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Explore Top Cities of Nigeria for Perfect Holiday Itinerary


Nigeria, known as the ‘Giant of Africa’ is the most important nation of the African continent in terms of economy and tourism. No African nation can find solace in the beauty of all shades other than Nigeria. Also, it is recognised for the ‘Nigerien film industry, Nollywood’ which is the 2nd largest in the world. However, Nigeria is blessed with a lot of charming cities like Lagos, Benin, Abuja etc. Occupied by over 250 small ethnic groups, Nigeria triumphs in diverse culture, cuisine, fashion and exhibits unique art.

Nigeria has several developed cities with breathtaking landscapes. This country also flourished with the diversity of butterflies and provides amazing flora and fauna. Its traditional rituals like dye and tye production made it globally acknowledged.

Township of Nigeria Loaded with Skyscrapers
Township of Nigeria Loaded with Skyscrapers / Image Credit:

So for India Imagine readers we have brings the most beautiful and popular Nigerian cities with their impressive landmarks. After that decide on your own which Nigerian city you want to add to your next travel itinerary.

Lagos – The Metropolitan City of Nigeria

Lagos is a major metropolitan hub and populous city in Nigeria. This city tops the list of a Nigerian holiday itinerary. Lagos stands out the most from others in terms of industrialization, entertainment and lifestyle. The districts of Ikeja and Victoria Island are filled with throbbing streets of beer bars and clubs. Go for a relaxing stroll on the coast of Lagos beaches where golden sand meets the turquoise water of the Atlantic Ocean. A perfect blend between slums and urban highlands across the ravishing coastline made Lagos the most impressive city.

Lagos, Nigeria
Lagos Nigeria / Image Credit:

Popular attractions of Lagos include Victoria Island, Lekki Conservation Centre, National Museum Lagos, Freedom Park, Ponta da Piedade, the Cathedral Church of Christ and Tarkwa bay Beach.

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Abuja – Nigeria’s Administrative & Political Capital.

Abuja is located at the crossings of ethnic and religious groups of Nigeria. This is the most classy and beautiful Nigerian city which every traveller once want to visit in their lifetime. This city is regarded as a destination which is affordable to all sort of travellers. It has many recreational centres, leisure hotels and extravagant shopping malls. This city houses the Presidential Branch of Nigeria, the National Assembly and the Supreme Court. The diverse architecture of the city can be easily seen in some notable sites such as National Mosque and the National Christian Centre.

Abuja National Mosque
Abuja National Mosque / Image Credit:

Popular attractions of Abuja include the majestic Aso Rock that towers majestically over the city, Abuja National Mosque, Jabi lake and its boat club, taste beer at Bature Brewery, Al Noor Mosque and Nike art gallery.

Calabar – Known For Culture, Nature & Carnival

Calabar is a fascinating city adorned with a rich culture and natural charms. This city is a major travel destination due to its serene beauty and peaceful environment. Different specialities, artistic architecture and festivals are what attracts visitors to the city. Those travellers who love street parties must attend Calabar Carnival which showcases the true colourful culture and dance forms of Nigeria. Calabar is a tourist stopping place which is the gateway to the reserves of the river Cross and the more rainforests of the Afi Mountains.

Calabar Carnival
Calabar Carnival / Image Credit:

Popular attractions of Calabar are Calabar Museum, Duke Town chapel, National Museum, Slave Museum, Cross River National Park, Kwa Waterfalls, Calabar River and Tinapa Resort.

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Visit Port Harcourt For Appealing Landscape

Port Harcourt is the capital and largest city of Nigeria. It lies along the Bonny River and located in the Niger Delta. Port Harcourt is best described as a lovely Nigerian city with lush greenery and a lovely backdrop. The beautiful city is home to many multinational corporations. Port-Harcourt, as a coastal resort, has beautiful shorelines. Despite having a high standard of living, the existence of a seaport has significantly increased the city’s level of trade.

Enjoy kayaking at Port Harcourt, Nigeria / Image Credit:

Popular attractions of Port Harcourt are Port Harcourt Zoo, Portharcourt beach, Bonny Island, Rivers State Museum, Mile one street market and Portharcourt golf club.

Kaduna – Home of Grand Nigerian Castles

Kaduna is the most beautiful Nigerian city in the country’s northern region. Kaduna, Nigeria’s third-largest city by landmass, is known for its lush greenery and Nigerian castles. However, you can get a taste of northern Nigerian culture here. Kajuru Castle, a tourist attraction centre in Nigeria and Africa’s best-kept secret, is located in this lovely Nigerian capital. Even though it is not a safe place to visit as recently terrorist attacks happened in this city, though it remains a popular tourist destination for adventurous visitors.

Kajuru Castle Kaduna Nigeria
Kajuru Castle Kaduna Nigeria / Image Credit:

Apart from Kajuru Castle other popular attractions of Kaduna includes breathtaking Matsirga waterfalls, Lord Lugard bridge, Kangoro hill, and St. Bartholomew’s Anglican Church.

Benin – Most Offbeat City of Nigeria

In southern Nigeria, Benin is the capital of Edo State. It is about 40 km north of the river Benin. It is definitely not a proper tourist destination of Nigeria but holds a special place in African tourism. Its ancient architecture, its wildlife, antique pieces from the early Benin kingdom and natural appeal make the place to get a special mention. This oldest city of Africa is identified as the partial ruins of the African Empire from the 15th and 16th centuries.

The Oba of Benin from Benin Kingdom
The Oba of Benin from Benin Kingdom / Image Credit:

Popular attractions of Benin are the Royal Palace of the Oba of Benin, National Museum, Henzzy w solutions hub, Ogba Zoo, Okomu National Park, Somorika Hills and Benin Moat.

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Visit Jos for Natural Allure

Jos city, popularly known as the ‘City of Captivating Landscape’ due to its natural attraction. Two museums, a nature park and game reserve, spectacular waterfalls, and striking hills and rocks are just a few of the attractions in Jos. Jos is a lovely city that is a wonderful place if you are looking for small getaways in Nigeria. The city is known for its pleasant weather and peaceful atmosphere.

Jos Wildlife Park, Jos
Jos Wildlife Park / Image Credit:

Popular attractions of Jos city are Shere hill, Jos wildlife park, Assop waterfall
Rayfield holiday resort and Pandam game reserve.

In the end, I just want to say that all the cities of Nigeria are distinct in all aspects and doesn’t lack any highlight like soothing ambience, historical buildings, gleaming beaches surrounded with lush forest and alluring landscape. This is what most travellers are looking for!!

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