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Get Best Travel Experience at Bulgarian Capital – Sofia


Europe is the most visited continent of the world as its fascinating countries and budget-friendly destinations worth your international trip too. Among all, Bulgaria tops the list of cheapest countries to visit so far. Being a traveller what else you need!! In our previous articles, we have discussed why Bulgaria should be your choice for the holiday trip. And the reason is its capital Sofia. It is the main attraction among travellers due to its vibrant culture, beautiful architectural structures and picturesque landmarks.

Let’s talk more about this Bulgarian Capital so that you can add it in your bucket list this year.

Exploring Sofia

If you are confused from where to start your Bulgarian journey then Sofia should be your starting point. This capital province is best known for mineral water, along with a unique nightlife scene, street art, culture, monuments, and as friendly restaurants & club.

Streets of Sofia, Bulgaria / Image Credit:

Sofia is a pleasant enough city, and it has a lively cafe culture and nightlife. This European province has its own charm. Check out the thing which you can do during your trip to Sofia.

Marvel at St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

The most famous and iconic landmark of Sofia is St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. Sofia is popular worldwide because of this monument as it is most appealing Bulgarian Orthodox cathedral dating back to 1882. Also, it is the most photographed edifices o Sofia due to its enchanting structure.

St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Sofia / Image Credit:

When you will visit inside you will you be lured with its marvel architecture, it decorated ceilings and dazzling lights. You can also notice the relics of Alexander Nevsky displayed there. The cathedral’s central dome is gold plated and decorated with inscriptions of the Lord’s Prayer. Visit the crypt to see an extensive collection of Orthodox artefacts, antiques and icons, which are part of the National Art Gallery.

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Trek Mount Vitosha

Mount Vitosha is a snow-capped mountain of Sofia which is renowned among travellers for its trekking trails and panoramic ambience. Mount Vitosha is part of a national park right on the city limits, where you’ll find winding ski slopes and hiking trails with impressive views.

Trek Mount Vitosha / Image Credit:

From almost all corners of the city, Vitosha Mountain and its snowy Cherni Vrah Peak are visible, encouraging adventurers to put their boots on and see the capital from above. Take a map of the mountains and enjoy a day of fresh air and lovely forest walks. At the top is a tea house, which makes the hike even better.

Enjoy Concerts at Ivan Vazov National Theatre

The National Theatre of Ivan Vazov is one of the oldest concert locations of Sofia as well as of Bulgaria. It is popular for hosting plays, presentations, and concerts which happening almost every night of the week.

Ivan Vazov National Theatre, Sofia / Image Credit:

This theatre is it dating back to 1907 and highlights an ornate main hall that can accommodate the huge audience. There is also a city garden located outside the theatre where you stroll freely and enjoy a game of chess. It’s a nice way to interact with friendly locals during your holiday in the Bulgarian capital.

Learn Bulgaria’s History at National Historical Museum

If you are a history buff and want to know every detail of 1,300-year Bulgarian history then you must visit the National Historical Museum. It is one of the largest museums in the country and founded in 1973. Museum artefacts and galleries will help you to understand the past and present of Bulgaria at Sofia.

Inside View of National Historical Museum, Sofia / Image Credit:

It has over 650,000 artefacts describing fine arts, archaeology, and history. You can also watch the exhibitions which include the Valchitran Treasure and Dabene Treasure display. It also offers a complete story of European civilization, from ancient to modern times. If you don’t want to pay the entry price then try to visit this museum on Monday.

Visit the Bells Monument

The Bells Monument is situated in a park outside of Sofia’s city centre, at the base of the Vitosha mountain. This monument is the symbol of Unity, Creativity, Beauty. The main reason behind its construction was to support the UNESCO Banner for children’s Peace campaign and within 30 days it was built. 122-foot long 4 columns are oriented towards the cardinal directions.

Bells Monument Sofia / Image Credit:

Seven bells to represent each continent are hung at the top. These bells are often decorative but rung at the monument to narrate concert performances. Two curved walls comprising 95 bells, each from various countries and social organizations, surrounding the massive towers. These are illuminated with a message from each distinct nation’s children.

Unwind at Borisova Gradina Park

Enjoy the park culture of Sofia at Borisova Gradina Park. This is the best spot to relax and unwind yourself from the hustle of the trip. Established in 1884, it is the oldest and most recognisable park in Sofia. In summer it is the best hangout spot relaxing with friends and family. Apart from this, many small festivals and live music are organised every day.

Borisova Gradina Park Sofia / Image Credit:

You can also hang out at Zapaden Park, Yuzhen Park, and Severen Park. The park is normally filled with tourists enjoying outdoor sports such as jogging and cycling throughout the course of the day. Bring some snacks and admire the view of Ariana Lake, positioned in the center of Borisova Gradina Park, during the afternoon!!

Food to Relish at Sofia

Sofian cuisine is a blend of authentic Balkan food with a squeeze of typical Mediterranean dishes. But on a point, Sofia is perfect destinations for food lovers, dishes like Tarator, Banitsa are highly popular. Various food venues and pubs are there at Sofia and family diners to exquisite high-end restaurants.

Taste Rakia Drink at Sofia / Image credit:

Be sure to try the national drink of Bulgaria, Rakia a form of fruit brandy that tastes like Grapes. It is the national alcoholic drink of which Bulgarians are very proud. You can spend a whole day eating in Sofia.

Nightlife Scenes at Sofia

Sofia has one of Europe’s most vibrant nightlife scenes. Vitosha, situated in the city centre, is where you can party until sunrise in dark rock clubs and upscale bars. “Once Upon A Time Biblioteka” is a lively nightclub within the National Library, while Versus Karaoke Bar lets you belt out to your favourite tunes. The city also has a variety of exclusive nightspots. Partying like a local in a Chalga Bar, named after the genre of Bulgarian music. It’s a fusion of the rhythms of the club, folk, pop beats, and belly dance by performers.

Hope you will enjoy your trip to the fullest at  Sofia as it is complete small package in itself. From adventure to history from drinking Rakia to enjoying at Club Chalga, Sofia won’t disappoint its visitors. Visit and let us know what more special we have missed about this city!!

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Till then keep reading our blogs!!

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