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Explore Zambia’s Natural Inhibits And Enjoy The Wilderness


Are you a wildlife lover, yearning to watch a glimpse of exotic wildlife across the never-ending terrains and landscapes? Then visit Zambia, a southern African country with untouched blessings of mother earth. Waterfalls, dense forest, exotic animals and birds, rugged terrains and a perfect countryside stay is what Zambia is all about. A perfect blend of nature for the nature lover!

Before getting started, Zambia is place to more than 17 waterfalls, vast lakes, several national parks, wildlife and birds. There are several stay options including outdoor camping along with wilderness outside. However, it is not feasible to write down all the wonderful experiences you could encounter there, as it would become a never-ending process! So let’s list out some of the best…

Not sure where to start, India Imagine will help you chalk our list of things to do when you land on Zambia!

Visit Victoria Falls and get mesmerized

Nick-name as “Smoke that thunders” Victoria falls is the world’s largest waterfall that plunges deep to its width of more than 1700 meters. This magnificently giant waterfall is situated in the southern African river Zambezi. The hub that’s a habitat for various species of flora and fauna. Around the year there is an unimaginable rush of tourists to watch these waterfalls and click pictures.

Victoria Falls a family destination in Africa / Image Credits: Andbeyond

The waterfall looks beautiful all around the year but it is a rare view in September and December. Another famous view is the Armchair also called Devil’s Pool on the Zambia side of Livingstone island. The Armchair is naturally formed making it one of the unique features. No wonder Victoria fall is listed on top of UNESCO!

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Visit Mana Pools National Park with kids

Mana pools national park is an UNESCO World Heritage, and the reason is quite obvious! It is a national park and conservation area situated in the lower region of river Zambezi. The place is a major attraction with a massively big African elephant moving around in herds.

Mana Pools National Park
Mana Pools National Park, Zambia / Image credit:

The area around the park expanse into large lakes after the flood which attracts thousands of animals that comes down to drink water here. Imagine the breathtaking view!

Visit Livingstone island to get a close glimpse of waterfalls

Livingstone is named after David Livingstone who first discovered the “smoke that thunders”, or The great Victoria Falls. The best place to sit, relax and get the complete view of the waterfall is from Livingstone island. Several services render a full package tour across the island for a seamless tour. See if you can hire one!

Visit Busanga plains and walk with lions

Do you know what Basunga plains are like? It is everything that a wildlife African movie would offer you. The Basunga Plain is an overall 720 km² area filled with various groves and lagoons and not to mention the authentic African wildlife survive and flourish here.

Busanga plains
Busanga plains, Zambia / Image credit:

Lion, Hippopotamus, Oribi, Zebra, giant African elephant more than 500 species of birds. I already feel like watching the movie ” Madagascar”!
And when speaking about safari, a trip to Basunga Plain is nothing ordinary, it will be the best experience ever.

Visit Kariba dam and lake and get to know the history

We have seen this giant arch-shaped double curated concrete dam in many Hollywood and Bollywood movies. That makes it one of the hot spots of tourism as well. The Kariba dam is erected in the Zambezi river basin connecting Zambia and Zimbabwe. The length of the dam is approximately 579 meters and stand tall 128 meters from the base.

Kariba dam
Kariba dam, Zambia / Image credit:

The dam holds water from the Lake Kariba. Now, Kariba lake is also one view to watch for a lifetime. The lake shines in the daylight and shimmers in the moonlight. The lake is extended 280 kilometers and is undeniably a major water source of the Zambian land.

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There are several outdoor activities that tourists indulge in while staying here apart from wildlife touring. Here are a few of them for your convenience!

Abseiling for daredevils

Zambia has some fantastic locations for abseiling. Professional help is required though to make the experience uneventful. Tourists willing to attempt are attached to the main heavy-duty rope and safety rope and are slowly lowered to the slope.

Abseiling, Zambia / Image credit:

Then the rope is let out and the person comes down within no time facing the rock. When you are at the bottom you can opt for walking or again climb up, it’s your preference. But the whole experience is for a brave heart, as this is already giving me shivers down my spine!

Gorge Swing for lion hearts

Ok, let me be crystal clear, you are bound to freefall about 50 meters!
But that shouldn’t stop you from experiencing this once in a lifetime experience. Gorge Swing is the world’s first Commercial High Wire.

Gorge Swing
Gorge Swing, Zambia / Image credit:

Your body will be attached securely with cables and wires. You will be taking a running dive from the cliff and dive 50 meters down before soaring again and take a flight like a bird across the Gorge. Best of luck!

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Bird Safaris for exotic bird watching

Zambia without any doubt is a hub to thousands of species of animals, but it would be highly underestimating if we don’t mention birds. The place is home to the most beautiful and exquisite birds on the entire earth. Canoeing safari is the best way to get a closer glimpse of these birds.

Lochivar national park
Lochivar national park, Zambia / Image credit:

Lochivar national park is the most sought place for bird watching. This place has more than 430 known species of bird. Don’t forget to carry your binoculars and sound recorders!

Mobile safari for a walk with wilderness

Imagine walking close to wild animals that probably you have seen only on National Geographic Channels! A mobile safari is one way to get close to the unspoiled wilderness of Africa. Safari operators are aligned to render you the best of experience with safety in priority. When you are in Zambia you shouldn’t miss this experience as few places in Africa can offer this experience, and Zambia is one of them.

House boating for a relax mode

After days-long safari and adventure what would be more soothing than to relax and binge eat your favorite food! But opting to stay on a houseboat will give you out of the world experience. Lake Kariba has some wonderful options to go with. Also, there is an option to hire an entire cruise to party with friends, one big family reunion, or probably your secret space for the honeymoon!

Zambia is another name to the leisure holiday destination. It is favorite among adults and kids alike. What would be more enthralling than to be far away from city life and get closer to nature? And no other place can provide a better experience – it’s one and only Zambia!!

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