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Togo – An Offbeat African Country For Tourism


Before getting to know Togo and the places that we as a tourist can explore, let us get a clear idea on the situation that prohibits people to walk or stray away from your group. There are violent crimes and theft has been constantly reported at Togo? The tourists are prohibited to walk alone in some areas particularly the beachside. And never stray away from your group or locals that you have hired to camporee the tour. Will all the above affect the tourism of the place? To a good extent, yes!

But that wouldn’t take away the beauty of the place that it possesses. And that is exactly what we, here at India Imagine will be looking at today. The best of places at Togo!

Togo is an African country with beautiful landscapes, beaches and hilltops. This pace is far away from modernization and development for time being. The traditional and the local people still live in the mud hut that their ancestors have been living in for ages. The people here are quite religious and practice the offering and remedies to Voodoo religion.

Lomé – The Pearl of West Africa

Lomé: Image Credit/

Lomé is the capital of Togo and a major tourist attraction. This place is home to many tourist spots, beaches, markets and other places suitable for errands. Tourists are ushered to the independence monument and the national museum that is situated at the heart of the city. Some markets are worth exploring in the vicinity. Why are Lomé markets so popular? Well, there are local markets where you can purchase food, household items and handicrafts. However, there is another market called the Akodessewa Fetish Market, the world’s largest and the rarest Voodoo market. You can see various animal skulls in this market, from monkeys to crocodiles. People also love to explore the museums and cathedrals in the nearby vicinity to keep the history of the place alive.

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Kpalime – A German-built place

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Kpalime is a Togolese tiny town built by the Germans. And the massive cathedrals with Roman influence and a Chateau with historical exploration around the place are an example of that. The place is quite a place for craftwork lovers. If you are looking for some traditional craftwork then this is the right place. There is a craft center a few kilometers from Kpalime.

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Togoville – For the nature lovers

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Togoville is more towards nature. With a wonderful lake that is situated at the alley of Togoville, the sight becomes scenic and surreal. The shrine and the cathedral give it a mature artistic view. The architecture of the place has definite Roman influence, be it the monuments or the cathedrals that stand tall.

Aneho – Beautiful lagoons

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Aneho is a small space that is well known for the lagoons. It was founded in the 17th century or can be said discovered in the 17th century by people escaping extradition. It later went into becoming one of the main slave ports and thus regained its nuance since then. Now for today, it is known for its beautiful lagoons that attract tourists from the surrounding places to visit Aneho quite often.

Lake Togo – For lake and birdwatching

Lake Togo
Lake Togo: Image Credit/

Lake Togo is one of the major attractions for people coming from different parts of the world. It is the biggest lagoon in the part of the city. The exquisite site of this lake is indeed a mesmerizing is situated almost 25 kilometers from the capital city. The sight of the lake is surreal and you would love to sit and enjoy the view like never before. There are abundant if fishes in the lake and extraordinary marine life. All you have to sit near the and spend quality time bird watching.

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Plateau Region of Togo- For outdoor adventure

Plateau Region of Togo
Plateau Region of Togo: Image Credit/

Are you an Outdoor adventure lover? Do you love hiking and biking? Then this is the best place that you could have visited while you are in Togo. This region of the city has lush green forest incorporated with coffee and tea plantation across the vast landscapes. And to make things more beautiful, Mount Aguo stands tall towards the southern side of Togo. The vicinity is also best known for handicrafts. Visit this region of Togo and explore nature a bit more closely.

Dapaong- For shopping and market

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In northern Togo at the perfect landscape, Dapaong is the city that flourishes. It is a market town with most of the itinerary available for the locals as well as the tourist. People are lured here with the traditional food items to the souvenirs that are collected on the local forefront and the regular market. You can also collect the best of the gifts to take back home. The city is small comparatively with not more than 58000.

Togo is a place full of raw, untouched beauty. The only thing that lets a tourist down is the safety aspect. However, that should be something that stops you from exploring such a beautiful place in the future. Just follow the rules, stay in touch with a local and tourism department to get safe accommodation as well as a safe tour through the city. Till you read and find out your plan of action, it is a bye from me for the time begin
Bon Voyage!

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