteboarding, windsurfing, surfing, or stream skiing. It is extraordinary ideal for swimming, tanning or simply going for a relaxed walk.

6. The Valley of Desolation

The Valley of Desolation appears like a bizarre beauty that grips at your spirit penetrate the Karoo’s Valley of Desolation. A vast gap through the mountains of the Camdeboo is bounded by astonishing rock developments.

Valley of Desolation
Valley of Desolation / Image credit:

Over 100 million years ago this valley is formed by a savage volcanic move. Peering down from the rough pinnacles, one can see an enormous landscape of nothingness, or so it appears, where tourists feel quietness with jumbling harmony, while the scene amplifies into an extreme lucidity that is difficult to portray. You need to visit this place to feel the actual vibration of this valley.

7. Wineland Farms

Back in the 1650s, this place became the nation’s most established and most esteemed wine farms. The wines of the Constantia Vineyards are generally cool, so pay special mind to a-list Sauvignon Blancs, magnificent reds and the acclaimed Constantia dessert wine as well. With wine customs that length over 300 years, it is one of the favorites, especially for wine boozers.

Cape Wineries
Cape Wineries / Image credit:

Your trip would be incomplete without having look for Cape Winelands. The Windland Farms is the best wine place in the world. Also famous for many wineries with tasting rooms, hotels and luxurious spa centers.

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8. Hole – in – wall of Coffee Bay, Wild Coast

At Wild Coast of South Africa, Hole – in – mass is notable spots in Coffee Bay and Mazeppa Bay. Wild Coast is Hole in the Wall in Coffee Bay is just like a dazzling miracle. With an amazing height, standing glad like a guard at the shores of the Eastern Cape. Dark rough bluffs plunge into the wild blue waters underneath with waves crashes around it and burst through the opening. This makes a staggering presentation of the force and extent of the sea. The seashore is straightforwardly before the retreat with a picturesque common bay. One can set their goal to explore the excellence of the Wild Coast in Cape Town.

Hole-in-wall Coffee Bay
Hole-in-wall Coffee Bay / Image credit:

Coffee bay has everything for spending vacations with family and friends. At this location, you can book luxurious hotels with Wi-Fi, bar, pool, spa for relaxation. Apart from this one can enjoy activities like volleyball,  climbing, strolling trails and outdoors chess and fishing.

9. National Arts Festival

National Arts Festival is one of the largest and most energetic festivals in South Africa. The specifically rich and complex cultural show is the yearly National Arts celebration held in Grahamstown. The beats of Eastern Cape city are changed into the country’s innovative pot and for 11 days in July, it’s the solitary spot to be.

National Arts Festival
National Arts Festival / Image credit:

The art of theater to dance movements, nightclubs and old jazz styles makes Cape Town different in celebrations. The celebration offers more than 500 shows, men’s club, dramatization and jazz to professional comedians and society music.

Besides this, there’s something for each taste like the digital cafeteria, techno raves, Medival feasts, buskers and strolling trips.

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10. Woodstock Trail

Cape town is also known for its beauty in caves. The Woodstock Trails is the biggest cave situated on Table Mountain. The starting of the trail begins at the dubious mountainside milestone of Cecil John Rhodes Memorial, where stone pine trees signify the notable guarded fortification of the King’s Blockhouse.

Woodstock Cave
Woodstock Cave / Image credit:

You can appreciate perspectives on the downtown area, Robben Island, and the flickering water on Table Bay. On the other side, discovering some new mountain spring water spouting out of the tops above before getting comfortable the old caves like to feel the beautiful perspectives of Cape Town by the gleaming scene of Robben Island as well.

Taking a break from the busy city life at times implies getting away from everything and spending quality time with yourself. Cape Town gives the ideal opportunity to do precisely that.

Eastern Cape Safaris
Eastern Cape Safaris / Image credit:

Maybe South Africa is not on your bucket list for international traveling earlier but after knowing so many things to explore at Cape Town, I am sure you will think to plan a trip to Cape Town once in a lifetime. I hope you enjoyed this article.

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