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Feel the wilderness on the earth, plan a tour to Kenya


Kenya is an East African country known specifically for its rich biodiversity,  beautiful scenes and tremendous untamed life. Also famous as the land of pink flamingos, Big Five, the grand wild elephants and the rhinoceros.

Kenya wildlife Safari
Kenya wildlife Safari / Image credit:

Kenya’s seaside culture is a result of a long and frequently grieved history of Arab, Portuguese and Swahili impacts. The country is a bucketful of wildlife and beaches, which make this place significant vacation destinations of West Africa.

Here are the top 10 places to visit in Kenya.

1. Diani Beach

Kenya is also for stunning beaches, so Diani Beach is one of them. The beach is encompassed with palm-lined seashore and clean white sands. This long 10 kilometers beach starting from the river Congo in the North to Galu seashore to the South is amazing spot to enjoy beach life in Kenya.

Beach Wedding in Diani Beach
Beach Wedding in Diani Beach / Image credit:

If you are looking for water activities like fishing, diving, kitesurfing and many more, so DianibBeach would be the perfect choice for you.

2. The Aberdares

The Aberdares are the third most inclined scope of mountains in Kenya, arriving at the highest point of simply over 4000m. Mountains region is notable for its thick remarkable woods and their productive game.

Aberdare Country Club
Aberdare Country Club / Image credit:

The dense forest is a secret universe of wildlife. The thick vegetation gives ideal space to endless species. There are traveling trails all through the woods, and across the moorlands. If you wish to stay near the mountain, so Aberdares has two Tree Hotels namely safari lodges set high in the shelter above waterholes and common salt licks.

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3. Lamu Town

The Lamu is the most fascinating spot to visit Kenya as a territory overflowing with historical facts. Around 1370 the Lamu Town was established by Europeans, Indians and Persians. The amazing blend of multicultural impacts can be seen in this town. The place is encompassed with quiet and pristine seashores.

Lamu Town, Kenya
Lamu Town, Kenya / Image credit:

The town is captivating as the twisting roads of its middle age stone times. Lamu has held its signature image as a huge place for training in Islamic and Swahili culture as outlined by the annual Maulidi and social celebrations. Yet Lamu built up its own specific culture, which has eventually persevered. Thus the Lamu Town can be the ideal spot to loosen up after a Kenyan safari visit.

4. Mount Kenya

The biggest mountain in Kenya is Mt Kenya which is the second most noteworthy in Africa after Kilimanjaro. The rough frigid pinnacles and glacial bodies are making this mountain unique and excellent spots to visit in Kenya.

Mount Kenya Climbing Trekking Hiking
Mount Kenya Climbing Trekking Hiking / Image credit:

The best time to view this mountain is at the time of sunrise when the days early light on adjacent plains. For adventure lovers, hiking, caving and camping with the mountain’s rough ice sheet-clad pinnacles gives an amazing experience at Mount Kenya.

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5. Lake Nakuru National Park

Lake Nakuru National Park is located in the southwestern part of Kenya and northwest of Nairobi.  This park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its pink flamingos and plentiful untamed life. Apart from this, the zone near Lake Nakuru incorporate meadows, bog, outcrops, rough bluffs, and sedge.

Lake Nakuru National Park Kenya
Lake Nakuru National Park Kenya / Image credit:

Yellow-woofed acacia trees add to the conventional African wild experience. If you are a bird lover, this park will give you immense opportunity to bird-watching. Tourists can enjoy hiking and picnic on their vacations also.

6. Eldoret

Eldoret is one of the quickest developing towns in Kenya in Africa. The town is situated at Kenya–Uganda expressway. The name Eldoret comes from the Massai word ‘eldare’ which means stony stream.

Eldoret, Kenya
Eldoret, Kenya / Image credit:

It is one of the African heavens where all that you see Cherangani Hills with lush green scenery. Rift Valley Province is the place for lodging which is the ideal spot to discover more about Eldoret. The beautiful inspirational river Sosiani is present in the heart of Eldoret. One can feel the calmness by sitting or walking along the side of this river and enjoy the nature scene with an amazing sunset.

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7. Mombasa

Mombasa is Kenya’s second-biggest city after Nairobi, offers visitors a fascinating taste of the African jungles saturated with hundreds of years of marine history. This cosmopolitan vacationer center point is an island associated with the Kenyan coast.

Travel in Mombasa
Travel in Mombasa / Image credit:

Mombasa’s culture is a mix of India, Arabia and Africa which make this city  East Africa’s greatest developing port. Seashore resorts on the clamoring island at Mombasa is attracting tourist from across the world. One can spot the dolphins here and it is the ideal place for water activities like remote ocean fishing to jumping and swimming.

8. Thika

In the south-central part of Kenya, the Thika town is located. The town is also known as the ‘The Flame Trees of Thika. Thika is one of the fruit-growing areas of Kenya which is famous for pineapple farming.

Thika town
Thika town / Image credit:

To know more about Thika, one can visit  Mugumo Gardens, which have a long history of British rule and many more. The Chania Falls adds another charm to this town, Thika.

9. Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is also known as the Victoria Nyanza is the biggest lake in Africa making it perhaps the ideal spot to visit in Kenya. This lake was named by British adventurer John Hanning Speke.

Vacation Home Lake Victoria View
Vacation Home Lake Victoria View / Image credit:

Lake Victoria is a sanctuary for wetland creatures like the clawless otter, sitatunga, cichlid and the well-known and uncommon ‘Lake 7Victoria Deepwater Catfish’. It is the home of 200 types of fishes. Another wilderness of Kenya lies in the incredible field of Lake Victoria.

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10. Fourteen Falls

Just 10 kilometers away from Thika, appreciate a peaceful retreat in the form of Fourteen Falls. The hotels are designed in such a way that family and couple can stay over here. Every cottage is exceptional and easily outfitted. The covered rooftop hovels all have agreeable beds and restrooms.

14 falls Kenyan Natural Water Falls
14 falls Kenyan Natural Water Falls / Image credit:

The falls got their name from the 14 unique cascades that can be found on the wide part of the Athi River. One can enjoy photography, drifting, bird watching and fishing at this river.

The wilderness of Kenya is attracting thousands of tourists every year to West Africa.

Hot Air Balloon Safaris, Kenya
Hot Air Balloon Safaris, Kenya / Image credit:

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If you are a wildlife photographer, researcher, or adventurer, plan a trip to Kenya for mesmerizing experiences. Hope you enjoyed this Western African country in this article.

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