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Ethiopia – A Rugged Landlock African Country


Ethiopia is a country in Africa that is known for its land locks and rugged landscapes. It is one of the safest places for travelers than other countries that we recently explored. Ethiopia has a rare combination of ancient culture and architectural eminence. There are some rare archeological findings in some part of Ethiopia that marks way back to centuries. And the place has more than eight World UNESCO Sites to its credit. If you are planning for an offbeat location for your summer vacation, then Ethiopia is the right place for you. 

Let us get into the details of places and explore Ethiopia like never before.

Addis Ababa- The Capital City

Addis Ababa
Addis Ababa: Image Credit/

Addis Ababa is the capital of Ethiopia and is situated on the border of the Great Rift Valley. The city is a major attraction as well as a main economic driving place for the country. It also predominantly displays a keen interest in culture and art. The National Museum stands proudly at the heart of the city and exhibits the old age Ethiopian craft, art and history. It is with great pleasure tourists explore the fossil that is stored here. Do you know there is a replica of Lucy here at the museum? Just visit to click a few pictures with her!

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Lalibela- An Offbeat Pilgrimage Site

Lalibela-Rock cut church
Lalibela-Rock cut church: Image Credit/

Lalibela is a small town with significant values. It has quite a few pilgrimages sites around the city. From rock-cut churches to Bete Giyorgis several spots emerge as the main attraction of the town. The architecture of the town is from almost the 12th century and exhibits an extraordinary Coptic and monolithic style. The place also earns a reputation for the best biodiversity. However, this small town is more popular due to the hard cut rock churches like Mount Abuna Yosef. 

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Gondar –The City with Forty-Four Churches

Gondar: Image Credit/

Gondar is a city from the Northern area of Ethiopia and a center of learning. The place is mainly the homeland to Jews for centuries but has now incorporated different communities making it a multilingual diaspora. The city is all surrounded by a vast fortress. Also, several palaces and landmarks address the place as once a prominent place for Emperor and Empress. The city has the influence of other countries like India, Portuguese that reflects in their architectural styles. 

Do you know the city has a total of 44 churches?!

Aksum- The City of Ruins

Aksum: Image Credit/

Ruins speak a hundred stories, of rise and fall. Aksum is a place with several ancient ruins and obelisks. And when we are talking about ancient ruins, it’s not just any ruins from a few years back, but marks prominent presence from 1 AD! The churches, Fallen pillar, Ark of the Covenant play an important role in exhibiting the same. However, that is not everything about the city. Aksum signifies the importance of nature and diversity.

Do you know? Aksum has ruins from almost 1AD To 8AD!

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Bahir Dar- The Island City

Bahir Dar
Bahir Dar: Image Credit/

Bahir Dar is a port on the Inland Lake called Tana Dek, one of the biggest lakes in Ethiopia. The city always pays attention to the cleanliness of the place and the safety of the tourist. It is said that this city is the cheapest when it comes to tourist accommodation and stay. And cheap does not mean like any other, the accommodations are quite well maintained and equipped. The tourist enjoys the serenity of the place and enjoys the sunrise and sunset beside the biggest lake in Ethiopia.

Simien Mountains National Park

Simien Mountains National Park
Simien Mountains National Park: Image Credit/

Simien Mountains National Park is situated in Northern Ethiopia. With exotic wildlife and breathtaking mountain terrains, this park soon gained massive popularity. The landscapes and the mountains that stand 3000 meters from the land are a view worth watching. The terrains have the rugged look of a Hollywood adventure flick. Well, that is exactly why people come here. To keep a tab on their adrenaline rush and enjoy the adventure trip. Apart from some good footwork tourists can hike through the areas. 

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Lake Tana – The Largest In Ethiopia

Lake Tana
Lake Tana: Image Credit/

The Blue Nile is the main water source of Ethiopia. And Lake Tana is also a product of Blue Nile. Water from the Blue Nile reaches the Lake Tana in a very dramatic way; it flows through and falls from the Tis Issat falls to reach Lake Tana. The lake is the largest in Ethiopia and is spread across an area of 84 kilometers. It covers some major islands too, like Tana Qirqos and Daga Island. It is a view to watch this large single lake that thrives best of marine life. 

Harar –The City of Gates

Harar: Image Credit/

Harar is a city that went the extra mile to protect itself from the outside world. It is almost covered up with fortification walls around it. So, in a nutshell, we can say Harar is a city of gates. The best and the main among the entrance of walls is the Duke’s wall. The city is known for keeping up with the tradition. Thus the houses and the alleys are always like they used to be years ago. There is a cultural diversity in the community yet they are connected. Mostly under Islamic influence, the city has some beautiful mosques and white minarets to its credit. 

Vacation with family is a memorable affair. Before choosing a place you should be aware of what is waiting for you. Ethiopia is straight out of dreamland. Architects, palaces, landscapes, lakes, mountains and wildlife, everything at once! What more does a wanderlust need from a vacation. Just try this Ethiopian dream! Till then, Bon Voyage!

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